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Had same issue, you need to jump down to respawn on the top

Использовать воздух в качестве механики - отличная идея! Я не много играл в подобные игры. Например, Gris и Flower всё ещё лежат в дальнем ящике, ибо слишком много АА и ААА проектов выходит и выигрывает в конкуренции с ними за внимание. Но например в Ori мне летать на листе очень понравилось. И эта игра ощущается довольно похоже, что определённо плюс. Атмосферность и звуковое сопровождение тоже очень приятное. Для демки - сас!

Тем не менее неотзывчивость управления в комбинации с сейвами, откидывающими в начало локации заставили меня выключить игру через 15 минут. 

Есть ощущение, как будто герой реагирует на мои команды с инпутлагом и я из за этого через раз справляясь с препятствием погибаю. После чего телепортирует либо до всего проделанного пути, либо вообще после, игнорируя препятствие с которым я не справился. 

Также у игры хорошая динамика. Бег-полёты. И как бы напрашивается всё делать быстро, не останавливаясь. Но каждый раз находят детальку паззла, приходится попикселям делать шажки туда-обратно, пока персонаж всё-таки не схватит объект. Это ломает динамику и выкидывает из состояния полёта. Требуется как минимум в 2 раза увеличить коллайдер деталек. 

Учитывая, что проект находится в демо версии - проделана хорошая работа. Ребята молодцы, продолжайте добивать вплоть до релиза! Жду фиксов и хочу пробежать игрушку после какого-нибудь вкусного патча.

Трушный СНГ геймдев получился. Потренировался в слепом наборе текста. Спасибо

Well, yeah :D The other level does not exist.. in case it does, but its stucked in a bug :D

Well, yeah :D The other level does not exist.. in case it does, but its stucked in a bug :D


How did you know?

Ye, this is a big problems for mist of games i played. But well, you can fix it easily: Instead of saying the color or form - let the player drag and drop color or forms. Its more interactive and more fun. Less text in games is always more fun 

Door teleportation reminds me Serial Cleaner gameplay

Controls feels good, AI is a bit stupid, graphics - great. I quickly figured out how to play this. 

On the second level animations of points do not work, so i stopped playing there. But it was fun after all. Good job! 

Lol. The concept is great. It needs a bit of balance, but was fun. Also, didn't expect to see KLEI developers on jam like that :D

Game from perspective of cat is cool, but there gameplay is a bit boring. 

Looks so great, but sometimes too much reading. I enjoyed the jokes :p

This game.. well :D

It has some problems. And the levels are too hardcore from the beginning. 
I dropped it on level3 after about 15 tries.

I wish you make it easier so i can complete it to the end 

Thank you! <3

Ye, we are new to programming so we catched too many bugs :D

Wasnt able to fix it all in time

This was just amazing!

Best game i have ever developed

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Actually, why not. *working*

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Hello! Gosh how ashamed was I :D

During the development (it was about 24 jam hrs) we were thinking too much about graphics and animation, and after all almost didint tesdted the game. 
So we got bugs like broken animations (like when someone catch you , they make a photo of you), character doesnt get colored after he got the cloths, and the thing with enemies speed. So sorry that you got confused! :D

But also thank you for playing! Thant was fun to watch! You have a talent!

Wow! Thank you! I'm new to pixelart, so super happy to hear compliments!

It can be actually very cool experience! How do i contact you? 
Here is my Discord: Legosky#0007

What a beautiful game! Huge work with sound, great visual, amazing story! A bufed a couple of times, but it doesnt metter, the game is cool!

I wish to know someting from behind the scenes. Did you guys worked localy or not? What games did ya make before? 

Thank you in advance!

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What a beautiful game! Huge work with sound, great visual, amazing story! It buged a couple of times, but it doesnt metter, the game is cool!

I wish to know someting from behind the scenes. Did you guys worked localy or not? What games did ya make before? 

Thank you in advance!

Now,  after i was able to read the desctiption, i played your game and i liked it!

U are working very well with the atmosphere. Sounds and music are changing when there is action, voices are scarry, dark, blood effects! Amazing! 

You have to work more with the design, you used decorative fonts in game (pls never do it :D), pixelarts are all different quality.. but it just need experience, it will come. From the perspective of gamedesign you are amazing!

Yeah! That looks much better. 

I personally would also fix dark red on black BG, bc on the monitors with low brightness it would be readable.

But the other paart is good!

Actually everyone is making photo when they hit you, but bc i forgot to remove tag in the final build, the animation is broken and it doest show the camera in their hands and the shot effect :c

Thanks for playng anyway

Thanks a lot! 

decorative font is used as main font for the project.. in combination with strong red it hurts to eyes so much. If i were a potentional player, i would never download something from page that look like this one.

Please do something to it.

This is just amazing! 

I have strong PC, so i had all full FPS, but it was still hard to play. I mean that in a good way, it feels like real dream! Everything is smooth, sensetivity is low.. there is a conflict, also, platforms are falling into lava. Shaders also fits food to the atmosphere! But ony one  problem to me was - i dont really understand where to jump. Many times i was not able to get to the platform even when it looked like i can. :c

Thanks for game! Wonderful job!

The AI has too strong inertia, so  simetimes when you are in the bushes, they miss you, but they keep going in your direction bc they hadvery high speed. We had no time to test it, but its possible to evade.

About clothes - its strange ;c sad that you didnt woke up.

Thank you for the feedback! We are hapy that at least sound and art worked (even though the animations are broken :D)

Unfortunately we did not have time to fix the bugs(
So many things are not intuitively understandable.

But thanks for playing anyway!

What an amazing game! Played it with my girlfriend. We enjoyed!

Wery well made!

Beautiful graphics

Thank you for your feedback!

We will add better UX after the jam is over ;)

I think, i will add living carrot to one of my next games as a reference :p

Haaaa! You are the carrot developer! :D 

My personal favourite game for now! Thanks for stopping by :D

Ha-ha, thank you! 
Sound designer got raged when i secretly added this quack records on each collision with hay (i'm artist of the game). :D

Yes, it is a problem, the collisions has to be fixed. And its good idea to make knoks, suppouse to look cool ;d

@maxmaletin offered uus to create a mobile version of the game, so we will fix everything soon.

Thanks for the feedback!