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Waking NightmaresView game page

Game inspired by Devil Daggers.
Submitted by TaiPrev — 23 hours, 43 minutes before the deadline
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I'm afraid I couldn't play much of this game, the aformentioned high sensitivity combined with the psychedelic background makes me nauseaus. I'll grant that it's nightmarish, but it may be a bit too literally so. The models were nice though, for as long as I could see them.

Also, the controls listed on don't seem right. WASD does nothing, only up and down arrow work for movement, but left and right arrow don't strafe or turn.


Thanks for the input! I will be working on diminishing the sensitivity of the controllers.

As for the WASD keys, it is not specified, but there are options to change the camera control from mouse to keyboard. Page updated detailing that to add further clearance.


At a certain point, when too much skulls spawn , my pc start freezing !


Thanks for the input!

The skulls were made by sculpting. I suspect that they have still too much detail on them. I will work on making simpler skulls that are easier to handle and don't consume so many resources.


I like the mood, but controls need some improvements. I think you are rotating by either +x or -x (fixed speed), so the rotation is too high for precision aiming. You should use Input.GetAxis("Mouse X/Y") which will return small values for small rotations.


Thank you for the input! (I'm already using Input.GetAxis(etc) with a considerable reduction, the original produced values were even more ridiculous than this, I need to experiment a bit further with it and fine tune the controls)


This games main issue is the controls. I think if the controls and camera rotation were fixed this could be awesome! Good work though :D


Thank you for the input! I have to do some further fine tuning on the controls, with luck this should all be fixed with patch 1.1!

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

I agree with yasn below that the controls are quite hard and the camera rotation is quite dizzying. Improving that would make the game more playable.


I plan to give this little project a little break before trying to refine it more and perhaps adding more enemies. Still, your input is very appreciated!


This made feel drunk :O The controls are a bit strange and the game made me dizzy. :)


Depending on how you view it, this is either a feature or needs more polishing. I'm taking the feature route, connecting to the dreams theme, dreams are hazy and you don't have full control, thus the controls aren't quite perfect.

But still, thanks for the input!


Nice feature ;)