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very fun and i can 100% see this being a game made for the 3310 nice levels nice charitors the slighty over use of dithering that was oh so overused on games on systems like the 3310. though all that said its really just lights out not that its a bad thing i was just hopeing with all the effort put into the game when it comes to art menus and sound it would be something a little more creative, though its still one of the best games in the jam ive played so far.

Thanks! Yeah, it's not innovative at all, I know :) I was planning to  add my own spin to the lights out formula. But as with all game jams I ran out of time :D

hehe dont get me started on how much i wanted to add to my game... like i only have one level on my one (though the big thing with my one is that you can make your own levels and stuff but still).

if you like you could always make a second version of it with your spin on it, im quite interested in what spin you'll come up with for LightsOut. <3