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Awesome work! Super happy to see a project continuing this far and so long after the initial jam. Thanks for letting me know!

I was wondering if something like that with Google Analytics was already possible. Thanks for the response!

No problem! Ill feature your game in the discord today so we can help get some of your ratings back

I thought I already sent you the submission link via email? 

sounds good!

If you were marked as a contributor on the jam page by the submitter I believe it should show up on your profile and if it doesn't you may need to go to your dashboard and mark it as 'unhidden'. If none of those work you could create a collection of the games you've worked on and display that collection on your profile.

Please email the link to your game page to and I will get you a submission link. You weren't able to upload because new uploads have been locked until after the rating period is over. Technically you should be submitting the exact build you submitted originally without the bug fixes unless it was to fix something game breaking.

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Submissions are currently unlocked for game breaking bugs only. Nothing else should be added. Let me know when you are finished.

If you have game breaking bugs that need to be fixed the submissions are temporarily unlocked. Nothing else should be added. Otherwise you must wait until the rating period is over.

I don't but my dad has his old Nokia 1110 phone still. My memories playing games on that phone endlessly is what sparked my inspiration for this jam! Fun fact the Nokia 3310 actually never came to America. We got the Nokia 3390!

I believe I got your email just wanted to confirm!

Yes. Submissions are also temporarily unlocked please let me know as soon as you are finished!

with an hour email a link to your game to and I will reply with a submission link.

email the link to and I will reply with a submission link

For those wondering you have to click the 'submit' button on this screen. 

I realize that the message at the top makes it seem like your game was already submitted. Ill update the text in case.


The sms system that Voidsay is talking about would be the way you need to do it. If its too difficult you could do an input field but that's going against the input rule which could negatively affect your "adherence to restrictions" score.


Yes as long as your game abides by the restrictions

you are correct. The idea between 48x84 portrait is that you would literally be rotating your Nokia 90 degrees to play on it

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If you had a canvas of 84x48 to show the Nokia screen and then your game played within a smaller “window” within the screen

yes that would be fine!

Hey just want to let you know that your entry was taken down from the Nokia jam. Games are supposed to be made within the specified time Feb 1st - Feb 8th. If you make another game within the time period you can submit again! 

This years optional theme is: ON / OFF

Moving through the dark with a flashlight? Turning gravity on and off? Controlling a switch board? A puzzle platformer? These few ideas only scratch the surface!

it will be revealed as soon as the jam starts on the jam page and in an email that goes out at the start.

As long as it fits within the restrictions and is publicly available for everyone to use

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As long as you try your best to get as close as you can to what the Nokia would have sounded like. I believe the best settings would be sawtooth with most of the low frequencies cut out. There are also a lot of free sound resources on the jam's resource page!

as long as it follows the restrictions! 

So I came back to see if it was feasibly possible to go past 100 and I got to 106. The round I got 106 on seemed a touch longer than all the other rounds. I don't have hard proof but the music went on for a bit longer than every other round. I haven't found a way to consistently get the longer round. On normal rounds I finally got 101 after many 100's in a row. Mostly I am curious if the rare longer round is intentional or not? btw @scott the music is amazing

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1. No 

2. No. If you won you wouldn’t get the discord title but you would still get featured on next years page!

3. Yes! As long as the game engine is capable of working within the restrictions. There is even a starter template for Godot on our resource page if you’re interested!

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It would be extremely helpful to get some kind of analytics on game jam pages (views, impressions, CTR, etc.).  It would be even more amazing to see combined total downloads and total plays from all games submitted to the jam if  that is even possible. Thanks!

So if you scaled it up 5x it would be 420x240, 10x it would be 840x480, etc. The game itself would still technically be 84x48 just bigger so its easier to view on modern screens.

Just to let you know I updated the rules to be keyboard only so its clear and simple.

There was one person who exported their game to an lcd screen through arduino last year. The more people talk about the possibility of exporting to a real 3310 the more less likely it seems that it would work. I'll have to work out the details if I want to offer some kind of prize.

Not sure if you already had a look at what the resource page has to offer but here is a link to it just in case!

There is a few options for sounds in the download section! 

We've never had anyone actually do that and I am anxiously waiting for someone to figure it out! I might have to figure out a prize for the first person to get their game on a real Nokia 3310. It might be a little late at this point as some people would most likely have to actually find one first. If I figure something out keep an eye on the discord announcements/forums here on itch! 

Finally got to 100 after  figuring out the different timings on the cats. There was an occasional bug where the cat on the upper left would never reopen its mouth. At first I thought it was a clever way to make the player hit them again so they would re open their mouth to get a higher score but when I refreshed it was gone. Great work! Would make a really fun minigame!

That would not be allowed. The Nokia's screen would not be capable of that zero. 

Gonna give you a green light for this. Just make sure to specify what you're doing in the games description. Also if there is a game within the phone that should only use the keypad controls.

So essentially you want to create a 3310 emulator? As in you could actually “use” the phone? I don’t see too much of a problem with that but I would want to potentially adjust the rules to allow all possible buttons so I am not making case by case exceptions. Let me give it a bit more thought and I’ll get back to you.