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A Nokia 3310 inspired platformer
Submitted by Peliptia — 3 days, 12 hours before the deadline

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This was one of the first games I played and its probably the one I've spent the most time playing because of how difficult it is and because  I wanted to finish it. At first I was trying to go for all the coins but then I reeled in my expectations to just finishing it lol. Maybe if I play again Ill take on that challenge. I love the art style and the level designs are really great. My only complaint is that some of the hit boxes seem a little off. Lots of moments where I felt like I shouldn't have died. The spacing of the checkpoints really helps relieve some of the frustration. I love how the skulls clutter up the game screen and seeing my stats at the end game screen. Overall I really enjoyed this one a lot! Thank you so much for participating! I am looking forward to seeing what else you do!


ohmygosh⁝⁛⁙ thank you for putting this on✧ ゚ it really helped me actually get something dones (^▽^) i learnt lots by participating and i cannot wait to see what future game jams bring▸▸i especially love these hardware faithful ones because limiting a palette, or resolution is just a hecka cool way to inspire yourself by the restrictions and i love it ♡ ♡

i'm putting together a little ⟪DIVER˖+PLUS+˖ EDITION⟫ weres i basically am adding some random stuff that i cut/ran out of time to fully implement-- and hopefully will be able to publish that in the next few weeks o(≧▽≦)o 
anyways thank you for everything, its been awesome⁛⁙


Fun and adictive game


This game is great. Nice controls and level design. The only (really small) problem I had is that the character is to far to the right. (Maybe it is just because I was killed by so many fishes appearing out of nowhere ^^).

This game sure is addicting :D


thanks soo muches⁝⁛⁙ i totally agree i shouldve slid the camera a little bit further to the right to stop stuffs from being hidden by the right side of the screen ✩゚lessons for the future i suppose (⫺▾⫹)


haha〜 got inspired to share my score as well maybe as like a little leaderboard here for those who choose to partake🎜 i think i got all the treasure, except a little secret stash of it i hid somewhere (^▽^) 


Only wished that I had a theme music to make the nokia 3310 experience complete.


ahh i should have put some kinda music together (*≧▽≦) also thank you for sharing your final score-- that made me smile✧ ゚


Awesome game. I played more than I should have.