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Thanks for the comment Mayor! 

I have many bigger ideas for games that I really want to make but I know with my current level of experience I would never be able to do them justice. I won’t be continuing my “Game Jam a Month” challenge, instead I will be focusing on making games that I WANT to make and simultaneously picking specific things I will be trying to learn with each one. I am really happy that what I wrote resonanted with you! Just keep going with the right mentality and you’ll get to where you want to be. I hope I get to play your platformer one day. 

Best of luck! 

Thanks Joel!

The initial plan was having to look through each drawer would mess with your memory of what the customer wanted but in the end, like you said, it’s just frustrating and limits how fast I want to go and find the book but I realized too late but I was a little too deep so I just pushed it out. I think there are a couple things that could help improve the searching but I most likely won’t be implementing them anytime soon. Thank you for your comment! 

Thanks for the feedback hankworx! I value and appreciate your honesty more than you can imagine. Let me be the first to say I agree with everything you have said. I don't really have fun playing this and I didn't have fun developing it. You might ask why I even made it then and all I can say is I was trying to fulfill my "game jam a month" challenge. Ill be exploring why I thought this project was disappointing  a little bit more in the dev log Im putting together. Ill get better! Thanks for playing!

I tapped into my inner MOBA playing this game (clicking a lot) which was interesting. I wish the guy moved a touch faster because a lot of the time I would see a rat and I would immediately know it was impossible to catch him so I would give up. Also I like the carrots as obstacles but it was annoying when I got caught up in them and my movement was drastically reduced.  Love the rat behavior too. Good job! 

Definitely one of my favorites. Like Viliam I avoided the crows and then my corn started disappearing and suddenly it all clicked. A great "aha!" moment and feeling of discovery. I think you did the most with the "no text" limitation.  Obviously can get a little repetitive but that's kind of a given with these short jams. Love the feeling of desperation when you are guarding your last corn against a murder of crows. If taking my corn wasn't enough they take my life... excellent work!

I like where you went with the theme. The controls were really unresponsive and did not feel great. The feel of the controls are super important. It is how the player directly interacts with the game. Cut out the lag from the basket movement and the game is solid. Great music and visuals. Good job crossing the finish line!

Thanks for your comment Viliam! I saw you’re post in the community and I admire your dedication to play every game and leave feedback, I think that’s amazing. Everything you say is very valid and moving forward I will be doing a lot of experimenting and keep everything you have said in mind. I’m hoping to make a post jam version at some point. 

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Thanks Joshua! Right now I just randomized what seed the guy pulls from his backpack just for the sake of pushing out the concept in time but there is a lot of experimenting to do. I plan on doing a post jam version to see where I can go with it. Thanks again! 

For sure! I could totally tap into the arcade side and see how far it could go. 

Thank you Cosmo! I named it Kauai because I thought It was pretty cute (cute in Japanese is kawaii ) but I chose the Hawaiin island spelling because you’re on an island. Still not sure which one I should go with but I’m glad someone else thought it was cute. Thanks again! 

Thank you for the feedback Akusan! I was definitely struggling to find an end goal for the player to work towards but I couldn’t find anything I was satisfied with before time ran out. There is hardly any risk and no rewards. I’ll make sure to keep thinking about it. Thanks for playing! 

Thanks Mik! I appreciate you checking it out. If I am being honest I don't know what this game is about either! Maybe ill discover that later. Thank you for playing!

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Hey everyone ran into some major errors with the HTML5 port and I am working to fix it asap. Sorry!

Edit: HTML5 version is fixed and uploaded!

Fun to play! I am impressed with how much you were able to get done. Good job!

Thanks Marcial! I will be sure to check out your game.

Thanks Moxi! There is still a lot I could do to capture it even more but I am really glad you enjoyed it! 

Thank you! 

Thank you! I will be trying my best to learn and make even greater games in the future. I’m really glad you liked it! 

Thanks dbr! Im glad you enjoyed it!

Sometimes I have to click on the game screen first! Not sure why this is but I would like to find a way to fix it (even when putting in a “click to play” in game you still have to click again) I think this is an issue but I’m not 100% sure. If that doesn’t work let me know! 

Super sweet! Enjoyed every minute. Saw this on twitter and couldn't wait to play it. Stoked to see how far you were able to take it in the amount of time. Great job!

Hey man! Great work on this. Brings me back to when I first discovered the original Spelunky. Visuals are on point and the sounds are satisfying. Once I got used to how it played it was great! Thanks for the game!

Good work on the pixel art and palette! Any plans for a post jam version? It would be interesting to see where you could take it.

Great work! Loved just chilling out and exploring in my ship. The music pairs with the game really well. Excited to check in later and see where you've taken it!

Super interesting movement. Took a second to get the hang of it but I like it. I was interested how you were going to demake this and I think you took it in a good direction. Thanks for the game!

Hey Burning! I replayed the games and tried to pick what made Mirror's Edge feel like Mirror's Edge to me and capture the vibe. I wasn't able to implement everything I wanted at the level I wanted so I m glad to hear you felt it! Thank you so much for playing!

Thanks Detho! Sliding could be the focus of other levels if I ever decided to do a post-jam version.

Awesome work! The game took me awhile (it was pretty difficult) but I finally beat it. I really enjoyed following your updates on twitter. Seeing your art and what you all were able to accomplish in this amount of time is inspiring. Definitely keeps me motivated to get to where I want to be. Thanks! 

I probably spent the most time on your game out of all the ones I have played so far just trying to get past level four. I've gotten so close... Speaks for itself. I found your game pretty fun and its great for your first. Definitely felt cheated by some of the hit boxes sometimes but that also contributed to me figuring out the timing. Easy replay ability by not giving the player an option to restart. I often found myself saying "okay now this is the last attempt" only to have it start automatically and at that point I feel obligated to give it another go. Overall great job! Ill probably return at some point to get my revenge on level 4. Thanks!

Hey agent! Loved it. I laughed out loud when I realized that PPAP literally stood for pen pineapple apple pen. The scaling seemed a bit weird (not sure if its just me) but other than that I had fun. Thanks!

High score was 1,700. I lost to a rock who placed himself directly behind a rad-suit guy, smart rock. I know you say you learned you need to get better at everything but we all have to start somewhere and just being able to say you completed a project is the first step! I think this is a great start. Keep grinding! The music is going to be stuck in my head for awhile...I guess that's a good thing? Thanks for the game!

Love the minimalist visuals and the way you used gravity. My highest score was 57, lowest was -1.  Really great polish. The control I had over my comet seemed a little finicky/ out of my control. It was really easy to mess up how long I should be holding z for.  I think with more practice it would be easy to get a hold on. The black hole sound was actually really scary when I was on my high score run (as it should be). Great job! Thanks for the game

Wow! I really enjoyed this game. Great job. First of all I am a cute fruit. Second in puzzle games there is usually only one right answer but I definitely felt like I had some creative freedom when it came to how I pushed the watermelon and how I interacted with the physics. My only complaint would be the fog. In the screenshots it looks like its behind all the platforms and the player but while playing it covered the entire screen like a mask. Overall I think it detracted from the beauty and visibility of the game. The last level was a little challenging but I found myself saying "I am a watermelon slice. I will not give up!". The ending  was pretty satisfying as well. Thanks for the game!

Sorry the recording didn't work out! Ill be participating in the demake jam in August. Ill be sure to check out PPAP as soon as I can. Thanks again for your feedback!

Thanks detho! Glad to hear you finished! 

I totally understand where you are coming from and player engagement is definitely something I could work on. Thanks for checking it out!