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Fight using dreams and nightmares in this epic auto chess game!
Submitted by geist_191, Zarroc — 35 minutes, 47 seconds before the deadline
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This game is really good, I got adicted. I dont even know you managed your time to finish in only three days, I just think it was not quite in the theme. The game is awesome!


Thank you! We're glad you liked it!

(1 edit) (+2)

This is a very nice looking and highly addictive game. I liked the pixelated art style and font. (is that an existing font, or did you make it yourself? If the former, what's the name?)

My only problem is that I had a lot of trouble figuring out what the various units did. You said in another comment that the icons denote gameplay mechanics that didn't make it in, but are there any differences in the units? I found that 6 pointers in the first level could lose to much cheaper units, but later armies consisting of 6-pointers kicked my ass. So, do they area damage or something?

And what exactly are the other differences? It just bugs me that my best run (39) happened when I was just trying whatever, and that all attempts at executing a pre-planned strategy died sooner :p

Developer (1 edit)

Hey! Thanks a lot for the good feedback.

a short explanation of the system.
- 1 / 2 pointers are melee units that don't deal a lot of damage but have a lot of health.
- 4 pointers attack over a range of 2 fields and have slightly higher damage but also less health than 1/2 pointers
- 6 pointers have a high amount of damage, low attackspeed and low health. Also they attack over a long range.

The reason why 6 pointers lose in the beginning is because they don't have a lot of health and the reason why they are so good in the end is because their damage increases significantly with the 2/3-star version.

A good strategy we found was to build some melee units in the start and get them to level 3 and then slowly replace them with ranged units. 

EDIT: Then fonts name is Arcade: 

Thanks again for playing :)  


Really good auto-chess game.

The sound choice is great, the 3d/2d pixel artstyle looks cool and the gameplay is addicting. 

A vs. mode would be really cool to add. Really good game overall.


thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed it :) 

We thougth about the vs. mode but there was no time left unfortunately.


nice game. good work.


Thank you very much !


i love it!! the autochess mechanics are all perfectly implemented and i found myself super focused while playing it, so, awesome!!!!! The music is epic, everything feels very responsive and smooth and the graphics are super cool too! took me a while to find the tutorial button, but I didn't really need it all that much cause everything is very easy to understand :) great job!!!


Thank you so much for the good feedback! 

The information button is quite hidden yes,  we tried our best to put it somewhere where most people would expect it to be.

Thanks again for playing our game :)


The concept is completely copied from TFT but it's terribly effective !

I spent more than 1 hour on this game, and my current high score is 44 round. :D

I really enjoyed this game and I hope you will do some updates. (I would like to know what are the symbols effects)

However I do not feel the link with dreams and nightmares.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thank you very much. Glad that you liked it!!
Yes, we kind of took the idea of auto-chess and wanted to see if we could manage to make something out of it :)

The symbols were meant for different buffs once you collect multiple units of a kind, but we ran out of time unfortunately.

If time allows we would add some more units and a better AI to make it more interesting.

Edit: I forgot to say: GOOD JOB on the 44 rounds! The most the both of us managed was 27.