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Squash all the skinnies! They shall not live!
Submitted by NightZard Productions — 13 hours, 37 seconds before the deadline
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  • Art was really colourful and nicely done. Despite some inconsistencies (which are spoken about in the cons section) I really liked the pixel art style that you went with.
  • I noticed a lot of really effective details; I love the circling transition animation that plays when going from the menu into the game, and the little animation sequence that plays at the start with the main character. They both really help reinforce the humourous style of the game while also giving the player agood first impression.
  • Music was really nice and didn't get old, I think it added a lot in terms of establishing the mood and humour of the game.
  • Nice natural difficulty curve, where the speed of the game would increase with time and progression. Maybe it would improve the learning curve a little bit if each type of object was introduced over time? So the first 10 seconds would just be normal humans, after that it would introduce knife enemies, and then more time later it could introduce the animals, and so on. That way the player has time to get familiar with each enemy, rather than throwing them in with all these different types at once.
  • Most of the game character and object types provided a unique use of the core jumping mechanic, like how the knife enemies couldn't be stomped on and the fire hose would boost their jump height. It'd be interesting to see more elements which provide an interesting dimension to the jumping, like something which influences the player's weight and therefore their fall speed.


  • Game feel is done really well, though there is still a lot more room for improvement. To make scoring and squashing a human more satisfying, you could make it so that the score display will shake or flash when increasing. I think the score should also be a bit larger and more visible, given that it is an important element for the player to look at. The player also has to shift their eyes to the other side of the screen to see it where they will normally be focused on the player character, causing them to take a risk just to see their score. Maybe it could be at the bottom center of the screen, which is more aligned to where the player will be looking?
  • Visuals and colours often blend together too much, causing them to be hard to see. Consider the game thumbnail, where the game logo is difficult to read when blended with the road sprite. You can try a number of things to solve this, like adding a shadow around or below the text, darkening the rest of the image, or selecting a text colour which contrasts better with the colours behind it (in that case, white). This same principle applies to all UI and text in the game. You can also improve the visiblility of the game characters by adding circular shadows beneath them, and by darkening or adjusting the colours of the surrounding environment. It's also conflicting for the "game over" text to be in yellow when yellow is generally a colour associated with positive feedback; try red instead.
  • Bugs with human/object position, where knife characters would often move with normal characters at the same speed, causing them to look strange and also for the normal human to be dangerous. This also happens sometimes with the animals.
  • Lack of feedback for buttons on menu and death screen. Consider making it so that the text will change colour or size when hovered hover. This will make naviagation more satisfying to the player.
  • Occasionally inconsistencies with the sprite resolutions, the background art (grass/road) has pixels which are far too large compared to the pixels in the character sprites.

Excellent work! I can tell that you all really learnt from some of the flaws that were present in "Sweet Dreams", for this game in my opinion is better then that one. The game feel in this is quite good and the gameplay loop and mechanic was explored pretty well. There's still a lot to be improved upon though. I can't wait to see what your next entry will be, keep up the good job! :) 


Thank you so much! The feedback that you've given for this game is astounding, thank you! :D I personally preferred my other game 'Sweet Dreams' over this one, but maybe that's just me :P. I wish I could have spent more time with this game, and yeah this game for sure does need many improvements, the score the popping whenever you hit a skinny person would have been great and not hard to implement, I'm not sure why I didn't add that into the game, didn't think of it I guess. With every jam I do I become better and better each time, from helpful feedback like yours, so thank you so much!  :)


I struggled to understand the concept at first, I thought you were meant to run.

After a bit of losing I finally got the hang of it and I like it ! 

Overall graphic design (not the game art but the fonts for example the interface, the UX) could be improved.

Great work !


Thanks for the awesome feedback! I should have represented what you were supposed to do a bit better. This for sure isn't my best game jam work, I didn't have time to make full use of the 3 days that the jam ran for. 


I really like the end result anyways and this is a good entry in my point of view !


lol this was fun, really like the concept xD nice pixel art too lol, did you use paint?


Thanks! I actually used a program called 'Piskel' for the pixel art. It's a nice, easy to use and quick way to pixel art done and animated. 


Nice, my team uses that too c:


Holy  guacamole this game is so fun.


Thanks! 😄 


Lots of fun to play, and a really unique theme! Haha. It is very easy to start another run, which makes it less painful when you lose. I think fire hydrants aren't as useful as they could be because Fatty stops at the top of the level.

Overall, a great game and submission to the jam!


Thanks so much for the feedback! Yeah I definitely agree with you on that, something that I should have changed for sure, I was just thinking that it would be hard for the player to see where the fatty is if he left the screen.


The game is nice and fun for in between playing sessions. Only gripe i have is that sometimes it seems to be possible to have too much space in between the enemies and the target which can cause you to die without being  to do anything against it. 

Good Work!


Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I should have made the players speed faster when this happens.


Things I like about this game: 

The smooth animations, snappy controls, the nice gameplay, the simple concept and the overall weirdness.

Things I think could be improved on: 

The font (it doesn't fit the pixel art theme), the color palette, the "rules": players shouldn't learn from a page with instructions and instead learn from playing which makes it more motivating to play the game.

Overall, a nice little game that was fun to play!