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Dodge the rain
Submitted by akira153 — 3 hours, 1 second before the deadline
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  • Simplistic game concept which was easy to understand.
  • Contrast theming was incorporated well.
  • Good difficulty progression where the speed of rain would increase over time.
  • Nice background ambience to coincide with the rain.


  • When I first started up the game I immediately died because I had my cursor at the top left, I think there should be a timed break between opening the game and when rain starts to fall.
  • Visuals could do with a lot more life - consider adding more colour variation, maybe a randomiser for the blue colour of each rain drop?
  • Particle effects could be added to the rain drop splashes and the fire in order to add more visual activity to the game - but be careful not to do it excessively to the point where it becomes distracting.
  • Pacing was quite tiring, there should be breaks in difficulty every once in a while. Maybe make there be 20 seconds of rain fall, followed by 5 seconds of no rain? This would prevent players from being burnt out, and give them time to mentally prepare them self for the next flock of rain.
  • Game concept needs to be explored in a lot more depth; there was no variance in the gameplay at all other than the increasing speed. What if there were waves, and each wave would increase the rain spawn count? What if you had to control multiple flames at once? What if over time, fog would appear making it harder to discern where things are?

A pretty simple but enjoyable game! Could use a lot more depth, but still fun regardless. Nice work! :)


The game is interesting but the flame is to large if the hitbox is only the cursor, i would have probably made the flame the hitbox and left more space between the raindrops. Also the game restarting is quite off putting. 


Things I like about this game:

The easy-to-understand concept, the nice take on the idea of "Contrasting elements": these literally are two elements, the simple controls and the nice flame animation.

Things I think could be improved on:

The background color, the size of the flame (It's hard to know exactly where the hitbox is, and it can be distracting at times) and the look of the raindrops

This was a fun little game I had fun playing with!