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Maybe it just me but it a little confusing to understand to play. And is a bit hard for me. Really great game thought. super polish with music and sfx, the chractor even have cute walking ainma.

look like a nice game, have no idea how to play though.

Thankyou for reporting the bug and playing our game. I think I forgot to fix the hitbox of most the thing. I tried to make the tree not spawning on screen, but for some reason they still keep spawning. Also I guess I should make the zombie disappear after a while. Lastly I don't know why I tried to make the zombie only move when its see you so that why when you hug the tree the zombie stop moving. (I think this issue could've been fix If I do some play testing)

Thankyou for playing our game. Sadly I didn't fix the collider of the death zombie, but i'm glad you like it.

Thankyou for playing our game. We didn't have enough time to polish the game  since we weren't planning on the picking dice up so we implemented that at the end.

good game 10/10

i am proud

Best puzzle game i've seen in this jam. The puzzle is so god damn good man. especially level 12,14,15. it make me think out side the box. really good puzzle. also the music is pretty sick. super polish game.

is this intended

really good game, I think this game have tons of potential. I enjoy playing this game.

Thankyou so much, I especially make the running animation x2.5 faster instead x2. because I thought it would look funnier. 

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Best game so far. there is no sound effect so, if I recomend something it would be add sound effect. everything is just really good. if you make a game and sell it and I would buy it.

Good concept, good game. (there nothing else to say sorry)

I think the game get repetitive after a while of playing overall it a good game. The sound sfx and game play is really nice, A way to fix the repetitive is maybe add more power instead of just upgrading them. Also once you got the best item there nothing left to do since it just the last upgrade.

This game is sick, I just cant stop playing it, music is nice, sound effect is really fit. First I thought it would be kind of like the ninja fruit game, but actually this game is a lot more fun that ninja fruit. I think this game is really polish too. Everything is simple yet fun. I tried going for the high score and I did got it but I think it come down to how much time you going to use to spend trying to high score in this game. Anyway the game is amazing.

The high score is my now I forgot screen shot wait....

Good game, nicely polish, Sound effect are good, art are good, animation are good, Puzzle are ... good. But I think the puzzle definitly can be improve, a lot of potential for this game. I think there a video about puzzle game in one of the GMTK youtube video. Because good puzzle shouldn't be that complicated but are also really complicated(what I mean is simple but hard). Anyway really good game just more level(designing).

I think It would've cool if the dice have like an animation, like floating.anim, onground.anim. Art is awesome, I dont quite get how progress, maybe tutorial would be nice. Art is awesome, great music, and super cool concept, I think this game a lot of potential.

I think it a bit annoying to reroll untill you got a good enough stat to start the game.

I guess the game is pretty simple that good.

at first I thought it would be like those game that the game are just too easy, and the game will be repetitive, but actually the game are really  really fun, it kind of like a rouge like game, and the dodging mechanic are really cool, it also fit the theme that the dice are literally rolling. The game is also pretty balance. I think it cool idea that you can dodge into the bullet to get more bullet. and you need to dodge to gain bullet, because now you need to get ammo while also not dodging into enemy/bullet. Love this game, art are also pretty cool, sfx are nice. And lastly I'm surprise this game are made in a game jam super polish.

This game is really cool, I thought at first it got inispired by hollow knight(my fav game) then i found easter that literally have hollow knight statue, so I guess this game is inspired by hollow knight, I really like the game but I just getting stuck on the moving platform, I feel like doing hollow knight path of pain but without dashing. Anyway great game, great music and great game design(story is kinda weird). A bit laggy (prob because my com), lastly I got stuck on the 3 moving platform, and I couldn't figure out how to pass it, also I didn't figure that I can double jump from that dice, maybe make a clear show that you receive double jump power. 

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Everything is good, except the game is too repetitive after playing for a while it I'll get bored.

That all game is good and fun.

Good game, good sound effect, it like an arcade game .I think the player should be able to choose to change the dice or not.

How did you finish this in 2 day. The puzzle of this game is really really good. I think you can maybe make more level and make it into a game. The sound effect is cute, the art is cute. When I complete a puzzle it make me felt smart(and that what a good puzzle game does). But maybe you should make a level that are simple but hard(I know level like this are hard) but if you solve one of the puzzle like that it make you feel like the smartest person in the world. There is some puzzle video in GMTK channel and it really help. that all, best game in this jam I've seen

good Idea really fun game to play, I just se my speed highest then jump then attack, because you can litterally jump from start to finish in one jump. make more level it have good potential.

Thank I'll polish the game and complete the game after the game jam is done.

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The game is really fun, maybe a bit balance issue but damn that was fun rolling a die and getting six and hoping that I would survive. Who in the world play russian rullete with 6 bullet 6 people. I mean it was funny. Really like the game.

Love everything in this game, that all. maybe the reloading a bit too long, just a little bit though.

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I really like the idea of half turn base half action game, because you have no time to think and react. The art and animation make it feel like you are in a stop motion world, really cool. Sadly this game have no sound effect or music, would've been cool to have those in the game for more polishing. Maybe add a tutorial level before the start of the game, so player can use to how the game work. 
Also I the game should be pause at the start of the game, or maybe like 3 second before the game start so player can maybe take a break or think about the last lose to the game. 

Lastly the game have a bug (or maybe you it a feature you make) when the game start I just stand there and do nothing and the red thing move to me but are not destroy or killing me, it just sit there beside me, the number of the player and the dice beside me is equal btw. So i just afk there and the map is full with other stuff.

Edit: I got 32 point this prove your game is really fun, and I am very good.

this game is incredibly hard to figure out how to play, please make tutorial, only the text explaining how to play the game is not enough. Well I have to say good idea, good art, good sound effect. But the game is not balance out, it so hard to sustain out the money because of the RNG.  the only was to make money is by placing the blue building and it not even give out enough money to sustain, considering there max building in one oil miner. 

Really like the concept of throwing dice to kill them, do damage, heal, or duplicate enemy. But I think as the game go on it start to be repetitive. Maybe you can use coin to upgrade your dice, or buy more faces of the dice. the sfx, and art is really cute i love it. Also the enemy is also repetitive.

I forgot to say you should make tutorial, I had no idea how to play untill 20 min of playing i figure i can upgrade by accident

I really enjoy the game actually, the upgrade is really fun. I Think it would be nice to add sound effect into the game and maybe music. and maybe make an ending when you finish the game. that all I really love the game.

I dont know what to say, it just so good. the art style are cute and simple. the game is really enjoyable. the sound effect is super super satisfying. the game play is also fun. the really like the Idea of going around dice to step on all of the button.

I agree

Damn this game is really fun. I dont know what to say everything is great. the art is nice, the sound effect is really satisfying, the gameplay is just fun.

love it, I wish there more level. maybe more polishing.

I love it, a bit too short though wish there more level.

maybe it just me but it so laggy