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Take a breath.. Move a dice
Submitted by Mahjoub (@mahjoub_gamedev), quesiu — 31 minutes, 42 seconds before the deadline
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Ranked from 33 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does your game fit the theme?
The main character is a dice that impact the level while rolling

Did your team create the vast majority of the art during the 48 hours?


We created the vast majority of the art during the game jam

Did your team create the vast majority of the music during the 48 hours?


We created the vast majority of the music during the game jam

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I like the effects, how the dice rolls, the soft screenshake and colors .. particularly the sound ... yes it is not unique in terms of mechanics, but you did a great work in terms of making it a solid (and fluid) presentation 


Good presentation <3  


The concept itself isn't unique but the realization is truly original!

it has a lot of mechanics which aren't present in other similar entires:
Holes/conditions/etc are super fresh and cool!

The art style of the game is awesome - Nice job!


Love the visual and the out-of-control take on the theme.


Really fun!! easy to understand. I enjoy it so much that I didn't realize there are no solutions on the thank you for playing page. lol. Thank you for making this game!!!


Loved the out of control feeling and style! The number preview was really helpful, definitely one of the top games in this style!


Really good game! The visual, sound design and gameplay were all great! Impressive work!


Love the art on display here. Lots of potentail to refine and expand on this. Great work! :)


Super chill puzzle game, I like it. Easy to control, easy to understand, not easy to beat - just like it should be. I can imagine this being release candidate for production. 

- I would add more frames for rolling animation (at least one) and make stopping animation much shorter. It breaks a flow when I have to wait. 
- It is hard to remember what orientation die has. Would be nice to show it next to it same as at walls. 

Possible bug?
- Is it possible sometimes I move and go back and there is a different value on the die? I couldn't reproduce it but I have feeling it happen multiple times. 

I enjoy the game a lot. Good job and thank you!


Thank for your review and for playing!

Yeah, for a post update jam we have planned to look into slowness issues and game flow adjustments. Definitely player movements and orientation status will be one of our priorities


I liked the calming atmosphere, also showing numbers at the tile was a nice touch, not many games with similar concept does this.

But still the dice number was kinda unpredictable for me, as it shows only one step further, so I ended up just rolling the dice randomly until it reaches right number. Maybe showing planar figure of the dice would help.

Anyways, nice game :)


Thank you for your review!

Glad that you have notice this feature, we have tried in this short amount of time to focus first on the game feel and the clarity of each mechanic already implemented instead of keep adding new ones.

On a post game jam update, we will try to think about interesting puzzle designs while introducing new concepts ;)


Cool feeling! nice polish and neat graphics! good job guys! I want more level (especially the one where I control more than one dice >_>


Glad you liked it! Game feel was one of our priority during the time of the jam, next step is focusing on level design! Will keep you updated on that ;) 


Super nice aesthetic, love the graphics and sound a lot! These puzzles are really fun; a combo of a Bloxorz-like and a sliding puzzle, reminds me of one set of puzzles in Pokemon Emerald. Overall this was executed well :)


Thank you for your review! We are glad that you liked it :)

We have tried to stay coherent while sharing production tasks, which was a real challenge!

Music & Sfx creation and sound design were all handled by my creative friend Quesiu, which has succeeded  to reach a polished result in such a short amount of time ;)

Your jam entry is quite original! More than a game it could be a neat sound creation tool, for creating samples in a quite different approach, congrats! :)


Good game, nicely polish, Sound effect are good, art are good, animation are good, Puzzle are ... good. But I think the puzzle definitly can be improve, a lot of potential for this game. I think there a video about puzzle game in one of the GMTK youtube video. Because good puzzle shouldn't be that complicated but are also really complicated(what I mean is simple but hard). Anyway really good game just more level(designing).


Thank you for your feedback. Totally agree with you on level designing.

We actually started the level design late, too late. We had so many ideas and mechanics left to introduce, and mixing them together would grant a lot of funnier and simple but harder puzzles.

That’s said, we also liked to have relatively straight forward puzzles introducing mechanics little by little. I think it’s preferable to have something simple or shorter that people would finish, rather than the opposite. We’ve only scratched the surface, so let’s see if we can come up with better level designs with more time in future releases!

Thanks for playing and reviewing :)


Dice animation is really awesome. Puzzles are fun and original.


Pretty neat! Really tricky to actually try to figure out what the numbers would be so I think it's pretty much just try and pray. The wall numbers do help but not in cases where you'd need to know a bit further. Like this level (where annoyingly if you don't do the right thing from the start, I think it becomes unsolvable without restart).

Here too is the same issue.

I think this level is also somehow bugged as the gate remains open and still stops you.

The game was very pleasant to look at. Nice harmonious pixel art and with a good color palette. If going for nitpicks, I'd keep the pixel size the same on all objects. This was most notable on those bouncy pads as their pixels were huuuuuge. Oh and the rolling animation looks damn good with that over shoot on stop etc. Is it actually still 2d?

You also probably have the start scene key help messages neither anchored correctly nor have the canvas setup with a scaler.

But yeah, good job! Was very fun, though pretty easy journey. 👍

Developer (3 edits) (+1)

Hey, thank you for your huuuuge review and feedback. Much appreciated!

As for the two levels you mentioned, I don’t think it is possible to get softlocked but we will double check. In any cases, even if it is possible, the holes are there to help the player “reset” without having to push a key.

Last level has a bug indeed.. Basically an issue with dice updating their values in case of multi-dice. We fixed it already and will have it clean in an upcoming release.

Thank you for the pixel art praise too! Actually the boucy bumper art was the only one done by myself. All the rest was made by my genius friend Mahjoub, as well as most of the tricky aspects of the game. Props to him who carried our game jam. Fun fact: the bumper is actually supposed to represent some kind of hibiscus flower, not sure many people could have guessed :)

The dice are the only 3D elements in the game, with 2D textures for each faces. It really looks great, once again thanks to Mahjoub’s talent.

The anchored messages will also be fixed.

Your game was great too, congrats! Looking forward to trying your other games and seeing your future submissions.


The presentation is really cool, I like the sound effects and the way the dice moves. Game is easy to understand and introduces new mechanics at good pace, solid entry!


Presentation wise the best submission I've played by far. The puzzles are quite well made too although a bit too straightforward. Really well job!


Really interesting puzzle mechanic, and explored it quite well for the game jam! I liked the presentation too, but I think it'd have to change to better suit the puzzles themselves; right now I mostly got through the levels by brute-forcing the solution, since I couldn't predict how the dice would change on each move.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thank you for your comment!

Totally agree with you, the puzzles are not very difficult as of now. I think, considering the limited time we had, showing the mechanics as some kind of proof of concept with easy levels was better than creating only a couple of very complex ones.

We might try to implement more stuff in a larger release after the jam is over, so hopefully we’ll have more challenge for you ;)

Really good job with your game, you guys made something special I think!


Fun game, nice graphics and sfx


Such a nice implementation of the rolling dice puzzle game! Great sound design, really good graphics and super fun! One of the only games I've completed thus far, really enjoyed it! ^_^

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