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this game is only for a selected number of people and still in testing phase. it requires a special password to play this game. only the developer can provide the password.

thank you for checking out this project. you can check out our other projects.

hi, i am ali. i make games using unity recently i am working on making and learning multiplayer games using photon engine. i mostly am focused on 3D games but nowadays i am learning 2D game development as well. i have just starting game development so my games are not so great. anyways that is me.

i am looking for some friends in the game development field it really hard to find friends like that. 

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Thank you so much for your feed back.

and yes i understand that the game and how it works is a bit difficult because how things effect you completely Different in each different world like dream or nightmare or reality. also effects change under player guide. i will try making it easier and more effective.

and i am extremely sorry for the annoying sound, i am not very good at making sounds but i will try my best to fix this problem

Hello my friends, i hope you guys play this game and enjoy it. and tell me what are the things you liked about it and what are the things that you didn't and what do you think i should do to fix that.

All kind of feedback is welcomed. i will be happy to hear from you guys.

game is awesome, it was fun to play, took me a while to figure out the controls but other than that its cool.

game is awesome, good work guys

cool idea, good work.

nice game. good work.

did you posted your game.

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thank you. and well i think you are right the movement controls are a bit difficult, i will try doing something about that in the next update.

And once again thanks a lot for your feedback. i really appreciate it.

Geta Game Jam 8 community · Created a new topic THeme

theme is dreams and nightmares

its dreams and nightmares

cool, good luck and have fun

cool, good luck than, and hey maybe we can collab in future

yes you are right. still i hope i do well. and i end up making a good game and so does everyone else.

wow, you guys seem cool. i wanna have a team partner too. i thinks its fun to have a team member or members. but until now its just me. and this is my first ever game jam so i don't know what to do or how to prepare anyways good luck to you guys.

Geta Game Jam 8 community · Created a new topic First Time

this is my first time participating in a game jam. i am very excited and also kind of nervous cause i totally dont know how this whole thing is to be carried out and also the fastest time i have taken to make a game is 5 days. so that is also a little exciting and scary to think i might not be able to complete it but lets see what happens