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Duck CultView game page

Puzzle Game made for Geta Game Jam 9
Submitted by Wohlwender — 55 minutes, 29 seconds before the deadline
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  • Excellent core mechanic of flipping/contrasting the map which was expanded upon through level design really well. It tests your memorisation ability while also encouraging the planning of your actions.
  • Great art style with the use of simplistic shapes and forms. Different objects stood out from each other really well, it was easy to identify which object was which. I also notced how you made the UI flip colours with the world, this is a small but really great addition that helps improve the readability a lot.
  • Effective minimalistic use of colours; the yellow vs black tone was excellent and really suited the humorous tone of the game. Having blue which exhibits a more dull or sadening vibe as the contrast, in comparison to the happiness brought by the yellow was also really good.
  • Solid escalating difficulty and interest curve. I loved how the mechanics were introduced over time rather than thrown at the player all at once; first teaching them about movement, then the flipping mechanic, and then the enemies. Having all these concepts at the beginning would overwhelm the player and deter them from playing the game. The puzzle difficulty would also increase at a very consistent rate, also scaling alongside player skill resulting in me never feeling bored or that the game was too easy/difficult.
  • Presents a creative and humorous background story which was introduced and concluded relatively well. Sound effects and music helped compliment this tone through the duck sounds and the more  relaxed background track.


  • Not nessecarily a flaw, but I see a lot more potential for expansion with the core mechanic and how it can be further elaborated upon both through existing mechanics and new ones. It would be interesting to have a mechanic of some kind which takes the control of the invertation/contrast out of player's hands, forcing them to manage the changes as use them to their advantage. Time is also not really used in the game at all, it'd be really great to see some timing-based puzzles or scenarios emerge out the core mechanic. Not related to time, but what if there was an enemy that traced your past movements but was locked onto one of the two worlds, meaning that while you were in the opposite world you would have to project where it might be moving next, as you can't see it.
  • Visuals need just a tiny bit of polish; the flag sprite looks really out of place compared to everything else in the game, and there would occasionally be some flickering bug that occurred during a level transition. These don't hinder the game too much though.
  • Volume of some sound effects should be made louder, this includes the movement sound for the player.

This game was great, I loved how polished it all was alongside the minimalistic art style and clever uses of colour. The core mechanic was really innovative and was explored through level design quite well, I'd love to see it expanded upon in even more ways. Keep up the good work!


Nice game with a good concept. I think limiting the player's moves would have been nice, as it would have forced players into thinking where to go before moving. I had fun playing :)

Really clever concept. I love the idea that things you can't see can still hurt you.

Whacky game, but great mechanic and puzzles!


Great game! It was really satisfying to complete each level, and the humor was very well done.


It's pretty fun. I like the concept (even if it's not the first "2 dimensions-type" I see) and the art is effective (especially Donald """Duck""" hehe) and the music is cool too.