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Thank you very much :D

Thank you for playing and for the awesome feedback :D

After breaking the mirror you were supposed to get put back to the main menu. For some reason sometimes the game just hangs.

And the lag was caused mainly by how the mirrors work.

But it was our first UE game so we didn't ever expect that it will do that great ^^

Thanks again for your feedback and we hope to bring you even better games in the future ;)

Thank you very much for playing!

Nice video!

Thanks for playing the game ^^

Really good auto-chess game.

The sound choice is great, the 3d/2d pixel artstyle looks cool and the gameplay is addicting. 

A vs. mode would be really cool to add. Really good game overall.

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Thank you for your interest in our game ^^

We are unfortunately not able to port it to mac because an actual mac is required in order to build that version.

Glad you liked it ^^

Thx for playing :D

Thank you for playing ^^

Thanks for playing. It was fun to watch :D

Thank you for playing our game. Glad you enjoyed it ^^

Thanks for playing :)

I really appreciate your feedback and it will surely help us make better games.

Thanks for giving it a try.

I agree that the game needs a LOT more polish and attention. But thanks anyway for showing it.

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Thank you for playing our game :D

The box should have been staying the same. We just had no time to fix the bug during the game jam unfortunately ^^

Thank you for playing. Yeah the puzzle may have been a bit confusing but I'm glad you managed in the end ^^

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Thank you for playing through our game. I really enjoyed watching you play it :)

Don't worry, there are no jump scares in this game but thank you very much for trying it out.

Thanks for the video it was great. Really enjoyable to watch. Your reactions where hilarious. For the box part, yes it was a glich because we intended to have mirrors that scaled you in size. But we scrapped that idea in the end because of time.

Thanks again for the video ^^

We may consider building this game also for Mac. And thank you very much for the gdwc heads up :)

I agree that we should have committed even more to the whole mirrored world gimmick. Thank you for your feedback :D

Thank you. I really appreciate your feedback and I am so happy you liked it :D

Unfortunately the game requires multiplayer. I will have to give it a try another day.

Really great game with good atmosphere. I really enjoyed walking around the cemetery. Every place feels interesting. Visuals are great, sounds are really fitting and the gameplay feels nice and fun. Also the starting and ending cutscenes are cool.

The only thing that feels odd is that you move so fast, at least it feels like that. The enemies are really slow in comparison and you can just walk through them (Makes sense because they are reaper ghosts), which makes them not feel threatening. But I must admit that I died once because I accidentally pressed E button which freezed my movement to show me a hint and when I restarted the enemy was in the tutorial area.

But other than that really solid game.

Thank you, we really appreciate your feedback.

I will try your game out too ^^

The 1 is actually a T. After that you should have all the clues needed to solve the number pad puzzle :)

Cool game and nice use of gravity.

One small suggestion I could give you is to have a speed up button, so that the planets rotate faster, so you don't have to wait for them to be at the front of the sun when you miss the cycle.

Well done!!

This game is as addicting as the classic 1024 game. I really enjoyed it.

The calm music is also perfectly fitting and also the planets look gorgeous.

This game is great. Nice controls and level design. The only (really small) problem I had is that the character is to far to the right. (Maybe it is just because I was killed by so many fishes appearing out of nowhere ^^).

This game sure is addicting :D