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Thank you for your review ! We must improve on this point.

Thank you, we take note !

Hello, Thank you for your comment !

Unfortunately, we found this bug too late and we didn't have the time to correct it before publishing. Nevertheless,  it's going to be our first goal to fix it in the next update.  

Glad that you played our game :)

Hey ! Thank you for your review :D

Indeed, we had the chance to meet and work together in the same room, it was really fun.

Actually, it was my first time I create a video game ! But my friends have already made games before, their last game was Crabs In Troubles . 

I leave you the link of one of them : .

Feel free to check it out ;)

I'm stuck at the level where the Jack-in-the-box move :/

The audio is good, and the transition between dreams and nightmares is interesting.

You should add audio in a next update :)

At a certain point, when too much skulls spawn , my pc start freezing !

Nice game, good potential but I don't get it why it become more difficult when you lose a lifepoint.

Thank you very much for your video, it pleases us to watch it ! :D

A game with a lot of potential, unfortunately the controls are too bad.

The concept of transition dream to nightmare is interesting.

I felt anxious during this game, very nice little survival horror game ! 

And I loved the voice acting , those were really funny :D

This is an original game ! It is hard to understand what to do, but I really laughed when I saw the AI bug running at you very fast :D 

Also the music fits great and you have cute design.

I found your game difficult! Sometimes, we cannot see where to click, it's not intuitive.

Otherwise, the mechanic point and click is good, I liked the sound effects. And finally the art is the best part of your game, it's very Halloween style, but it is beautiful.

Thank you a lot ! We're glad you enjoyed it and seen those little details :)

Haha you found that bug, congratulation !

Thank you for playing  :D

Thank you for your comment !

Yes, the difficulty increases with each passing of the day, but our main goal was to take the player at the end of the game. :)

You did this game alone , so I applaud your work. Well done !

The game is very short. I would have liked to have more things to do.

However, the music fits good and the concept is original. Good job !

The concept is completely copied from TFT but it's terribly effective !

I spent more than 1 hour on this game, and my current high score is 44 round. :D

I really enjoyed this game and I hope you will do some updates. (I would like to know what are the symbols effects)

However I do not feel the link with dreams and nightmares.