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Great move, and shooting

I like design but wery hard to contorl. Nice job anyway.

Greate game, i liked it

solid gameplay, but too hard for mee. Nice job.

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Cool mechanics, i like it.

I like progression, gameplay and humor. Great job!

I think He is..
Thank you for  reply and attention to the game.

Very cool! 7 tries before clear stage. 

Great game, cool animation. my record is 56. Is it infinite?

Thank, you!  If you get trouble with 3rd level it is a hidded seal  in the 1st level.

Thank, you!

Thank, you!

Very short, but I like your work with the art.

i like it, but not good at the actual game. Great job anyway.

This was wery funny, took me while to find that is second floor))

I like design and animation

I liked dnamics of gameplay,  but camera shakes not very comfortable

Never ending fall, but items is limited

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Nice humor and dialogs, i like it.

i don't understand it is just 90kb file level0. How to start it?

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at the start i see greetings text, but after just video with label and music, no press ANY KEY or other.
i waited 6 times video restarted but nothing happens.

Only ALt+F4 helps. 

System: Windows 10