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Thank you for your feedback, it is much appreciated! :)

  • Yes, it is definitely something to keep in mind, to not mixing up keyboard and mouse controller if possible
  • The feature of crushing obstacles does not have a level constraint, so it should have been possible to do it from level 1, but the distance should never be long enough before this mechanic tutorial, at least hopefully :) 
  • Not sure to get this point: just tried again and from level 13, clicking on obstacles seems to display the value fine

Thanks for sharing the record! :)

Thanks for your comment! Sure, no worries it is all fine :)

For now, there are no plans to continue working on it, but it can change at some point!

No idea :)

Glad you liked it!

Thank you, much appreciated!

Thank you so much! Glad you liked it :)

Thank you for this feedback, it much appreciated!
Yeah it makes all sense, I got your point :) 

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That's really kind of you, very appreciated! Thanks for playing ✨

Thank you, glad you liked it! :)

Nice entry with great level design ideas which are introducing well all new mechanics one by one! The progression feels good, and the difficulty curve feels well-balanced as well.

Musics is fitting nicely with the gameplay and atmosphere, and sounds effects bring humor and life to characters, nice touch!

Sometimes it seems that we don't need to use all items given to succeed the level, which is a good indication of the potential depth of the gameplay I think, it is a good point!

Not sure if it is on purpose, but the last level has two collectables, but only one is required to complete the level... is there any hidden secret about that? :)

Overall, congrats again for this entry! Knowing that it has all been done in just 48 hours.. that is pretty impressive!!

Thank you for your review! We are glad that you liked it :)

We have tried to stay coherent while sharing production tasks, which was a real challenge!

Music & Sfx creation and sound design were all handled by my creative friend Quesiu, which has succeeded  to reach a polished result in such a short amount of time ;)

Your jam entry is quite original! More than a game it could be a neat sound creation tool, for creating samples in a quite different approach, congrats! :)

Glad you liked it! Game feel was one of our priority during the time of the jam, next step is focusing on level design! Will keep you updated on that ;) 

Thank you for your review!

Glad that you have notice this feature, we have tried in this short amount of time to focus first on the game feel and the clarity of each mechanic already implemented instead of keep adding new ones.

On a post game jam update, we will try to think about interesting puzzle designs while introducing new concepts ;)

Thank for your review and for playing!

Yeah, for a post update jam we have planned to look into slowness issues and game flow adjustments. Definitely player movements and orientation status will be one of our priorities

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Thanks for checking it!

Ahah yeah... this one was intense, glad that I got a day off right after the jam :)
The more time consuming part was level design and setup all triggers.. so long and then missing time for playtesting. 

This jam was a nice practice for execution and time management, but I have lost the big picture and did not align the game with the game jam theme...

True! Definitely a good addition for a potential update

Aah thanks for trying it! Glad you liked it :)

Yeah got your point! The idea here was mainly to create a small prototype around a core mechanic and mess a bit with it. Will try to polish it whenever I have some time

Thanks! Glad that you liked it :)

Thanks for playing! :)

Glad you liked it! :)

Thanks for your comment!

Yes, it's because it's just a demo for now, may work on it more in the future :)

Merci ! :)

Merci ! :)

Thanks! Really glad you liked it :)

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Thanks! :)

Thanks, glad you liked our game!

Love <3 Dream team :)

So kind of you! Thanks <3

Thanks! Glad you liked it 👍

Very glad you liked it!

Thanks! :)

Thank you for the comment, very appreciate this! :)

Thank you for all your comments, it is really appreciate! :)

Thank for your feedback, really appreciated!

Thank you for your feedback, we are glad that you enjoyed playing it :)

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Thank you so much for playing our game and creating a video! It's really appreciated and make it easier to reflect on it

Neat & fun game, good job! Introduction is well polish :)

Thanks for your comment! Actually we thought about creating a « How to Play Screen » screen but not enough time. It will be something to keep in mind for next games