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I'd echo the sentiments of the other reviews here about the slippery controls.

There were plenty of times I felt like I should have been in the right position to hit the target - but wasn't - or required a tiny micro adjustment and ended up overshooting it.

If I were looking to improve this I'd maybe think about locking the player to a number of discrete 'lanes' and letting a single tap side-step you between them.

Other than that the graphics and audio were fine. I also agree you could look into using something other than the default font just for polish.

There are plenty of indie font makers out there that have both paid-for and free versions of their fonts. I really like SomePx or ChevyRay's pixel font packs.

Then I'm sorry, but for a game that claims to have accessibility in mind, it really doesn't. 

I'll go over a few obvious accessibility issues here and how you might want to address them:

  • Controls are far too slippery. This leads to:
    • Inability to track your ship.
      • People with visual impairments will have trouble keeping up.
      • Even without visual impairments this will be an instant turn off for many players
    • Inability to hold your ship in a single position. Releasing the stick will jerk your ship somewhere you don't intend it to be.
      • People with physical impairments, such as hand tremors, will be unable to play your game
      • People with chronic pain will be unable to hold the analogue stick in a single position for the whole game.

Addressing these issues can be as simple as showing a simple tween between positions. The bosses move smoothly around the play area, there is no reason that going from extreme points on the circle shouldn't show your ship transitioning across the middle (even if their hitbox transitions immediately). You could also show a laser targeting line coming out of the ship towards the middle.

These should help with the visual tracking issues.

Small differences in position shouldn't jerk your ship around, it feels unnatural. Maybe implementing a minimum delta offset before actually moving the ship could help with this. This delta value should ideally be configurable in the settings menu as part of the control sensitivity options.

Or, have discrete positions the ship can be in, rather than the completely free movement it has now (for example, snap the player to 6 degree intervals, like the minutes on a clock) This would help people who cannot hold the stick constantly, or those with other difficulties, from changing position when releasing the stick.

  • Visual
    • Your ship is rendered underneath the bosses and all the particle effects.
      • When you lose your ship you might respawn under a particle effect, or the boss, and be unable to find your ship before it's destroyed again.
    • The boss does not obviously react when hit other than the health bar going down.

I'd suggest either rendering the ship above the particle effects, or showing some kind of masking effect if it's obscured. Also have a larger, more noticeable respawning animation.

For bosses, I'd have them animate slightly when hit. Some kind of soft flash, visual contraction, or other animation. Alongside some kind of an audio cue.

You might want to take a look at the Game Accessibility Guidelines for some ideas.

There are some things you have done correctly, according to these guidelines, so lets not leave this on a negative note and go over what you have done right.

Motor Controls

Simple controls, consistent across all gameplay and menu screens. Though they are not rebindable, and have no digital-only alternative.

Game Speed options, though they're not available during gameplay (noticeably there is no pause menu).


You've got a simple menu system. Just the start menu and level select.

Font is nice and readable and the language is clear and well formatted.

You *do* lack a tutorial, or some free play mode/target dummy.

You did hit a couple of the intermediate cognitive notes too, with variable game speed. There's also no background visual clutter that would need disabled in the options.


A lot of these overlap with Cognitive, like font size. You also provide a high contrast between Text, UI and Background.

There's a great game in there that's really being held back by the controls. If you truly want it to be accessible, that needs addressed first and foremost. You want to at least cover all the Basic level guidelines on that list. Those are low-hanging fruit that will improve the game for everyone, not just those with disabilities, as will many of the Intermediate level ones. Implement the ones that make most sense for your game, and that you have the ability and time to achieve

The controls feel like they have absolutely no dead-zone, and there's no transition between positions, so if I move the stick across from left to right the ship teleports. It feels impossible to keep the ship in one position. If I move the stick even slightly it moves massively and I lose track of it. It's almost impossible to survive more than a few seconds.

In order to pick up any of the pellets I have to be 100% precise in the positioning of the analogue sticks. Even on the menu screen it feels like a challenge just to get the ship in the right position.

This game feels impossible to play.

Having read the other reviews I don't actually want to give this a rating because I genuinely think there's something screwy going on, either with the game or with my controls? Even turning down the gamespeed doesn't affect the controls.

Here's a short video of gameplay:

CPU: Intel 8-core Core i7-7700K (4.2Ghz)
GPU: GTX 1070ti @ 2560 x 1440
16Gb RAM
PS4 Dual Shock 4 Controller

Fun game.

+1 Got to shoot Pyrion.

-1 Had to shoot Boba.

Lovely game. Would have been nice to have a bit more indication that monsters will follow you through doors, but otherwise a great and simple game.

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Same as some of the others, couldn't get Red to jump, and C wasn't letting red jump either.

Screen capture:

Short and sweet. And the mirrored controls mechanic seems oddly familiar 😊

Nice game. Only thing I'd suggest is that your large size have a more forgiving jump detection, especially since some of the jumps require precise timing and if you're just over the half-way point of being on or off a platform you can't jump at all.

Might want to look into coyote jumping for your next game if you want to implement more responsive jump controls

It's made in Pico-8, a retro 'fantasy console'. I've used it for a few games in the past, mostly for jam games. It's all done in a lua subset and the audio and graphics are done in the console app.

Post-jam will have rebindable controls, but for now I've added Z/X and N/M as alternatives

you know itch has an edit comment button right?

Played a bunch of games today.

- Beatwise Trigger. Great concept, not quite Crypt of the Necrodancer, and you don't get any kind of punishment for missing the beat (so you can just spam the keys), but otherwise really good. Standout game for me.

- Frozen Helm  was also a standout. Kind of janky platforming mechanics (could do with some coyote time on those jumps) but otherwise excellent.

- Isaia 1314, short but fast paced SHMUP.

- Spire Gamble. Took a bit to figure out the mechanics, even reading the instructions on the page, but once I got into it it was fun.

- Abandoned Bog. Simple adventure game. I saved the dog and ignored the ghost. I ain't doing busy work for no ghost.

- Stabby Hellion. Fun concept once you get used to it. But if you press X at any point it takes you out of the game and puts you in the introduction cutscene and you have to start again

There were a few other games that either weren't finished (just had a placeholder in there) or were really basic, or *really* frustrating to play.

Hah, thanks for that.

I've not played any yet, I'm waiting for the jam to end before I do that. I'll probably stream it too

You're insane! Congratulations!

Fuck Brexit indeed

Made in a week during AGDQ for the Games Made Quick game jam.

New School, New Town, New Language.

Eva's gone to Japan as a Foreign Exchange student, but doesn't know the language! Help her explore her new school and learn Japanese in the process!


gotta go faster

It should only take about 30 minutes.

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I asked myself the same question when I made it

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argickSmug Google (Android 10.0)

What browser were you using? Have you got any browser scaling on?

You'll be happy to know that there is only that boss and then then end of the game :) Thanks for playing!

It's very much not impossible. But maybe not intentionally so :)

Don't know if I could call it a game. I had a really hard time figuring out the rating for it. I'd honestly just have rather ignored Gameplay/Modifier categories, but here we are.

Played it on stream

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It already has been.

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It's showing up for me on (3rd row atm)

Me: *Jumps*




This game was... Trivia-l!


He's a shark shuriken.. a sharkuk..sharuk...sharkukikin...

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f̡̧̛̯̺̦͉̱̯͓̻̖͎͇̹͍͚̪ͩͤͫͤ͠͠ẻ̴̤̩͈̻̥̬̮̳͉͗̐ͯͭ͘͢͡e͌̊͌͒̏ͤ͏̢̟̼͓̝̜̥̠̼̼̠͜͞͞ͅͅͅͅd̸̢̟̰͈̭̫̹̙̺̥̯͓͇̻̝̪̗̱̝̑ͣͪ͘ ̵̯̠̹͓̮͓̪̤̹̘̳͋̈͂́̈́̄ͪͫͮ̆ͯ̓ͧͦ̐͛ͭ́̚̕̕͡ͅm̴̶̡̧̤͎͇͕̜͙̩͚̺̥̗̯̜͉̝͓͎̤͉ͨ̐͌̋͑̒̑̒ͯ̓̓ͩ̈́̌̔̈́ͥͧ̚͘e̴̛̜͙̝̣̘̥̭̻ͯ̾̌ͬ͊͐̒ͥ̏̿ͬͦ̿̇̈ͦ͛̋́̚̕ ̶̨̧̞̭͔̦̣͈͚̬͍͓̝͇̭̰͇̰̣ͫͭ̓̅͘f̵̟̙̭̤͍͕̞̜̥͕̳̒̇̈ͦ̓ͪ̈̋̌̆̀̈̕͞ͅȅ͛͒̍͊̎̏ͯͭ̈́ͨ̌͑ͫ͋ͬ́̃͏̛̼͉̬͕͈̤͉̩̺̮͓̰́͢ͅe̞͖̱͙͈̘̬͇̳̲͖̥̖̔͗ͫ́̓̆ͧ͆͗̈̍ͪ̾ͩ́̋͞͡d̨̩͉͇̗͕̻̙̻̰̗̆̂̐ͤ̎̐͋̈́ͭ͞͝ ͆ͨ̐ͤ͊̆̓̓̑͐̃̀͏̻̠͉̱̮̘̱ͅm̨̢̛͖͎̱̬̞̭̂ͭ͛̕͞e̴̶͇̭͎̫̘̐́͊́̿͘ ̰̤͍̟̰̘̮̤͓̟̐͑̾̃ͦ̿͒ͨ́̕͜ͅf̑́̇̽̅͊̒̎̓́҉̢̣̙͕̤̺̭͔͜͝ḙ̻̩̗̯̰̰͔̹͉̳͎̰͓̫̋̌̈ͧ͂̿͐ͣ͆ͤ̄͂̕͜͠ͅe̢̟̺̟͙̯͕̘͉̪̝̣͆͗̓̒̿̓ͨ́͘͢͟d̷͒͛̍ͭͣ͝͡͏̷̝̣̯͔̗̞͙̪͔̯͎̫ ̧̉͗́ͥ̅̑͛͋͗͗̈́͘͏̮̣̭̹͉̖̹͕̘̮̠̘͚̜̖̱ͅͅm̻̱̘͈̼̭ͪ̂̍ͤ̊̅̀͌͂̒ͭ͑ͮ̽̆̽́e͍̬̖̠͇̓͒͒̉̔̎ͦ͘͢͡͠͞ ̺̝̯̲̲̙̱̟̠̘̞͙̹̐͊ͥͨ̀͡f̸̡͎̦͔̰̖̭͖̙̪̲̦̲̣̘͎͛ͪ͊́ë̴̢̨̛̫͇͚͕̹̝̞̜̦̤̻̠̒ͭͭͅȇ̮̦̰̥̜̮̪͔̣̼̲̹̣̙̫͙ͮ̎͛ͬ͌̄ͯ͒͑́̓͐̂ͫ̉͆̽̿̀ḑ̨̝̘̟̺̗̗̭̻̬̠͕͈̤͖͙͖̼͂͒ͨ̆̈ͣͦ̌ͬ̅̓ͨ̈́ͧ͊̈͟ͅͅ ̷̘̬͎̹̫̹̙͉͚̮̬̣̖͕̫͈̏ͩ̿͋̒ͫ̂̉͌̑ͥͩͯ́͛́͟͝ͅm̐̈́̋ͯ̃̀͢͞҉̹͈͍͈̞͇̠ě̢̢̹͖̹̬̯̯̹̗̭͈̏ͨͫ̎͋͒ͥ̎ ͫ̔̌ͥͮ͛ͤ͆̿̈̄̒͏͓̭̺̩̮̤͕̠͖̰̟̭̟f̷̧̺̜̬̳̲̤͓̘̣̿͑̂̓͋e̸̬̥̭̼̜̙͉̥͔͈̖̬̬͖̰̠͐̈́ͨ̅͠ͅͅe̶̢̤̬̥͇͕̖̟̬̩̭ͮ̋̀̋̎̓̏̒̓̂̓̽ͪͭͬͨͥ̎͜͝d̵̙̗̼̪̠̼̹̪͛͐̈́ͩ̃̿ͩ͊͗ͧ̿͘ ̡̭̩̳̭̰̣̳̟̤̦̥ͪ͐ͬͩ͒ͫ̇̿̈ͥ̋͒̿̑ͤ͒̋ͥ͠͞ͅm͍͎͔͍̞̳̻̜̣̅ͦ̒ͭ͐ͪ̑̎̋̊ͥ̓͒̀̀ͅe̵̸̟̜̩̭̮̣̘̯̲̝͆ͥ͐͐̿̄ͣ̃͡͝ ̉̓͆͊̽̎̄̇ͨ̇ͮ͂͐̒͏̠͖̣̯͍̖f̡̢̣͉̜̜̜͙͖̹̥̪͓̦̘̣͕̒ͭ͗͌̆͒̿̇͗̏̐̔̃̕͜͡ͅe̿̾ͧ̿ͯͯͤ̾̄͏̹̯̙͍̲͉͟ͅe̽ͧ͆̉ͤ͛̑̅͒͏̬̖̪̥̹̲̮͖͍̻͎̫̳͉̜͟ͅd̛̩̹̫͈̳̤̘̤̝̙̙̟̯̟̥̲͈̟͇̂ͣ͂ͥ͒́̀͗̆ͨ̊̆̆ͩ̍͞ ̊ͭͦ̒̎̈́́͋̿̂͋͋͑ͨ̔ͧ̚҉̛̮̙̲̙̝̀m̓̊ͤ̿͞҉͓͉̱̯͖̼̤͔͓̬̣̺͇̺͖͉̼e͂ͪ͐͆́̒ͧ̅̒͑͆͋̚҉̵̞̳̤̙̩͍̻̞͇͚ͅͅ ̷̛̛͍͕̝̥̱̹̖͚͋ͣ̐͢

Santa is a menace to all law-abiding christmas drone pilots!

Couldn't get the Simone one to work, but lost of little mini games was a neat little idea

That granny is fireproof. Trust me, I tested it.