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Help the cute Lily to face her inner demons and to repaint her nightmares into dreams.
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A fun concept well executed. One bug I noticed: If I'm moving while interacting in the room-sections, the character will keep moving right and the interact-button won't work. The slider will just keep moving left and right until the time runs out, no other input is accepted.


Hello, Thank you for your comment !

Unfortunately, we found this bug too late and we didn't have the time to correct it before publishing. Nevertheless,  it's going to be our first goal to fix it in the next update.  

Glad that you played our game :)


Beautiful game, great artwork.

Attack animation has a slight delay after the button is pressed, it was not that hard to account for while playing, but for the user experience it is nice to have it snappier.  It didn't feel like the nights had a difficulty progression.


Thanks for your comment, we're really happy to hear that! We're not professional pixel artist, the fact you liked the artwork really please us! 

Yeah, you pointed out 2 important problems in the game. The attack action needs some polishing, and the values that affec the sanity bar need to be reworked. We are actually regrouping the littles flaws in the game and we will correct them in an update when the rating period will be over. We will surely add some new features too.

Thanks again, your kind words and suggestions were really appreciated :) ! See you in jams! 

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Amazing game. The art and the audio make you feel part of it. Good job... I dont even know how you made something so cool in a game jam... For how long are you creating game ?? I just made my first one for this jam and I already got this game as a reference of stunning art seriously good job :)


Wow, thanks a lot for your comment! It really makes us proud of our game!

I'm on my 3rd game jam personally, but I improved my C# and Unity skills during a recent internship in a company. Mahjoub has already more GJ behind him as well as kamj! Our sound designer, Sojzi, is on his first time! 

About the art, its in majority Mahjoub and me on it, but we're not professional pixel artist at all. I guess a lot of practice is always the best for art and programing :). 

I'll also review your game, and let you know how I experienced it! 

Thanks you a lot again, see you on next jams!

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

What a beautiful game! Huge work with sound, great visual, amazing story! It buged a couple of times, but it doesnt metter, the game is cool!

I wish to know someting from behind the scenes. Did you guys worked localy or not? What games did ya make before? 

Thank you in advance!


Hey ! Thank you for your review :D

Indeed, we had the chance to meet and work together in the same room, it was really fun.

Actually, it was my first time I create a video game ! But my friends have already made games before, their last game was Crabs In Troubles . 

I leave you the link of one of them : .

Feel free to check it out ;)

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thank you a lot for your review. It's always really enjoyable to see that people are receptives to our creations.

This game was pretty funny to do, and focusing on the cute design in the bedroom as well as the nightmare design was a great exercise.

I saw your creator page, and personally loved your 1vs1 duck fighting game! I think me and some people of the team should appreciate doing some jams with you at some point. Especially for your impressive pixel art skills! Contact me back if you want to discuss =)! 


Wow! Thank you! I'm new to pixelart, so super happy to hear compliments!

It can be actually very cool experience! How do i contact you? 
Here is my Discord: Legosky#0007


Hey ! Thank you so mush for your comment, it is a real pleasure to read those words.

Also, I really like your submission, art was nice and the idea is really fun !

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

This game was great! I loved the simplistic black and white art style, it really fitted well coupled with the music and gameplay. I also really loved the little cutscenes at the start and end, really awesome. I had a ton of fun with this, and I can't wait to see what else create in the  near future :D.


Thank you a lot ! We're glad you enjoyed it and seen those little details :)


A very cute little game! Really appreciated the art and the music here.

Sometimes I would get a bug where, when walking I could not refill my sanity anymore during the day.

Other than that very nice, cute and unique game!  Keep it up.


Haha you found that bug, congratulation !

Thank you for playing  :D


This game had really good audio, art and some fun game play, I just wish the game was a little more challenging.


Thank you for your comment !

Yes, the difficulty increases with each passing of the day, but our main goal was to take the player at the end of the game. :)