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Hello, Thanks for your feedback.

Our thought on these dead ends was to build a game where the puzzle is based on performing the correct path and kill in order to reach the checkpoint on time. It is a bit weird for a small first level, but things would start to make more sense as doors, switches and other elements were introduced later on.

The checkpoint/rewind mechanic is supposed to be a way to hint the player at remembering the path that was taken and do better on the next attempt.

Congratulations, awesome game! 

Just watch out for how hard you make your game, it is really easy for us to make our own game too hard because we've been playing it through all the development process.

I'm glad  you liked it. :3 ... We had planned more levels but ended up short on time.

This issue is not something of your stupidity, players were not supposed to be able to lose track of items and we hadn't enough time to fix it. Thanks for your feedback.

This was an awesome game, well presented. Art is specially great and sound is just fine.

I really felt like the character would randomly get tons of speed or slower sometimes, or change speed weirdly while attacking, some gaps looked too far to reach, but then I tried again and character speed was different somehow and I jumped over the floating burger and landed on the pit again.

Great piece of art and audio.

Design and experience wise there is a lot of room for improvement on mechanics, animation, interface, responsiveness, collisions. 

Nice game overall, good controls, easy to understand.

Character is getting stuck to the side of platforms, life refill during dream time would be nice, if enemies were killed when stomped it would give the game a better pace with a fight or flight situation.

Beautiful game, great artwork.

Attack animation has a slight delay after the button is pressed, it was not that hard to account for while playing, but for the user experience it is nice to have it snappier.  It didn't feel like the nights had a difficulty progression.

Congratulations on the game, especially sound, the tutorial and story. The hand draw story was truly an amazing idea, especially for a game jam.

The rate of dream/nightmare could be improved, on my first play only 3 nightmares showed up, 2 of which I missed because there were dreams in the way and I shot the other, but still lost the level because I collided with one of the dozens and dozens of dreams that appeared.

Congratulations on the game, this was really fun to play.

It was fun to play and I really liked the art style. Really good job for one man work.

Some levels were just so so hard and were followed by some breeze ones. Work a bit on the level design and try to reorder the levels. Also there is the feeling that you could call the enemies horrors, ghosts, entities, etc and the game would fit many other themes as well.

Thanks for your feedback :3

Win condition: Make all dreams happy

Try to exchange items in dreams to make children happy

Thank you for playing! I appreciate your feedback and will look forward to improve the game.