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oh wow thank you very much for the feedback, that's very helpful!!! 

We kinda did our own challenge with this jam, where me (artist) did the programming and @dr4g0nsoul (programmer) did the art! We are very proud of the result and are aware that some aspects of the gameplay are not clear, for example the stats of the nightmares. We did wanna display their health at least with hearts over their heads, but my programming skills are limited and in the end we ran out of time (the skeletons just have more health, the bats do only 1 dmg, so they survive them!) ^^;;; We did learn tons during this jam that we will make sure to implement in our future games!!!

Again, thank you very much for your feedback and we are so happy you liked it so much!!!!! <3

thank you very much, glad you like it!! :)

thank you for the feedback :)

i love it!! the autochess mechanics are all perfectly implemented and i found myself super focused while playing it, so, awesome!!!!! The music is epic, everything feels very responsive and smooth and the graphics are super cool too! took me a while to find the tutorial button, but I didn't really need it all that much cause everything is very easy to understand :) great job!!!

thank you very much for playing our game!!! We hadn't encountered this bug before, but we'll definitely look into it, thank you!

this was so much fun!!! i was laughing the entire time while playing it, great idea!!! the graphics are good, the sounds are hilarious, the music is awesome!!!

I lost after the balcony was added as an area and then somehow got into the developer console :o it gave me a nullPointerReference when I tried to restart after losing.

this was so cute and sad!!!!!!!! 

i wanted to hold Meowmie the whole time, such a cute kittyy!!! The artstyle is so good and the atmosphere really unsettling! great job!

the visuals and overall atmosphere are amazing, good job! took me a while to figure out how to open the door and then i walked towards the clock in the second room with the candles and i fell through the world :( 

Nonetheless, this could turn into a great game if you decide to expand on it!

i loved the atmosphere! and the fixed camera that changes with the scenes reminded me of resident evil, really cool! added a lot to the surroundings and overall feel of the game. I got a little confused at first on how the movement works/what to do, but i figured it out pretty fast and even with the wasted time i still had enough to finish the game. even if the ending wasnt implemented, it was really fun, good job!