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Would you like a full game based on this (Yes) or (No)?

Could you attach more screenshots please?

After 9 strokes to finish the first level I realised how much I suck at golf games haha.

Still great game. Keep it up.

Amazing. Thanks

Nice game bro. The power ups are a little op though.

Thank you. I will notify you when I make an update with the card mechanic running ; )

Really chill game. Very original.

Yeah I didn't have time to finish it. There was also a card game mechanic that didn't make the cut.

Thanks for playing.

Am I allowed to make and submit changes to a game already submitted?

Unfortunatly I couldn't finish my game in time since I had some issues with my computer hardware. Am I allowed to make updates after the Jam has end?

WebGL version would be nice.

Really impressive game for 3 hours of development. Good work.

It has a lot of bugs involving taking control and I couldn't kill enemies using the gun but it was still fun.

WebGL version would be appreciated ;)

Really fun little game. I really liked the difficulty and the trail effect.

What I disliked was the music and the lack of sound effects.

Overall keep up making cool games =)

Cool aesthetics. My best score was 42.

My only problem is that the placement of the text to be typed is bad, I would prefer if it was centered on the screen, specially because I have an ultra wide display I had some trouble locating it.

Pretty cute character creator.

Gracias por jugar XD


Thanks for playing.

Hi. I have an idea creating a game based on Zelda Links Awakening. I am a coder and if you or anyone else wants to help contact me. My discord is eduardoseitz#5125


Hi Darius, I have an idea creating a game based on Zelda Links Awakening. I am a coder and if you or anyone else wants to help contact me. My discord is eduardoseitz#5125

This is my portfolio =)

Hello everyone! First of all I know I am a little late, just found out about this jam XD. But if you would like you can help me developing a game in a genre that is off my comfort zone this time: An Action-adventure game inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (but a lot simpler of  course) come join me.

Feel free to contact me. My discord is eduardoseitz#5125

Thanks for playing =)

Thanks for playing =)

Thank you ;)

Very funny idea. I would beat the play the shit out of this game if I have a vr headset.

The second jump is a little hard to time. I liked the animations. Some dialogs with story would be nice.

Do you make your own sprites?

Nice work.

I pretty much liked the art style and warm colors. Please keep up with the development.

Thank you very much for the feedback ;)

Thank you for playing =)

Muito bem feito. Parabéns.

I love the music.

I also would love some top down 8-bit buildings and houses.

Rally cool. Loved the gameplay and art.

Found a game design flaw where clicking non stop on the gear trap was easier than dragging humans to the cauldron.

Thank you very much for playing it. This was just a prototype but I am currently working in a car racing game using Kenney Assets again but this time taking more time.