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Very simple but hard game with cute design. Nice puzzle game!

One bug (or maybe feature?): when dying and resetting, the current movements are not reset to a random value, and we have to continue with the previous throw.

Super nice concept! Really liked it!

A money/merchant mechanism could also be introduced to customize one’s dice every X rounds. We’re close to the birth of a solid small rogue-like game!

Very creative concept, this felt like a very simple Minecraft with chance-related mechanics. It was fun!

A few bugs issues encountered:

  • Hitboxes, especially those of trees, are a bit messed up
  • Trees can pop-up out of nowhere on screen (due to the way the world is generated I suppose?)
  • Dead zombies are hindering movements. That can be very frustrating at times.
  • When “hugging” a tree, all zombies stop until moving or destroying the tree.

Solid entry, congrats!

Thank you for your feedback. Totally agree with you on level designing.

We actually started the level design late, too late. We had so many ideas and mechanics left to introduce, and mixing them together would grant a lot of funnier and simple but harder puzzles.

That’s said, we also liked to have relatively straight forward puzzles introducing mechanics little by little. I think it’s preferable to have something simple or shorter that people would finish, rather than the opposite. We’ve only scratched the surface, so let’s see if we can come up with better level designs with more time in future releases!

Thanks for playing and reviewing :)

Brilliant idea to introduce a change of power/gameplay by forcing the player to move in order to avoid projectiles!

Great submission!

Super nice implementation of the match dice and values mechanic.

Stellar level design. So much is done with so little, in a very brilliant way. The atmosphere of the game and its music are very chill too.

Very very strong submission!

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Hey, thank you for your huuuuge review and feedback. Much appreciated!

As for the two levels you mentioned, I don’t think it is possible to get softlocked but we will double check. In any cases, even if it is possible, the holes are there to help the player “reset” without having to push a key.

Last level has a bug indeed.. Basically an issue with dice updating their values in case of multi-dice. We fixed it already and will have it clean in an upcoming release.

Thank you for the pixel art praise too! Actually the boucy bumper art was the only one done by myself. All the rest was made by my genius friend Mahjoub, as well as most of the tricky aspects of the game. Props to him who carried our game jam. Fun fact: the bumper is actually supposed to represent some kind of hibiscus flower, not sure many people could have guessed :)

The dice are the only 3D elements in the game, with 2D textures for each faces. It really looks great, once again thanks to Mahjoub’s talent.

The anchored messages will also be fixed.

Your game was great too, congrats! Looking forward to trying your other games and seeing your future submissions.

Stellar presentation! One of the most beautiful game I have seen so far. The art is cute and the game has its own thingy, really liked that!

Gameplay-wise, I had a decent amount of fun but it felt a bit too random maybe? (well, we’re talking about dice right?). I had one session where my whole team just got butchered round 1 by the PC without being able to do anything.

Apart from that I really liked it. Additions and improvements are limitless! Special powers, special terrain, characters (team captain with bending shots?)…

Really interesting submission! I found myself retrying a few times after dying.

A few bugs worth to mention:

  • After a death, if a new game is launched right away the screen keeps a red filter on it.
  • It is possible to “dance” on tiles were different directions are possible, by alternating the arrow keys. I think it kind of breaks the initial die movement value as well :)

Congrats again! Really enjoyable and creative.

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Thank you for your comment!

Totally agree with you, the puzzles are not very difficult as of now. I think, considering the limited time we had, showing the mechanics as some kind of proof of concept with easy levels was better than creating only a couple of very complex ones.

We might try to implement more stuff in a larger release after the jam is over, so hopefully we’ll have more challenge for you ;)

Really good job with your game, you guys made something special I think!

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Thank you for your playing, and thank you for your feedback.

I agree with you; we started the level design quite late after all the “sandbox” was ready, so we couldn’t spend as much time as we wished refining the puzzles.. As you said, the initial core mechanics are probably a bit confusing. We had some non-gamers non-developers people playing it and they kinda struggled. Definitely room for improvements.

There are a bunch of other mechanics and ideas we have yet to implement, so stay tuned for a potential post game jam release or something!

PS: Sadly cannot try out your game as I’m not on Windows! Was very curious about it…

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Thank you for your comment and thank you for playing! We indeed have a small bug on the last puzzle that we are now referring as a “known issue” on the game page. The bug itself was due to the value of both dice not updating their values correctly, and that conflicted with doors’ behavior.

We already fixed it and it will be available bug-free in a post game jam release :)

Fun game but a bit too chaotic?

The combos/multiple dice part is very satisfying but the angles and the way the dice are spawn feels a bit odd. “bullet-time” effect or assist mode actually felt pretty smooth; in contrary right click could have sped up time to avoid boring situations were the dice are bouncing far away from the last targets with low angles.

Super good job given the time constraint though, it plays until the end without any issues.

The concept of getting a power depending on a dice roll is brilliant!

Some possible enhancements/ideas :

  • Pacing: from the start enemy spawning is too sparse and too slow.
  • Force reroll: some powers are better than others, so it becomes useless to reroll
  • Build a dice: before the game starts, possibility to choose each faces of the dice with more powers (or improve it with some kind of money ala roguelike)

A few bugs encountered: no enemy spawning after restarting following my second death.

Super nice entry, I will be waiting for new versions/releases :)

Stellar usage of the DnD theme with cute paper designs and humor!

Gameplay-wise it felt a bit frustrating by some randomness aspects and difficulty overall. I gave up before going to the last level. As some other mentioned, restarting the level might have been enough, or maybe allowing the player to “reroll” its previous moves.

Congratulations for the submission! Really looking forward to seeing more of your works.

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Game a bit unclear and too random to be fully enjoyable.

The drawings are pretty nice in their own style, reminding on children’s books. That fits the “Little Red Hoodie” perfectly.

“How to Play” button in the menu seems broken.

Good job for a first submission, keep it up for next time!

Cool game with an interesting theme: I wish it was used more broadly (for instance kid’s room background, or a BGM based on music boxes, etc.). Also too short! A few more minutes of fun would have been great.

Good job with the submission!

Surprisingly addictive gameplay “loop”. Played for at least more than 5 minutes.

My biggest feedback, regardless of its “dryness” is that we have to go through the written explanations. I which explanations could have been implemented as part of the gameplay; some people might simply skip the game just because of that.

Props for coding in Javscript in such a small file in so little time!!!

Good job overall in such a limited amount of time!

  • I really liked the smoothness and responsiveness of the die, and it felt pleasant to play the game through but…
  • it’s too short! As you mentioned, you were maybe lacking ideas but more mechanics would made it a great game.
  • Some background music would have been great.
  • A few more visual elements, particles (stars?, effect when breaking a tile) would also have made the game more alive.

Funnily enough, the concept is super close to our submission. Having to pass trough a tile at a given value is not something we thought at all, and it could have really been an interesting mechanic but maybe not on its own.

Keep it up for the next one!