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Hello empyreum!

I have just finished playing your game, and I thought it was quite fun! The art was simplistic, but it really does work, and the gameplay was also a lot of fun. At first, I was really confused, unsure of what to do, so I had to read the game page to understand how to play.  The controls felt good to use, they weren't bad in any way, they work nicely.  On the main menu of the game, I was unsure what each button would do, so I had to click each one to see what would happen.

I  liked how you took the theme, I never would of thought of this, so good job. The music was nice, but there was an annoying bug where the music  would only play in one ear which was really annoying. If you had fixed this I think I would have enjoyed the music a lot more. 

Overall, I had a fun time with this game, and I look forward to seeing what other fun games you can create. Well done! 

- Callan

Hi Petanek!

I just finished playing your game, and I had quite a bit of fun! This game was really hard, but I had fun playing! I unfortunately couldn't reach the end (If there even is one :P). I can tell you just used the default unity ui graphics, but it's fine! It works. The music was nice at first, but got VERY repetitive over time. I loved how the player you played as was a pair of eyes :) 

Overall, I had quite a bit of fun with this game and I really do believe this has tons of potential. Perhaps if you had added a health bar for the player, it would have made the game much easier and I might've be able to finish it then. Fun submission, well done! :D

This game was quite fun! The controls were really confusing and hard to use but I got used to it after a while of playing. I loved the low-poly art style and the gameplay, awesome submission! :D

Hello scofflaw games!

This game was really short(Which is okay!), and was quite hard in my opinion. The guards move around a bit too fast. I had quite a bit of fun with this game. The art was cool, and the animations were really good! The sound effects were nice too! If this game had some music playing in the background, it would have made the game even more enjoyable! I think the next jam I host, I'll allow people to use premade audio :P. The controls felt good,  and I'm really happy that there were loads of checkpoints, without them I wouldn't of been able to finish this game xD.

This game was really cool! I think if perhaps there were more machanics in the game (e.g. being able to jump but maybe when you jump it goes into a ragdoll state)  or something like that, it would of made the game much more enjoyable. 

Overall, I had a good time with this game, and I believe it has tons of potential.  Good entry, well done!

Thanks! I tried to make the game funny and I'm glad that I succeeded! :D

This game was really cool! The art was nice and the music really set the tone for the game. Cool submission!

This game was fun! The art was nice and it was well polished. Well done, awesome submission to the jam! :D

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Hello jerrtato! 

I thought this game was bloody hilarious hahaha, very funny. I was certainly not expecting this kind of game to make it into the jam! xD 

Honestly, this game wasn't a lot of fun, but it made me laugh my ass off once I got in. The gameplay simply consisted of clicking buttons to do things, and the things those buttons did were just.. 😂🤣 So funny.

This games art was good, and the animations were good too. The music was nice, and the sound effects were also good..  And funny 😂😂

I really am left unsure what to say about this game.. It was funny, and I had a bit of fun with it at the start but then after a while was left getting a bit bored. Perhaps you could of turned this into a clicker game where you have to repeatedly click the mouse to do the actions and then maybe could collect money to buy new items and women xD. 

Overall, this game was a funny time and was something I haven't yet experienced in a game 😂, so good job!

Hi  JohnWayyyne!

I had quite a bit of fun with your game 'Baby Blindness', although it proved to be quite a challenge. I can tell you really spent a lot of time on this, so well done. The controls felt good, and the gameplay was fun, but quite frustrating. I think this game would have been better if there were more light potions laying about, or maybe it regenerates after a certain amount of time? I think this games main issue is the difficulty. I could never get past the third part in the map, purley because I couldn't see anything.  I kept trying and trying, preserving as much light as I could, but still couldn't get past it. Which sucks because I feel like there are many more exciting parts of map to play! I think maybe once you die if you only respawned on the screen you were currently on would make this game much more enjoyable, and not as frustrating. Each time you die, you have to start over, which is a bit annoying :P.

I loved the way you took the theme, you used it in a way which was really awesome, so good job on that. The art was average at best, but it really did suit this kind of game and the music was nice. I'm happy with the sound effects, especially considering this game was only made in two days.  

If you added more light potions and the player respawned onto the current part of the map, this game would have been even better! If the difficulty was cranked down a bit, I would of had a much more enjoyable experience.

Overall, I'm very happy with this entry, you did an awesome job on making this game. You should be very proud of this, well done! :D

- Callan

I 100% agree with you! Making a game fun is a really hard thing to achieve.

Hey TextToGame! 

Firstly, let's get the negative stuff out of the way. If I'm going to be honest with you, I'm just gonna say it. I didn't really have much fun with this game.  The gameplay just wasn't a lot of fun but I do think it's a fantastic start.

Now, with the negativity out of the way, onto the review!

The art was very simple, but it fitted this game nicely. You made good use of the theme which was nice to see. There were very few sound effects in this game, I believe if you had more sound and some music it would have made the experience much more enjoyable :). The sound you hear when you were near an enemy was quite scary, and I loved how I could tell exactly where it was coming from. Thought it was awesome!

While playing this game, I found the controls to be fine. They weren't bad by any means, it worked well. I got a bit confused at first, not knowing what to do. But over time I started to understand. This game was really short, lasting under a minute. I wish the game was a bit longer but it's a game jam game so I don't blame you!

I think there is so much potential in this game. Perhaps while progressing through the level there could be powerups the player could pick up e.g. invisibility, time slow things like that.  Or maybe you could have the ability to take out the enemies? They could be interesting to see.

Overall, I think you did a good job on making the game, but it just wasn't a lot of fun to play. But saying that, I believe this is a fantastic start to what could be an amazing game! Well done, thank you so much for your submission! :D 

- Callan

No don't change it! I think having the game jam one week long would be better, it'll put more pressure on us to get the damn game done!

Hi dude! I tried downloading the game but it was unplayable. You have to build the game then zip up all of the game files, not just put in the .exe file :). 

Well I mean for a first game, it's really cool! The gameplay is really simple, but for a first game that's to be expected. You should be very proud of this, it's really cool. I really did like that starting animation right before the guy jumps out the plane. Well done dude, this is a great start. :)

🤣🤣 You were so close to the end yet so far 

Nope not yet, the game is nowhere near completion, we havent even made level 1 🤣.  We still months away to finish it, not sure how many but yeah.

OMG YESSS!!! I have already made the code for that, and it works perfectly. I also changed the camera, it is much better and you can actually control it now, probably one of the best changes we have made thus far.

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Thank you for playing! :D After seeing you playing the game now I can see many things that is wrong with this game. We plan on improving loads of things in the upcoming Crash Bandicoot fan game. That probably won't be released until ages away though, the game isn't even near done. 

 Anyways once again thank you for playing and yes I realise the voice acting is terrible, I was quickly just putting it together in the middle of the night 🤣 I honestly just didn't even try, I just talked into the mic and changed the pitch of the voice. 🤣 I honestly regret having the voices in the game, it doesn't really add much to the game anyway. 

I just fixed the problem :) Try the game out now hopefully it works :P

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Hmm.. That's strange. What operating system are you using?

EDIT: Ohhhh I see what I've done. I put the linux build in the windows version :P That was really dumb, sorry. I'll get to fixing that issue right away.

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Wow! This game was a lot of fun, I really liked it :D The art was fantastic, loved the cartoony art style, and I also loved the music and the gameplay, It was very fun! I did suck at it at first but as I practiced I got better at it.  Knowing where the keys are on the keyboard are really helps. Overall I had a fun time with this game, I'm about to head back to it and play some more! :P Good entry you guys, well done :D

This game was really fun.  The art style was very basic but I liked it, it really suited the gameplay. At first, I was really confused as to what I was supposed to be doing, but once I got the hang of it, I was off! This game was soooo fun and addictive, I love it. This was overall a great entry to this jam, well done! :D

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This game was very interesting and quite fun and unique. The sound effects sounded good. 

After I started playing, I was a bit confused as to what I was supposed to do, but once I understood how to play, I just couldn't stop playing. I really just wanted to get all of my stats upgraded at the shop.  I got hooked onto this game really quickly and had loads of fun with it. This is a very solid entry to the jam, well done! :D

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Hey you  are just the guy we are looking for,  would you like to be apart of the team of NightZard Productions? If so feel free to let me know, would be awesome to have another person on the team. Email us:

Wow thank you for playing, I really hope you enjoyed it :D 

Thank you for your cool suggestion, might add that into the remake :P 

Was a cool game. I really loved the artwork and music. At first I didn't get what I was supposed to be doing, but eventually I got the hang of it. Cool game, well done :) 

-Callan and Kara

This game was really interesting. I really liked the art style, and the music was good.  It was also quite funny. Loved the idea behind it, good job. :D 

-Callan and Kara

This was a fun, and well thought out game. I loved the graphics and the gameplay. Had a great experience, well done :) 

-Callan and Kara

Do you have Winrar or 7z installed on your computer? Maybe thats the problem. Did you unzip the file? Maybe those will fix the problem. :P