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Don't Touch The GrussyView game page

"A Truly Cursed Combination"
Submitted by Big The Dave (@GeeItSomeLaldy) — 1 day, 17 hours before the deadline
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Very interesting game! I included it in my Yogscast Game Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :) 


It was a little hard for me. Especially when all four types were in one level. There were some well-designed puzzles in there though, I particularly liked the last one, and the victory lap was a nice little reward. I also liked the graphics, and appreciated that you took the time to make more than one music track so it didn't get monotonous. All-in-all, it was good!


The art of the game is realy great! The levels are nicely designed and the learning curve escalate pretty quickly. My monke brain couldn't pass the prisioners dilema xD but its a solid game with a good use of the theme!


Really fun and frustrating puzzle! I love the retro graphics and music. Very consistent style. Really good!


Pretty solid entry, well done!


The most fleshed out PICO game I've ever played.

Check out my review of your game at


Solid game, I have no complaints, level 11 is so hard!


Great game. The aesthetic and music was wonderful.  You nailed this one.


A great interpretation of the theme! An enjoyable and easy to learn game with some good brainteasing puzzles!


This game is very cute. Despite being simple, it was very well done and the theme was well written. A lot of fun, your game is really good!


This is a really good game! The mechanics were nice and easy to learn, and it had a fantastic take on the theme! You nailed the retro vibe with really good music and pixel art. Awesome game!


so cute, so cursed - awesome little game!

Its great that the levels build up in a very linear way in terms of difficulty,what you learn from the previous levels you can use in the next level.

good job!

(1 edit) (+1)

I really wanted to play this one but couldn't launch the .exe cause I'm not supposed to touch the grussy :c

Jk, this is sooo fun! The 4-character puzzles really got the brain cogs moving :D The game looks great and the sound's great as well. The only thing I'd change would be to either make the characters a bit more easily distinguishable or add a note of what they look like and how they move that's always on screen.

An amazing submission nonetheless, we're going to top 10 babyy!


Also, out of curiosity, did you code it from scratch? The file seems too small to be made in a pre-made engine, but I wanted to make sure.


It's made in Pico-8, a retro 'fantasy console'. I've used it for a few games in the past, mostly for jam games. It's all done in a lua subset and the audio and graphics are done in the console app.


Great game!  Very difficult, on theme and well put together.


This is great! well polished, cool mechanics, fun little puzzle game, good job!


unbelievably cursed, thank you


Really nice concept! Fits the theme very well, I enjoyed playing it.