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What a beautiful game! Huge work with sound, great visual, amazing story! It buged a couple of times, but it doesnt metter, the game is cool!

I wish to know someting from behind the scenes. Did you guys worked localy or not? What games did ya make before? 

Thank you in advance!


Hey ! Thank you for your review :D

Indeed, we had the chance to meet and work together in the same room, it was really fun.

Actually, it was my first time I create a video game ! But my friends have already made games before, their last game was Crabs In Troubles . 

I leave you the link of one of them : .

Feel free to check it out ;)

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Thank you a lot for your review. It's always really enjoyable to see that people are receptives to our creations.

This game was pretty funny to do, and focusing on the cute design in the bedroom as well as the nightmare design was a great exercise.

I saw your creator page, and personally loved your 1vs1 duck fighting game! I think me and some people of the team should appreciate doing some jams with you at some point. Especially for your impressive pixel art skills! Contact me back if you want to discuss =)! 


Wow! Thank you! I'm new to pixelart, so super happy to hear compliments!

It can be actually very cool experience! How do i contact you? 
Here is my Discord: Legosky#0007


Hey ! Thank you so mush for your comment, it is a real pleasure to read those words.

Also, I really like your submission, art was nice and the idea is really fun !