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Hey! Thanks a lot for the good feedback.

a short explanation of the system.
- 1 / 2 pointers are melee units that don't deal a lot of damage but have a lot of health.
- 4 pointers attack over a range of 2 fields and have slightly higher damage but also less health than 1/2 pointers
- 6 pointers have a high amount of damage, low attackspeed and low health. Also they attack over a long range.

The reason why 6 pointers lose in the beginning is because they don't have a lot of health and the reason why they are so good in the end is because their damage increases significantly with the 2/3-star version.

A good strategy we found was to build some melee units in the start and get them to level 3 and then slowly replace them with ranged units. 

EDIT: Then fonts name is Arcade: 

Thanks again for playing :)  

thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed it :) 

We thougth about the vs. mode but there was no time left unfortunately.

Thank you very much !

Thank you so much for the good feedback! 

The information button is quite hidden yes,  we tried our best to put it somewhere where most people would expect it to be.

Thanks again for playing our game :)

very cool two player concept. I like the art and the gameplay a lot! 
The atmosphere of the game is very calm which makes it quite relaxing to play !

Great job!

A very cute little game! Really appreciated the art and the music here.

Sometimes I would get a bug where, when walking I could not refill my sanity anymore during the day.

Other than that very nice, cute and unique game!  Keep it up.

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Thank you very much. Glad that you liked it!!
Yes, we kind of took the idea of auto-chess and wanted to see if we could manage to make something out of it :)

The symbols were meant for different buffs once you collect multiple units of a kind, but we ran out of time unfortunately.

If time allows we would add some more units and a better AI to make it more interesting.

Edit: I forgot to say: GOOD JOB on the 44 rounds! The most the both of us managed was 27.

Holy! Thanks for that awesome video and for playing our game :)!

Really enjoyed watching it! ;)

This game is really fun to play with its endless mode! The selection of enemies and power ups gives the entire game such an awesome and nice touch. I also loved the day & night cycle and the effects added for a better game feel!

I really enjoyed the automated drifting function. Sometimes it would switch between the sides very quickly when not properly aligned with the track but other than that this is a really nice prototype! Great job! Looking forward to see more

Awesome prototype for an assignment! I like the idea of moving to shoot. It can put the player into a high-risk - high-reward situation which can create quite interesting gameplay. 

Thank you for playing it! We are planning on creating a full game out of it with a whole backstory and new ideas. Glad you had fun! 

thank you very much for playing our game. We really appreciate that :)

Thank you very much for playing out game and the nice feedback ! Yes, one thing we noticed is that we never pay to much attention to sound and we will try to change this for future games :).

Thank you a lot for the feedback! We will definitely improve on the tutorial area to make it clearer! :) Glad you liked it.

Wow this is really great feedback! Thank you very much for it! We will be working on this game for a little longer and extend it with things we did not manage during the jam and we will also improve on the points give to us via feedback like yours which helps us a lot in creating a better experience for all players! Thanks again :) 

I really liked the game! One thing that immediately came to my eye was the huge tutorial wall. Try to avoid this since it will stop some people from playing your game.

I really like the concept you came up with since it is something everyone knows but it is not often presented in games. It is very unique. Another suggestion would be to also show people which cable is which since  it could be that some people don't know cable types :)
Other than that great game! Love the untangling mechanic.

This game is simply something new and innovative! I love the gameplay and it was so much fun to play through it. Good job in this !

Thank you for the very detailed feedback! It will help us making better games in the future.  Glad you liked the game.

And yes, she walks a bit fast (she‘s a scared kid that wants to go back to sleep ;)! ) we wanted ro make an easier game this time, that‘s why enemies are not very hard to outplay. 

This is a very cute game! Quite lovely! One thing to improve, maybe try to make the swinging mechanic more intuitive. It is very hard to swing yourself around enemies. Other than that, great job! 

What you have works and is cool! (and looks cute!) What would be cool is if you could lose friends and have to find them again if you move to fast or a search mechanic to locate the closest friend :)!

The artstyle of the game is lovely. It was hard at first to understand how to play it since the draw and aim was not very clear but once I figured it out it was nice! I like the endless replayability of this one . Good job!

This is really cool! 

The red button sound was funny^^ The level was interesting and the mechanics/goals were intuitive without a tutorial. 

What I expected at the beginning was that when I open the first door in the parallel world that it is also open in the "real" world, but the confusion added to the atmosphere :) 

Great job!

Oh, thank for letting us know. If we may, we would share the video on our twitter account?

Thank you very much for playing it !! Awesome video! 

We are currently getting a lot of media attention on this game and are curious where you found it.

Hey ! Nice video. Thank you for playing our game :)

Thank you very much for the feedback! :)

thank you :)! 

thanks for the feedback :) We will consider more bug testing for the next jam for sure  !

Thank you very much:)! We will check your game out as well! 

Thanks for the feedback, we will try to do more bug testing for the next jam for sure!:)

Thanks for your very detailed feedback. We really appreciate this. It will help us improve our future games a lot! :)

Thank you very much, glad you enjoyed it :)!!

Thank you for playing and for the feedback. We will consider making a better difficulty curve for our future games :)

Thanks for the feedback sadzan!!! Also thanks for joining in on the stream :)!

Thank you for the feedback. We’re glad you liked the idea.

Thank you for the screenshot. We’ll look into it.  Hope you still could enjoy our game.:)!

Thank you:) I will definitely watch out for this in the next jam.

please feel free to share your opinion on this game and help us improve our future releases :)!

please feel free to share your opinion on this game and help us improve our future releases :)!