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Need a link to your LD page or we can't rate it

Need a link to your LD page otherwise people can't rate it if they find it on

Need a link to your LD page otherwise people can't rate it if they find it on

Need a link to your LD page otherwise people can't rate it if they find it on

Need a link to your LD page otherwise people can't rate it if they find it on

Need a link to your LD page otherwise people can't rate it if they find it on

Need a link to your LD page otherwise people can't rate it if they find it on

Need a link to your LD page otherwise people can't rate it if they find it on

You need to add your LD URL to your game page so people can find and rate it easilly

Fix is up, can you let me know if that's solved it?

Fix is up, can you let me know if it's fixed for you?

Thanks for that.

If I could get your Browser/OS that'd be great.

I have no idea why it wouldn't work. It's just a UI Image inside a mask that changes its fill amount. I've used it loads of times before.

What browser are you running on? Works fine in all my tests.

My first time around I somehow managed to give an extra key to something, leaving me with -1 keys. It's also not clear which chests accept 2 lots of treasure and which don't. It was only through trial and error that I figured that out in the first place, I thought I was missing a room, or there was a hidden passage or something.

If you expanded on the idea this game could have legs.

Like having to place traps, or avoiding setting off traps meant for the hero, or both. Make it a puzzle to figure out the correct order to enable the traps and allow you to get to the exit without setting them off.

There's a whole bunch of dungeon related tropes you could play off of with this.

A few more different types of maths problems could see this becoming a great brain trainingish game, though not sure I'd be happy leaving a kid in the care of the creepy old flashing Wizard (though thankfully he's fully clothed underneath)

One bug though, the second level, Student Wizard, doesn't seem to work. Both the main menu button and the 'Next Level' button on Apprentice Wizard don't work. Checked the console and got this error:

Scene 'Level2' couldn't be loaded because it has not been added to the build settings or the AssetBundle has not been loaded.

Very stupid humour, loved it. 

Could do with better controls, the mouse/kb combo doesn't feel quite right. If you want to prevent spamming you could add a few frames to the dig animation and stop movement while doing it. You would have to update the AI too.

Or you could have it that if you dig on an already dug square there's a chance you ruin what you found (and deduct points accordingly)

There's a lot of scope for expanding this game.

I got 26.

Only thing that bugged me was the lack of notice when the Coral moves. That stuff moves to fast it blindsides you.

Loved the atmosphere though.

You're probably right about the timer. Once the voting has ended I'll probably remove it

As for the Veganism I'm not sure what's crass about my delivery of it? It's supposed to be a play on the 'Veganism gives superpowers' thing. It's not my intent to make any kind of statement regarding Veganism itself, it's just a framing device. It's about the character and why she continues to be one. It's supposed to represent anything that makes you, the player, feel better about yourself and the reasons why you do it.

I'm not much of a writer, so any tips you have for getting that across better would be appreciated.

What's wrong with the display? Seems fine for me. you got a screenshot/video or something?

Oooh. An actual Rogue-like :)

Honestly, I don't get fidget spinners either.

I've nerfed the Kraken, it should no longer maul you with 4+ attacks before you can flee

I apologise to everyone, the Kraken is far too powerful. I'll nerf it soon

Gets hectic really quickly. About as frantic as a duck hunting game can get I suppose.

I have found some weird artefacts in the audio depending on what browser you're in, and (i think) whether or not you have a dedicated sound card. Especially with high-pitched sounds. I need to get out of the habit of using high pitched bleeps for jumping and the likes :)

Collisions were easy, I just used a series of Raycasts (rather than Unity's built in physics) and I tracked velocity internally rather than use a Rigidbody. It gives you much more control (ie, I used different layer masks depending on your y speed in order to do one-way platforms) and much more information than the normal physics engine does.

The hardest part of this one was calculating slope acceleration based on the ground normal. The difference between this engine and my other platformers is that it has two speeds, one for airborne (Vector2) and one for Grounded (float). With the sign determining direction on the ground it made adding/subtracting based on the ground normal dot much easier.

I mean, Sonic Mania's out next month :)

Fun game. I think my best time was 24 seconds. Could have made the transformation mechanic a bit clearer from the start though.

It's a re-start of an older project. The only thing I kept was the Music and the Terrain code.

All I need to do now is add some more enemies into the level, and actually put the goal sign in,

If I've got time I might even put a boss fight in.

Always a first time for everything, hopefully it's not put you off participating in the future :D

Couple of hints from a Jam veteran, if you plan on doing more jams:

  • Take a look at the Jam overview page - there's a time line at the bottom that shows you when all the current/upcoming jams start and end
  • On a specific Jam page it'll say "Starts in [Days, Hours, Minutes]" before the jam starts and will have a "Join Jam" button. The "Join Jam" button signs you up for the jam, and you'll now be sent alerts for this jam - such as when it starts.
  • Once a jam has started it'll change over to "Submissions due in [Days, Hours, Minutes]" with a "Submit your project" button (if you've joined the jam)

Generally Jams hosted on this site are very relaxed jams, especially compared to something like Ludum Dare.

Some just encourage you to make something, with no rules on how, what or when you do it. Most won't be this relaxed and will have some kind of deadline, theme, or other rules. Some have you rate entries at the end of the jam, some don't. Some offer prizes, though most don't.  Most jams also allow you to update your game after submission, but still during the jam. Some jams allow you to modify it after the deadline.

It's certainly okay to update your game after any voting is finished.

Each jam is different and It's worth reading the whole of the Jam's page before signing up to it.

And most importantly: don't worry if your game doesn't turn out the way you wanted it. You'll always learn something from it.

It's going to be a good Marathon. Neir as I can tell.

Games Done Quick:

It's a Charity Speedrunning marathon run twice a year. Once in Summer (SGDQ) and one in Winter (AGDQ, Awesome games done quick). This is SGDQ.

You can wall jump, and if you hold space you can do a short glide.

I probably should have put that somewhere in the controls.

Added the Pico8 Cart to the downloads page.

You can also stand on top of him.

Double-tap down. I know I didn't make that clear in game.

Sounds great. DWB/MSF is one of my favourite charities.

Any details about the bundle at all? Will is be a charity bundle or will money go to devs/organizers or will it be a hybrid like humble? If there's a charity do you have any idea which one(s)?

I'm going for a Fantastic Voyage/Innerspace/Osmosis Jones style romp through a teenagers body at the height of puberty

May include some metroid references...