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Thanks for trying out my game! Yeah, 300 points is really hard to beat.

Thanks for playing my game and commenting! Actually, the balloons don't spawn differently depending on your score. 

Nice game with a good concept. I think limiting the player's moves would have been nice, as it would have forced players into thinking where to go before moving. I had fun playing :)

My dad beat your highscore with 307 points...

Oh, I haven't encountered this problem. Maybe try again? Thanks for trying it out!

Thanks! That's a really good score. Well done, I will try to beat it!

Thanks for your feedback! I was in a rush because I deleted my original game idea and went with this one instead, leaving no time to make music and good art.

Thanks! You're right, it definitely shouldn't be fullscreen. I tried making it not fullscreen but for some reason it didn't work. I'll do more research on that next time.

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Thanks! I had an original game idea but then changed it to this one in a rush, which is the reason why I didn't have much time to playtest it and why there are gameplay issues. Also, I couldn't find a suitable sound for the knife flying and hitting the walls. Thanks a lot for trying out my game and for the feedback!

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Thanks for commenting about these issues. I have now fixed the problems and it should work now. Sorry for the trouble!

Things I like about this game:

The easy-to-understand concept, the nice take on the idea of "Contrasting elements": these literally are two elements, the simple controls and the nice flame animation.

Things I think could be improved on:

The background color, the size of the flame (It's hard to know exactly where the hitbox is, and it can be distracting at times) and the look of the raindrops

This was a fun little game I had fun playing with!

Things I like about this game: 

The smooth animations, snappy controls, the nice gameplay, the simple concept and the overall weirdness.

Things I think could be improved on: 

The font (it doesn't fit the pixel art theme), the color palette, the "rules": players shouldn't learn from a page with instructions and instead learn from playing which makes it more motivating to play the game.

Overall, a nice little game that was fun to play!

This is a nice game with a good and simple concept that I had fun playing with.  It forces you to create a mental map of each state. The animations are smooth and the art is nice. The controls did feel a little unresponsive though.  Overall, a fun little game :)


Thanks for the feedback! True, I could have focused more on the overall aesthetic and gameplay of the game. I finished the project at around midnight and was very tired when I wrote the name for the file. It bothers me too, trust me. 

True, I found it best to do that so the player can choose between jumping over the ducks or pushing them off,  which takes more time in some situations but is still better because it doesn't give any karma. Thanks for playing my game! :)

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It only works on windows, as the icon next to the download button says. Thanks for trying it out!

Thanks a lot for your feedback. I had to rush the leaderboard system because I realised that it was a requirement on the third day of the jam.  Nice score too! I will certainly try to beat it :)

I am aware of this problem. I have now fixed it. Sorry for the trouble!

This is a nice game which was fun to play with. However, the graphics could still use a little work in my opinion. Also, the instructions are too long and tedious to read. They should be in the actual game, so the player learns when he progresses in it. Overall, a game with nice mechanics and plenty of content.

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Nice game, although the controls are a bit weird. For example, attacking and defending could be set to the two mouse buttons, which would be more intuitive to players. The attacking animation looks great! There should also be an input field where players can input their username to show up on the leaderboard. Overall, this game looks good and plays well. Could you take the time to check out my game too?

This was a nice game to play. The gameplay and the controls are both smooth. Overall, a pretty good game. The only downside is that I don't see how this follows the theme and it isn't explained in your description.

You could add a panel behind the health so it doesn’t get confused with the background.

The music, sounds and gameplay of this game are great! However, I think that you could improve on some aspects: Firstly, the background didn’t fit into the “PC virus” style. Consider adding a background full of ones and zeroes. This would fit that style better. Also, the “game over” window should be the windows “:(“ page.

For the gameplay, consider adding a way to fight for the player. Antivirus don’t avoid viruses, their job is to destroy them. 

Overall, nice game. Continue creating more!

Well thanks for commenting anyway :)

What do you mean? I can see it just fine.. Maybe the fact that I made it just for macOs is the problem? I’m new to this, so I’m not sure what I should do to make it appear.

Yeah, I wasn’t able to get it to work right. Thanks for trying out my game and commenting! :)

The intended feature of the taser was to give you time to syringe but since I wasn’t able to make the syringe work properly they don’t make much sense to use. Thanks for the comment :)

Thanks for the feedback! :)

I wasn’t able to get the syringe working right because I ran out of time. Thanks for your feedback! :D

Thanks! Unfortunately I can’t get the aspect ratio right when I post a game on I will try to fix it though :)

The enemies are well varied and look good. Also, the story was well presented. Nice game!

I should have explained what you had to do better. Thanks for your feedback and yes, I will try out your game too!

Making an enemy white makes them innocent and a human. I put the controls in the description. Thanks a lot for your feedback! :D

True. I really ran out of time and wasn’t able to explain the controls.  Thanks a lot for your feedback!

I found it very hard to understand what the objective was. The gameplay could've been better and more interesting.  Nonetheless, I did enjoy this game and the artwork, especially the background, was great! Not a bad game jam game.

Those are good ideas. Thanks for the feedback! :)

I would like to have a discord server for this jam. It helps people share their work, get tips, ask questions, know what’s going on, join teams and communicate.  I think that it would be really good to have a discord server. Would it be possible?

When I started the game, it wasn’t clear what to do. I think that other people may have had the same problem. This makes players more likely to quit. To fix this, you should focus more on the two sleepers as well as indicate better that you can enter their dreams. Maybe shorten the field of view to the sleepers. Overall, this was a great game with a great concept!

Thanks a lot for your feedback! I will definitely look into these points when I will make my second game jam game.