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It's an absolute blast zooming through traffic and maneuvering through cars and police, all in the mad dash to ensure Jimmy reaches school on time. It's incredibly amusing, and it adds a hilarious twist to the game! Fantastic submission; thoroughly enjoyed.

Your game offers an engaging experience with its multitude of levels and exceptionally responsive character movement. Navigating through the various levels feels incredibly satisfying, thanks to the fluidity and precision of the character's controls. The sense of control and agility adds a layer of enjoyment to each level, making exploration and overcoming challenges a truly rewarding experience. I came across an audio glitch during a specific level where the music didn't play, and, in addition, hazards within the level failed to pose any threat. Fortunately, this issue was a one-time occurrence.

I appreciate the captivating game cover with its stylish camera shake and shooting effect. It complements the gameplay seamlessly, creating a visually pleasing aesthetic. Overall, it was a highly enjoyable experience! Well done!

Impressive work! The controls are overall solid, contributing to a fantastic presentation.

The countdown's intensity, coupled with the pulsating music, creates a surge of adrenaline, heightening the overall experience, turning each attempt into a thrilling race to avoid obstacles. The high stakes, where a single mistake results in game over, add a challenging element. The progression to a harder difficulty after completing the first level is a nice touch, although I personally found it challenging to surpass. The inclusion of controller support is a significant advantage, making gameplay much smoother. Additionally, I stumbled upon a secret button in the main menu at the bottom right that activates extreme difficulty—definitely not passing that!

Overall, it's a great submission that I thoroughly enjoyed.

The game boasts an impressive presentation with cohesive pixel art graphics that complement each other. I particularly enjoy the sound effects, such as the satisfying breaking of items and the amusing mooing of a cow during a big combo. However, I swiftly encountered a bug that potentially undermines the intended gameplay. Instead of holding the spacebar, I found that I could continuously spam it to swiftly navigate and smash everything. Consequently, I effortlessly attained a full 5-star rating and accumulated over $2000 using this strategy. 

I can clearly see the passion and effort poured into this project. It's genuinely enjoyable, making it a fantastic submission!

Thanks! :D

Oh, I didn't know XD, I guess that makes my point about not having a restart button invalid then.

Haha thanks and well done! I have no idea how you got a score that high, but NICE. xD

Oh, I see! I honestly had no idea what the focus ability was for, so I never ended up using it. If you do continue developing the game, you definitely need to make that more clear, because during my playthrough I never used it once, I just thought it was a feature that wasn't finished, because all it did was slow me down and made me more vulnerable to bullets xD.

This game is extremely difficult! And I love it! The mix between platformer and rhythm works wonders. Unfortunately, I was unable to finish the game, I found it to be far too difficult for my level of skill. However, for what I did play, here's what I can say about it:

I think that the artstyle is really nice, I love how the camera has a distorted look to give it a 3D feel. I also love how everything looks glitchy and buggy, it really does further add to the theme of the game. 

The rhythm parts when you play as the shield having to get the arrows at the right time, I thought were the most difficult, but the most fun. I would love to see a full game dedicated just to this style of gameplay, and I love how the music matches when the arrows hit the shield, it feels and sounds so good to do.  The blue bullets the get shot out are quite hard to dodge, I found myself dying to them most of the time. The dash ability is a bit weird to use; It doesn't feel like I'm dashing when I use it, rather it feels like I teleport to a different location, so I avoided using it simply due to not feeling good to use. 

Despite all of that, I really bloody love this game! It's so much fun to play, and I'm gonna try get this game finished! (Well, I'll TRY, thats if I don't rage quit in the process xD). Great submission, well done!

This is a very cool game! There are quite a lot of bugs,  like the music overlapping with itself, and the screen turning black, I would have loved to see it turn all glitchy like it was originally intended! Despite this, I still really like the game. It has fun gameplay, and the artwork is really nice! 

Overall a decent submission, well done! :)

Thank you so much! I really should have added a sensitivity option in the settings, it didn't even cross my mind! I guess I didn't really create it to work well on each system, because these aren't really issues on my end xD. But once again thank you, I appreciate the feedback! :D

This was very cool! The game was really short, but being a jam game, that's to be expected. I love the unique gameplay of being able to run around the planet and flying through space, that was a ton of fun to do, although I did find it a little disorientating at times. The sound effects and music was good, and suited the game.

I would have loved to see a finished version, but this is still good! Great submission! :D

Oh crap your right! I just realized that I did normalize it, but only after the player movement code! What an idiot I am xD.  I didn't notice because I was testing mostly with a PS4 controller. Good job on getting  to the top of the leaderboard, and thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

Thanks for playing, hope you enjoyed! :D

Thanks for the feedback! I definitely agree, trust me, I spent hours trying to get the bullets to shoot into the center of the screen, I couldn't do it xD. I'm sorry about the sensitive controls, for me it was just right, it'll be because of the different dpi mouse levels. You can find crates around the map which contain bullets, there are also first aid kits which you can find to pickup  to regenerate some health. Thanks for playing and providing some awesome feedback! 

Very cool game! This game gets very intense very quick, and I love it! It's a bit annoying not having a restart button each time you die, so I had to restart the game whenever I aimed for a higher score, but other than that, this was very cool! I like the artstyle, and the sound effects suited it nicely. The large variety of enemies to shoot was really great.  I love the way you took the theme, I think that it was really unique and interesting. Great submission!

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Hello Kintrix,

I really enjoyed this game! Let me start off by saying, you managed to pull off something that not many other games in this jam have done - a good difficulty curve. The game starts off easy, but gets progressively harder as you go along, and it's done very well! I never found the game too hard or too easy.

Here are some things I disliked about the game:

- The music got quite annoying and repetitive after playing through, and it didn't really suit the gameplay.

- When you shoot an enemy all of the enemies of that same type glow up, instead of the one enemy you shot, which felt weird, it makes me feel like I'm dealing damage to all the enemies when I'm not.

- The dash ability is heavily underused, I only found myself using it in the tutorial. Maybe if there were some faster bullets, I would have used it more often.

- The music didn't really fit the intense gameplay. It works for the tutorial, but at those final stages, it gets really fast paced and intense, so it doesn't work too well.

Those are really the only negative things I have to say about this game, I really had a great time with it! Now, here are the positives:

- The terminal boot up at the start of the game is done so well, and it feels awesome!

- After the tutorial, the game starts "Crashing", and it the effects used for it are so great! You managed to pull it off very well.

- When you die in the game, I always thought that the game had crashed, although only for a split second, further adding to the theme of the game. 

- When there are the hundreds of bullets flying at you, it feels so satisfying to manage to dodge them and kill all the other tanks.

- The sound effects used fitted the art style nicely.

Overall, this is a well thought out, and fun game! Great submission, well done! :D

This is a huge improvement over the earlier version you posted on discord! New boss attacks, feedback when you hit the boss, and now you can skip the opening cutscene! You no longer have to sit through it every time you die, and I really appreciate that. The gameplay is a ton of fun, albeit really difficult. This is something most games submitted to the jam has, including mine; The game gets far too difficult far to quickly. After only just getting in the game, in a matter of seconds, thousands of bullets are coming your way and you have to dodge them all.  I really like the look of the game, and it feels as polished as ever, and those boss animations are fantastic! I don't really understand what this has to do with corruption though, maybe a simple bit of text explaining this at the start of the game would have fixed this. I'm also still a bit put off with the player firing but himself, and not manually clicking to shoot.

With that being said, I really liked this game. It felt extremely polished, the gameplay was fun, and those boss animations were so good, and managing to dodge the bullets felt extremely satisfying. Great submission, good job! :D

This game was quite fun! Shooting and jumping around was made so satisfying to do simply because of the particle effects. I think that this game, much like mine, gets far too hectic far too quick. 50 seconds in and the whole screen is swarming with bullets. The music and audio fitted the art and gameplay very well, and I had a ton of fun with this game. A high score system would have been nice to see, but ah well. 

Great submission, well done! 

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Very fun game! I loved the main movement mechanic, and I think that the game was very challenging.  I liked the upgrade system, it really added to the game. If there were anything I'd change, it's the font used for the letters. Sometimes I'd get confused with an i being an L or V being a U, simply because of the font used. But it wasn't too much of an issue, after a couple minutes of playing I got used to it, so it's not an issue whatsoever really. The music and sound effects fitted the game very well, they felt right at home in this game.  I found that killing some of the enemies was very difficult,  shooting out so many bullets, with barely any chance to attack. But thats why I love this game, it's a huge challenge, and you really need to react fast and know where the keys are on the keyboard.

Well done, this is an awesome submission to the jam!

Hello Jellybeans,

Firstly, like @BillyMan said below, the game window is far too small and it makes it really hard to see what's going on. Despite this, I really liked the artwork,  animations, and music, they look really nice and the music fitted it all great too. It's a fun game, but it's missing some sound effects and direction, I still don't know what I'm supposed to do in the game, I end up just shooting endless waves of enemies, with no score or indication if that's what I'm supposed to do.  This is a great start, but it just feels a bit unfinished. If you had more time, I'm sure this would have turned out to be something great, but as of now, this seems like an unfinished game.

Let's get the negatives out the road first.

 I think that the player movement was a bit slow, making it hard to dodge the thousands of bullets flying at you while simultaneously shooting and picking up the corrupt files.  The collision detection was a bit weird, sometimes I'd get hit by a bullet but it wouldn't register, and other times it does. When an enemy hits you with a bullet, you don't get a short amount of invincibility time, so if one bullet follows behind another, its an instant game over, with no time to react. I managed to reach the boss but then not long after a bug came and killed me instantly, perhaps you should have made it so that they only take off one heart and then die.

Okay, now with that out the way, let's talk about the things that I really liked about the game. 

I love how you took the theme, I think it was really unique and I loved the idea behind it. The game was very challenging and fun too, I think you had the difficulty balance was just right. I liked the games music and sound effects, it fitted the gameplay and artwork nicely.  I also loved the inclusion of controller support, the game felt great to play with one! (I used a ps4 controller).  I found the joke at the start about the new virus known as the "coronavirus", I thought that was quite funny. 

So overall, what are my thoughts on this game? It was fun, unique, and I definitely enjoyed my time with it! Well done!

Thank you so much! The feedback that you've given for this game is astounding, thank you! :D I personally preferred my other game 'Sweet Dreams' over this one, but maybe that's just me :P. I wish I could have spent more time with this game, and yeah this game for sure does need many improvements, the score the popping whenever you hit a skinny person would have been great and not hard to implement, I'm not sure why I didn't add that into the game, didn't think of it I guess. With every jam I do I become better and better each time, from helpful feedback like yours, so thank you so much!  :)

Thanks for the awesome feedback! I should have represented what you were supposed to do a bit better. This for sure isn't my best game jam work, I didn't have time to make full use of the 3 days that the jam ran for. 

Thanks! I actually used a program called 'Piskel' for the pixel art. It's a nice, easy to use and quick way to pixel art done and animated. 

Thanks! 😄 

This game was awesome, and I'm very impressed that you managed to add in a leaderboard! I should have added this into my game. I for sure loved the concept, very creative, however the art and audio need working on. I feel like some music and more balloon types would improve the experience immensely. Also, since the balloon generation is random sometimes they will spawn in such a way that it's impossible to avoid them, which can stop you from getting a high score. Other than that, I really enjoyed my time with this game, well done! :D

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I should have made the players speed faster when this happens.

Thanks so much for the feedback! Yeah I definitely agree with you on that, something that I should have changed for sure, I was just thinking that it would be hard for the player to see where the fatty is if he left the screen.

Hi Raymond, I've just finished playing your game. This game was great, especially considering it's still in its prototype stages. It seems that you've worked really hard on the UI with the main menu, however the settings didn't work, and they defaulted to the wrong thing. Like when I entered the game it was saying I was in windowed mode and the resolution was off, but these haven't been assigned yet so it's fine. Luckily, Unity makes adding these settings really easy. This game has tons of potential, but there are a ton of things that I would change, like have the player rotate towards the wall when running or jumping on a wall. Also, I really do believe the attack needs to be fixed, it feels weird when you press the mouse button and she just kicks, it feels off, but I feel like this is all stuff that will most definitely be fixed in the final release. Also you most definitely have to change the footstep sound effects, your using the Unity's default footstep sounds and they're horrible, but this is still in its prototype stages so I'll let that slide. Being a game developer myself, I can safely say that this game is turning out amazingly, especially considering its still only in its prototype stages. 

I honestly really look forward to the final release, I see a ton of potential in this game, and I think if development continues as it is now, this'll be an awesome game for sure! :D

Sure! This game was a ton of fun to play, I hope to see you in other game jams :D

This game was awesome! Go check out my video counting down the top 5 submissions, I think you might be in the video xD. 

Hi! I think your game may have been featured on my top 5 Geta Game Jam 8 Submissions ;)

Hey! I just made a top 5 Geta Game Jam Submissions video, I think your game may have been featured ;) 

Well yes, I think it was a bit weird how the enemies looks, they were like scribbles, that's something that I would have changed. Also would have been even more challenging if the enemies could shoot at you, but it isn't a big deal, considering it's only a game jam game :).

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Thanks a lot! This is the kind of feedback that we need from people :D.

This game was challenging, but fun! And I loved the opening cutscene to explain whats happening.

Thanks so much! I appreciate it. 

Thanks so much for the awesome feedback! I appreciate it :D. Having the enemies shooting was the original plan, but was scrapped due to time constraints.