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Yes. As per the rules: Any game engine is allowed as long as you can set your game's resolution to 84 x 48 or limit the number of pixels the player sees to 84 x 48. It must also be able to use the provided palette.

Many devs have used unity successfully in the past.

a few pixels can make a big difference lol

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If you have any questions about the rules of the jam that are not answered below feel free to ask them in this thread and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

When can I start working on my game?

Your game, including all assets, should be made within the jam’s duration. Resources found on the resource page are the exception.

Does my game have to run on a real Nokia 3310?

Nope! We're just using the restrictions as a design space.

Can I make my own engine?

Yes! Many participants have done this. Feel free to make the framework before the jam begins. Just make sure it doesn’t put you ahead of other people using pre-made engines.

How do I make my game as accurate as possible to the Nokia 3310?

None of the following is necessary to submit a game and it won’t improve your score. This is for those who want to go the extra mile. Game fps should be 15. Ensure you are not using more "modern technology" like physics engines, 3d graphics, etc. The simpler the better. You could simulate the LCD's ghosting. The Nokia 3310’s screen also did not use perfectly square pixels. Each pixel was likely a 3:4 / 7:9 ratio. The ultimate challenge would be to get your game running on a real Nokia 3310!

Only 12 controls are allowed but the Nokia 3310 has 16 buttons.

The jam excludes the 4 menu buttons as they were usually used to navigate menu's and not play the actual game.

Can I mix and match the three color palettes?
No. You should be selecting one option and making your whole game with your selection. Palette swapping is allowed if it is an option/setting and not part of gameplay.

Can I put a Nokia 3310 frame around my game?

Yes. As long as the game screen is 84x48.

Great job submitting a game and taking first place in the jam! Super well deserved.

There is an incredible amount of polish and level of detail on here (sleeping doggo at the bottom of the level screen). The art is great. The transition screens are top notch. I love the choice to turn the Nokia sideways. It fits so well with the game.

The movement of the dog is extremely satisfying. The reactive puzzle nature of the game creates some amazing moments where you feel like a puzzle genius and a pro gamer at the same time. Hitting all the blocks in one go, especially on a difficult level, is fist pump worthy. There are plenty of levels that introduce new ideas to keep the game fresh. There's never a dull moment in all 30 of them.

Wish I had more to say but its pretty much a chefs kiss in my eyes. Only took you both 2.5 days to make this bad boy? Super inspirational to say the least. Amazing work and thanks for participating!

Great job submitting a game and congrats placing second overall! This game is literally near endless entertainment. I cannot believe that this is a game made in two weeks and with general Nokia restrictions. 

The visuals are stunning, such a great use of dithering. The characters have great personality in both their portraits, dialogue and sound. I like how aspects of the game are explained as they come up instead of being an upfront info dump. It keeps learning the game more manageable. 

Mixing and matching upgrades is so fun. My favorite combo was grav wells on either side of the exit with a max strength beam sending huge clumps of people up at a time. The fist, springs, hammer, and not to forget the wrecking ball are hilarious especially when used in combination with each other and other upgrades. Sound in general was used very effectively.

Awesome to see that you had given it a post jam update. Good work and thanks for participating! 

Great job submitting a game and congrats on making the top 10! This is a short but very polished experience. I had a lot of fun playing!

The visuals are great, I love the tile sets and the enemy designs. Switching between elements of magic was a simple but fun mechanic. I especially liked all the interactivity with the fire. Getting to flex on the box room after getting lv2 fire was a highlight. It makes me wonder what else could be done with the other elements, I saw that you ran out of time but those would be cool to see!

The music gives me un uneasy feeling which adds to the atmosphere and the boss music makes the fights more intense. I liked how the final boss was a rock monster, I imagine two other bosses wielding the other elements.

The moment where I was questioning how I would get to the key behind the water and realizing I could simply walk under the waterfalls was pretty memorable lol. Of course my favorite part was probably the end :). To answer the guy at the start of the game, it was worth it. Good work and thanks for participating!

Great job submitting a game and congrats on making it in the top 10! I had a blast playing this game. Its an impressive time sink for a two week game. I still haven't reached the end yet. I was not expecting a full on advance wars style game with penguins so I was thoroughly impressed when I came along your entry.

First off the visuals are awesome. All the sprites look great, the different terrain tiles form some cool icy landscapes. You've managed to fit a lot of information in the tiny Nokia resolution without losing readability. The enemies and units you introduce in each level keep the game engaging.

The levels you've designed provide a good challenge without being too frustrating. The ones I've lost I pretty much always play till I win since the game starts the level over immediately (love the game lost screen btw). On top of all that the sound effects make it a complete and satisfying experience. Good work and thanks for participating!

Great job submitting a game and congrats on making the top 10! This is a really creative concept, especially within the two color limitation of the jam. You took a limitation and included it in your design, which I love to see. The use of lighting led to some great moments of discovery and lended itself to a more cautionary playstyle. It seems like trying to speedrun the game is encouraged since you post the time to complete on the endscreen. It was fun to memorize the pathway without having to utilize the character light. My best time was 1:1.

The player character sprite is super cute. The dust particles and moving lights helped give a lot of life to the environment. The plethora of checkpoints ensures the game is not frustrating which adds to the chill atmosphere of the game. Super polished experience. The ending is icing on the cake. Good work and thanks for participating!

Great job submitting a game and congrats on top 10! 

Love the minimalist visuals and the animations are super clean and smooth. Hitboxes are very precise which is essential for fighting games to feel good. The dodge mechanic is fun to use and allows some skill expression. The final kick is a great finishing touch. 

The different types of enemies added some variety. It subtly reminded me of how the pacman ghosts have independent ai but it feels like they work together. The boss fight is a great end to the game and the the sfx were well chosen to add weight to player attacks. Good work and thanks for participating. It was fun to see your progress on the Discord channel!

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Great job submitting a game and congrats on making the top 10! The sheer amount of content you have packed into the Nokia restrictions within the duration of the jam is nothing short of amazing. The game starts slow but soon I realized I was building a horse empire and I got more consumed trying to keep up with my horses needs. When I first played I let one of my horses health run low for a little too long. Oops.

Farm upgrades are good incentives to continue playing and I have plenty of questions that I would love to get answered through experimenting in game. Like could I buy a horse, train them, and sell them for a higher price? Or wondering what kind of events the Levada opens up and does that net me more money? These question keep me playing to find out!

Between the grooming animations, differences in horse breed sprites when they're out walking, and using the old-school text input method, the attention to detail was very impressive. The artwork is clean and easy to understand. Navigating the menus was pretty intuitive once I got used to it.

I actually found a bug I didn't encounter before. Trying to feed the horse vitamins and yummies you don't own ends up crashing the game. It wasn't a big deal since the autosaves came in clutch! Super convenient feature and its fun to know I could come back and pick up where I left off at any time!

Even writing this has taken me more time than it should've because my horses keep needing my attention lol. Good work and thanks for participating!

Great job submitting a game and congrats on getting in the top 10! This space shooter in particular felt the most balanced between difficult and fun. The levels didn't overstay their welcome so it was easy to give it another shot even if I died. That ability to easily play again made learning from my mistakes more fun and rewarding than frustrating. Even in congested, hard to maneuver areas with many enemy projectiles it never felt impossible to navigate. 

You've put an insane amount of detail in this and I don't just mean the the bomb animation haha. The shining upgrades, each unique enemy design and attacks, each unique boss, the star explosion animations, the list goes on. You've put a lot of personality into what would normally be a simple space shooter.

The artwork is nothing short of amazing within the Nokia restrictions. The use of negative space in the end animation and art was awesome. Also it was a great decision to turn the Nokia sideways for a space shooter. The movement of the ship and gameplay itself feels precise and satisfying. The bombs give small moments of reprieve in tense situations. I had a lot of fun! I am still trying to get past hard mode!

Thanks for participating!

Great job submitting a game and congrats on getting in the top 10! I actually struggled to complete this game when I initially played it during the rating period. I am not the best puzzle gamer. However, I immediately recognized how unique and fun this concept was. I showed it to a friend and I watched him seamlessly beat all 10 levels. He loved the game.

Playing it again, I managed to finally beat all the levels. I love how the first four levels really help establish the rules of the game. Its visually clean and easy to understand. When you hit level 5 and you realize the arrows will override some of the switches, it dawned on me just how interesting this idea could be. It got me excited to progress and see what other concepts appeared in later levels. When the connected switches are introduced, that is another "wow that's cool" moment.

The music is catchy, its got good puzzle background music vibes. It was really satisfying waiting for the arrows to complete the puzzles themselves, even if it didn't happen its easy to restart the level. The idea is unique and fresh, at least to me. Would love to see what else you could do within this concept. Good work and thanks for participating!

Great job submitting a game and congrats on getting third place! I had a blast with this game, its a short, fun, and very polished adventure in the deep. 

Visually its clean and cute. I love how everything looks like it was bolded with thick outlines, it feels a little childish in the best way possible. You didn't skimp out on the details either, like how the sound seems to go in sync with the propeller. You added a subtle knockback from firing a torpedo, which made it feel much more powerful. Also how the hatch opens on surfacing.

The surfacing concept does so many jobs which is super clever and convenient. In the beginning it forces you to take small expeditions at a time and creates a sense of urgency when trying to explore for too long. Even after death it acts like a save point which prevents a lot of potential frustration. The upgrades are easily identifiable and feel meaningful, giving the player more freedom to explore with less stress. 

The big squids were a great surprise. Loved how the game looped back to the beginning at the end. I only wish there was more! Good work and thanks for participating!

Great job submitting a game! This was definitely a big technical achievement, especially since you're working within the Nokia restrictions. It was fun to see your progress in the Discord when the jam was running, I actually learned a lot about raycasting. 

The "Run terrifying experience" is a nice little touch lol. The amount of options you give is really nice. For me, some of the 3-D games made in the Nokia can give me some motion sickness but thanks to the fps and FOV options I could minimize that so I appreciate it!

Like others have said its amazing how well the game reads within these restrictions. I know you put your best effort into making it readable, but it still comes across as disorienting a lot of the time, its just the nature of 3D in these restrictions. Being able to move while having the mini map open was HUGE to help me navigate and progress till the end. It helped me understand generally where I needed to be and where I should be looking to progress.

I liked using the slingshot to push things around and I liked that you couldn't kill the skeletons, you could only delay them. I escaped with one health. The constant sound they make is pretty unnerving and adds to the atmosphere of the game. Good work and thanks for participating!

Great job submitting a game! An awesome tank game ono the Nokia. Loved the use of sound. The intro and final song felt very patriotic and the sounds of bullets on unbreakable tiles was really satisfying. Movement felt a little sluggish, mostly when turning around but I figured it could be intentional to give the tank a heavier feel. 

The map with the river and bridge was kinda breathtaking in a 2 bit sort of way. I really love the visuals, especially the intro screen and the dog tag "mission failed" screen, which I saw a lot of.

 I managed to make it to the final level on my fifth try but I only had one life. I wish I got at least one hp back maybe at the halfway point, otherwise its pretty difficult and having to start over was not super fun.

The easiest level was the maze, because of how unpredictable the enemies are it narrowed their movement down and it became easy to ambush them. The forested area with the lake in the middle was the hardest just because it was hard to see and the enemies had the entire area to be unpredictable. Overall I had fun with this. Good work and thanks for participating!

Great job submitting a game! Love your execution on this idea. Upgrading to different forms to navigate the environment is awesome. I really wish there was a timer to know when I would be changing back to original form. That was cause of a lot of frustration especially in the last level where I had to carefully explore the spike trapped areas in bat form. Trying to change from a bat to scuba glitched me into the floor, easy enough to fix on my own. Your lightning effect looks great, visually you did a lot within the limitations of the jam so major props. Thanks for participating!

Great job submitting a game! I love the environment art and the player character is super cute. Its cool how the max charge attack moves between rooms. The rooms are seamless which feels great. Its hard to tell what the upgrades do without the descriptions help but they do feel impactful to the game once you get them. Good work and thanks for participating!

Great job submitting a game! You brought a simple golfing experience to the Nokia which was really fun! It got a little confusing when the ball went underneath the power bar/numbers. Maybe sacrifice a little bit of play space to make a separate ui to display those things. I would also like to know which hole I am on at anytime. 

The movement was clean and the collisions were precise so there was no frustration around those aspects of the game. Loved the final Nokia level, it was tricky to get the ball between the words. My final score was 71. Thanks for participating!

Great job submitting a game! The visuals are great and the game has polish. Its not very difficult at all. I held down the fire button and moved back and forth the entire time and had no trouble, especially once I got the upgrades there was no challenge. Enemy damage was meaningless so I could tank everything I didn't get with the bullet spray.

Loved how the mothership's attacks were a combination of all the enemies you faced up to that point. Good choice to turn the Nokia sideways, it works perfect for these space shooters. Thanks for participating!

Great job submitting a game! I really like the visuals and the player sprite and run animation. The skull enemy is my fav. My run ended when I spawned in a level and got cornered by five skulls. I enjoyed the compass feature, its useful but simple navigation. 

The game needs a little more to do/fleshing out because it gets redundant quickly. But it sounds like you're really proud of the technical aspects of the game, which you should be! Really awesome work on the level generation. I forgot to write down my score but I think I got around L16. Thanks for participating!

Great job submitting a game! This is a really unique concept and a great twist on a space shooter. You really thought of everything with the upgrade menu, warning if something would get destroyed, saying in advance if there was no valid place for one. I was impressed. 

It was really fun customizing my own ship and sometimes dealing with putting an upgrade I didn't want on it. Bombs were really underwhelming imo. Often they only killed one thing. Maybe the blast could be bigger. The game got a little stale near the end because I just spam fired and couldn't die. I stopped around 6k points. 

I continued to be surprised with how many unique enemies still showed up in late levels. I love how the unlockable ships are just optimal builds that you might not get to make in a run with the barebones ships. Also I love all the references to nerd culture haha. Thanks for participating!

Great job submitting a game! This is a great take on a space shooter game. The visuals are great, I especially love the laser boss design. 

The game is a bit too difficult for me, or maybe I haven't found the best upgrade combination but I couldn't get past the laser boss. In the second level the screen got so cluttered, getting hit was unavoidable. I really like how the laser also kills enemies, its a nice detail. The different types of enemies were also fun to deal with. I especially like the one that follows the movement of your ship so you have to guide them into your bullets.

I would like some hit feedback on enemies with more health. Sometimes it was hard to tell if I was actually hitting them which made it hard to tell how much health they had. The upgrade screen offers a lot and creates some interesting decisions. I like how you only show the player health when you get hit so there is more screen real estate to work with. 

Overall I had fun, just wish I was able to finish the game. Thanks for participating!

Great job submitting a game! Its always refreshing to play a neat puzzle game like this. The game looks and feels great, its super polished and I love the visual style. I enjoyed playing through all of the puzzles. I would've thought that an open ended pipe wouldn't have been an accepted answer but it was. I think that makes some of the puzzles easier than they should be. 

Overall I think this is a great twist on a classic pipe puzzle game. Thanks for participating!

Great job submitting a game! This is a super creative idea. You used a numpad layout to amazing effect. It took a few tries to get used to the control scheme and understand what was going on. Once it all clicked it was extremely fun. 

Since its a bit reaction based there is always a chance of death. Quick thinking and planning is really rewarding. Like someone else mentioned the only thing I could say is that I wish the key layout was qwe instead of being awkwardly near the center of the keyboard. I don't have a numpad but this game would be perfect to also allow numpad controls along with the keys. Awesome work and thanks for participating!

Highest score: 22

Great job submitting a game! You've really been able to maximize the Nokia restrictions with this entry. The visuals are simple but cute. The amount of information is a little overwhelming at first and I had to reference the description a lot until I got a general idea of everything. It reminded me a bit of older games and using their guidebooks, which I kinda liked actually. 

Sometimes I noticed an enemy would appear on my screen and then disappear without me fighting them. The times I died the big guys appeared out of nowhere when I had little health and I had no chance of escaping. It felt pretty bad, like there was no decisions for me to make and it came down to luck. Deciding to explore the floor further without the promise of finding more food and dying of starvation is more a consequence of my actions. Dying to a big guy appearing out of nowhere isn't.

At the start of the game I traded health on the spikes to get an upgrade which was a neat trick. I tried that method later and realized it was extremely inefficient at that point. I like that the early levels are easy and you build yourself up to prepare for the harder levels to come. Spam moving becomes less frequent later because suddenly every move is a decision, which is great development imo. I made it to floor 16. Overall great work and I would've loved to see something like this on the OG Nokia. Thanks for participating I had fun!

Great job submitting a game! There is a lot to love here visually. The different layers of stars makes you feel the depth and vastness of space. The enemies and player ship look amazing. I like that you decided to go vertical with the Nokia, I think that works great with a space shooter game.

After you get the last upgrade it spans the entire area where enemies spawn and all you do is spam shoot. But what you have looks great and is super polished. Thanks for participating!

Great job submitting a game! Enemies dropping upgrades was good encouragement to explore and defeat all enemies to become more powerful. I would've liked to see checkpoints when the level changed since you have to start over when you die. There was a few times on the dark level that I was perched on top of a ledge and the small enemy eyeball hurt me anyway.

Using the eyeball enemies as part of the decorative environment was a cool and creepy touch, especially the hallway leading toward the boss fight. The boss was so good. The hint of the chicken egg at first and then boom. I laughed out loud when the giant chicken foot slammed down and I realized what I was fighting. The animations and screen shake were well done. Thanks for participating!

Great job submitting a game! Really well thought out levels paired with cute minimal aesthetics and good sound design choices made this an awesome experience. I just wish it was longer! I think my favorite level was the last one because it took me a second and made me think outside of the box. Super clever. Thanks for participating!

Great job submitting a game! The intro is awesome and got me excited to play the game. This is a super simple game but I love it and I think it has good replay-ability. Its excels at providing a sense of mastery as you get used to the power and the distances. Hitting each target with one shot in succession is so satisfying. The only thing I could say is that I never adjusted the angle of the canon, based on the comments someone else had the same experience. I definitely like your idea of adding obstacles or hills to encourage changing the angle of the canon. Good work and thanks for participating!

Great job submitting a game! This is a super clean, incredible experience. The driving is satisfying and the ability to sense the distances and depth from the cars is amazing. I love the minimal use of sound for the car horns. I just wish the end screen showed the score until I clicked away. Or something to keep track of best times because I didn't get to write it down in time to add to my comment. Amazing work. Thanks for participating!

Great job submitting a game! The current version of the game is a lot different than when you first submitted but its super cool to see the progress. I love the visuals, I am always down for pirate/ship games. I like the concept of a game centered around a dying MMO event, its got a certain charm to it.

The grind is kinda brutal. Once I got a hold of the timing to finally win, I had to wait awhile for more small boats to spawn. Maybe there could be a higher spawn rate of small boats at the start of the game. I had fun playing. Thanks for submitting!

Great job submitting a game! I like the minimalist visuals and it seems like the hitboxes are pretty precise so its nice to be able to navigate the bullets and think its fair when I get hit. 

The difficulty is brutal. I could not get my score past 34. The enemies take a lot of hits to kill. Pair that with the current spawn rate it gets crazy really fast and I always get cornered. I got killed by the homing bullets pretty much every time. Its cool to see you made a few updates post jam. The slow down came in handy a couple times and the additional enemies added some variety. Thanks for participating!

Great job submitting a game! I was laughing out loud at that ending lmaoo. Since the length of the game depends on RNG its funny how a higher score just shows how unlucky you are. Mine was 6190 at the end.

I enjoyed the progression of the game. Chomping on buildings and helicopters was really satisfying and each upgrade was a surprise. A short and sweet entertaining game. Thanks for participating!

Great job submitting a game! I had fun with this one. I love the aesthetics. Its almost like I am looking through a window from space. Having the xp bar act as the player's health and as the way the game progresses is a creative idea. 

I eventually beat the game by sheltering in the rocks, post level 10, going to do something else, and then coming back and collecting all the cash. If you wanted to prevent that kind of playstyle you could have the lasers strike in the rocks or maybe the lasers destroy the cash.

The hitboxes weren't punishing, which is a good thing for this type of game but it was a little confusing to determine when I would be hit or not. Sometimes the lasers spawned above the warning symbols, or at least where I would have expected the lasers to hit based on the location of the warning.

Having a variety of game over screens was a cute touch. Good work and thanks for participating!

Great job submitting a game! This is really fun and pretty polished experience overall. The movement of the stars and the elevator track gives a lot of life to the game. Its awesome to see how much you packed in the menu with fps selection and palettes. 

Since the upgrades are random one time I couldn't afford any of them after the first wave which felt a little bad. One time the torpedo enemy warning was obscured by a big guy and another an enemy spawned pretty high under the ui and I couldn't tell which type it was at first.

I think my favorite enemy is the tennis ball. I like the attack pattern you have to employ to kill him. The game got really fun as it got going because of how you have to prioritize enemies effectively. It gets pretty overwhelming later on but I think its great how getting hit demolishes everything else on screen to give the player a bit of a breather. Thanks for participating!

Highest Score: 41889

Great job submitting a game! I appreciate you coming back to participate every year, its always fun to play your games! I am in love with the visuals on this one. It reminds me of some old DOS games I played as a kid. My favorite room was the final waterfall screen. Neat touch to have the classic "behind the waterfall" end the game.

I died my first playthrough. I couldn't tell if there were invincibility frames but I almost immediately died to a frog who got on top of me.  As others have said starting over could be frustrating for sure, but the game isn't long enough for it to bother me. It was quick to get back to where I died. The upgrades were hard to understand, a simple change in iconography could help. Maybe boots instead of the spring, and changing the bomb to the gun. You could start the player off without a gun until they get the upgrade. I did like how you incorporated the block puzzles with the switches in different rooms.

Thanks for participating and I hope to see you next year!

Great job submitting a game! This game is super charming. Love the minimal representation of the mouse. The game was a little too punishing for me personally. With how much you had to figure out by experiencing things first hand, like the spike cannon and the ice puzzle, I often died trying to figure it out. I got stuck at the second level facing the 2x2 rotating spikes. I could not figure out the timing and it was hard having to replay the entire level just to try something that didn't work. 

If you were going for the hardcore experience, then I would say you knocked it out of the park. I would've kept trying but my hand cramped first haha. I also experienced a weird bug with the ice where the mouse would break from the grid every time I finished the puzzle.

I wish the beginning level jingle only played the first time you enter a level because I really wanted to be able to move immediately. Those few seconds that you can't move at the start adds up and discourages me from continuing.

I know what I've said so far may lean towards negative feedback but I really did have fun even if it was a little rage inducing. I love the aesthetics and running through each level many times makes you really good at navigating them, providing a sense of accomplishment and skill development, which I love. Thanks for participating!

Great job submitting a game! I like your art style and the minimal design. You've got the space atmosphere down perfectly. When I passed Venus I wasn't sure what was happening and then it really obstructed the view of my ship and made it difficult to see my ufo which was a little annoying.

The upgrades were really fun! My favorite was the ricochet bullets which allowed me to finish off asteroids I might've missed. I also loved the ending. I wasn't sure why my objective was earth but I lol'd when I found out. I forgot to jot down my score but I think it was in the 1600 area. Thanks for participating! 

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Great job submitting a game! It was fun trying to figure out little strategies and exploring the dynamics of the snake. Like how I was trying to use the edges to tame the bouncing but it ended up killing me because trying to come up from the floor was more difficult than I thought. 

I don't have any good suggestions or criticisms to talk about really. The music was catchy and went a long with the game well. Super cool you made your own midi instrument for that! Thanks for participating!

Best score:

top speed: 3935 kph

eel length: 1.8 m

score: 1002

Great job submitting a game! I wasn't sure how deep the combat system could go but you surprised me. Its simple but enjoyable, especially with the way the different types of enemies try and mess you up. It was kinda embarrassing how many times the rat/possum enemy got the better of me. Switching between enemies constantly also keeps you on your feet. 

I went a glass cannon type build and was shocked when I almost got one shot. I decided to put some points into health after that one. I especially like the ladder audio but the game over sfx are pretty jarring and seem louder than everything else. The visual style is also very cute. I got to floor 24 with 407 gold. I intentionally killed myself because I had gone so long without messing up I just wanted to know my stats. Thanks for participating!