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NOKIA 3310 JAM 3 community · Created a new topic FAQ
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Any other questions that are not listed here feel free to comment on this thread and I will get back to you when I can. 

Can I work with a team?


Can I do ____ because it is more accurate to the original Nokia 3310? 

The chosen color palette is a must. Other specific technicalities that are only to make the game more accurate to the original Nokia 3310 are allowed but are not required.

When can I start working on my game? 

You should begin work on your game when the jam officially starts. If you are going to be building your own engine from scratch you can get to a point where you are on an even playing field with others using a pre-made engine before the start of the jam.

How many frames per second should my game run at? 

FPS is not listed in the restrictions but if you are trying to be as accurate as possible 15 fps. Otherwise stick with 30/60 fps.

For Pico 8 Devs 

Thanks to Tobias V. Langhoff and PaloBlancoGames here is how you can participate! 

"Make the game as normal in PICO-8 and change the colors manually for the HTML export that you submit to the jam."

"After exporting to html, open the generated javascript file. The pico-8 color palette is stored as RGB values, comma separated, no spaces. If you want to replace RED (index 8) with another color, just search for "255,0,77" and then swap these with your new desired RGB."

Thanks Griffin! Awesome to see people still enjoying it even though it is an older project of mine!

Respond to this thread when you're ready to re-up your file and I can temporarily unlock submissions for you to get your game back up as long as you haven't made any changes to it. 

Awesome! Would love to see someone pull off a game on the stock phone eventually.

Yes that is completely okay.


It was flagged as a virus/trojan software so I had to remove it as a security precaution. I will resubmit once it gets checked out or if you can somehow prove its not. Sorry for the inconvenience!

100% by participants and those marked as contributors 

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This is great stuff Janitor thank you for sharing. Can't wait to try it out!

If you haven't already I would check with our discord server and see if anyone can help!

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This. There is a participant using the fade effect of the lcd/ simulating ghosting. As long as you use it to try and make your game more accurate to what the Nokia was capable of it should be fine.

Edit: To add onto this jmcm16 did some research and posted it in the discord server. 

Your game should be new and created within the duration of the jam from scratch or using one of the base projects provided by the community. 

Opacity would not be allowed. Effects, as long as they follow the color palette, would be fine.

Does dying unlock different paths for the player to take? Is dying the sole purpose of your game? Is the player character literally death? Is dying the only way to progress? Are you trying to wipe out humanity Plague Inc. style? It’s up to your interpretation! Go crazy!

This was a rule carried over from last year and if I remember the controls for space impact and snake I found only used the keypad. The four buttons (C, select and arrow keys) were more for menu navigation/things outside the game. Ill look into it and update the rules for next year if I discover anything else.

You can do either. You can go with an arrow keys/wasd for convenience or a big block of keys to simulate the actual nokia keyboard. I would recommend giving the option of either but depending on what 12 block of keys you choose it might be difficult to support. Keep in mind that if you choose to use the numpad exclusively you might be excluding people who don't have a keyboard with a numpad.

Last year I sent out the announcements a few hours early. I was planning on being on the dot 5:00 pm pst this year. Ill see what I can do but I can't promise anything! 

Awesome stuff llama! Thank you!

If I am understanding correctly yes you can. Sounds like in the end you're basically just scaling it up. Scaling up is completely fine and I would recommend it so people aren't actually trying to play on 84x48 resolution on modern screens. 

Thank you so much! Its been awesome seeing the growth. I am glad to have you back participating again this year!

This. Also there is a little more to go around in case a team wins. If a solo dev wins they can decide what to do with the extra key. Prizes were not implemented as smooth as I had hoped. Lots I will iron out for next year!

No. The closest thing I am allowing is intentionally implementing the ghosting that is found on the Nokia.

There isn't right now but Ill look into that for you!

What kind of post-processing effects were you hoping on using?

Thank you kale! I've thought about making it a full game as well but I am currently busy with some other projects! Hopefully some time in the future. Thanks for playing! 

Everything else should be done in the duration of the jam. 

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Hey everyone! 

Since the value of the prize pool has gone up significantly there has been some concern over the possibility of people getting a head start for a better chance at the prizes. There is a new criteria under "Ranking" titled "Use of Theme".  The theme will still be optional but for the best chance at placing it would be best to utilize the theme in your game. I am hoping this creates an even playing field for everyone who wants a chance at prizes when the theme is announced at the start of the jam.

Furthermore, ranking will be limited to those who submit and contribute to the jam to discourage skews in voting due to vote manipulation/review bombing.


Awesome! Good stuff.

Any type of game is allowed. Playtime can be however long you'd like!

Its hard to get a specific number but if you're trying to make your game as accurate to the original as possible Jeana settled on 15 fps. Click here to see that post. Otherwise just stick with 30/60 fps. 

Teams are allowed or you can go solo. Just keep in mind that with the available prizes there is a limited amount of keys so if a team wins you will all have to decide how the prize is split. This was a small oversight from me. I realize it's not optimal but we're a little too close to start to change.

Ill give it some thought! I most likely won't move it but this is something I will 100% take into consideration for next year! 

Those are the specs of the 2017 model. This jams restrictions are focused on the Nokia from 2000.


This is a good answer! Your core game should be made from start to finish only in the allotted time. As long as you’re not doing more than someone starting fresh using a full game engine (game maker, unity) you should be fine. Like jeana says definitely take some time to familiarize yourself with whatever engine you’re using before the jam starts so you’re not going in blind! Good luck and feel free to ask as many questions as you need! 

Anything you want to do to try and make your game more accurate to the original Nokia 3310 would be allowed! 

Interesting! I did not know this. This would be allowed as you're just trying to make it as accurate  as possible. I would make sure you put a disclaimer on your game page explaining what you did so people don't think you're disobeying the resolution rules. 

All real Nokia 3310 games were landscape so in that sense it would be more accurate. Making your game portrait would mean you turn the Nokia sideways to play if it was actually on the phone.

If your framework doesn't put you ahead of others using a full game engine it should be okay. Your core game should only be made in the time limit specified. Use your best judgement.

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Take a look at these two examples from last year's jam. I think they both did the sound very well.

If I am understanding your P.S. correctly they do not have to "snap".  You can see the pixels move relatively smoothly in this gameplay video Jannick provided for last year's jam 

I hope that helps let me know if you need any more clarification!