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This is like I Wanna Lockpick but reversed, really liked the concept! Utilizing the 'one key at a time' rule at the last level was very clever. I wish the puzzles had less red herrings though, but the game was still amazing. 

I liked the idea of making impossible board to solve in order to defeat the AI. I found the best strategy is to spread the mines so the number of blank tiles would be minimized, and click on smiley until he dies. It's great to see mine-placing idea is executed in so many different ways!

Pretty cool concept, now I want to have Minesweeper pvp with this kind of rules. The game would be more engaging if it was real-time I guess, would like to see the idea being expanded. Nice job :)

I like that you can guess the arrangement of the mines by number of tiles, including empty tiles. Level 5 was a bit of difficulty spike, but some levels were very clever. My favorite one was level 6, where you have to use two '7's to narrow down the possible mine arrangements. Nice work :)

It's a very cool twist on the Geometry Dash! Those graphic and sound effects were juicy, also cubes coming out of 2 different spots was interesting. I could imagine this being some kind of tower defense game, well done :)

Minesetter is a better name than Mineplacer lmao

I'm surprised that simply reversing a Minesweeper leads to completely different strat and experience from original game. Finding out the strategy was really fun, I managed to solve 2 boards. I only wish that restart button was always available, nice work :)

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Completed all 8 levels. I know the concept will be good if it has minesweeper in it :)

Puzzle design here is kinda mixed to be honest, some levels had too many tiles to process so I just randomly pressed every key until it works. Level 4 and 8 are examples of this. But other levels didn't have too many tiles to process, so I could actually think about the positions of the mines. Those levels were much more satisfying to beat, such as level 5,6, and 7.

Overall, it was an enjoyable experience. Well done!

The idea of changing the object you control was very cool, it reminds me of Baba is You. Having three random control schemes was weird imo, the game would work better by having classic sokoban controls with an additional key to change roles. Nonetheless, the concept shown was pretty cool!

Yeah, I thought unsolvable boards would make all-clears more scarce and satisfying, but I can't deny that the boards rely a lot on RNG and solvable ones are very rare. Thanks for feedback!

Having a mode where all boards are all-clearable is a pretty cool idea. Thank you for your comment!

Seems like I'm not the only one that built a game based on minesweeper :O

AI playing the minesweeper was a very creative concept, mashing the keyboard to make it not choose the wrong tile was pretty funny.

I wish there was an option to 'force-click' so the waiting time could be reduced. Would like to see more with this concept!

Graphics are simple but looks good, with parallex effect on the background. Also I really liked the controls here, I appreciate that coyote time.

Slight complaint is that I wish I could see where the invisible platforms are. Nice game, even though that last level was evil lol

This music really goes hard. Also this game got some nice graphics and effects, and killing enemies after assembling the machine is satisfying.

However, I had a problem with my first playthrough because energy gauge doesn't seem to fill up after using it all. I found that energy cores exist in third playthrough, because I just assembled the machine near spawning position in 1st and 2nd. Since the machine destroys the signpost, I skipped the important information and had trouble with later levels. I think objects that contain vital information shouldn't be broken easily.

Still, I had a fun time after getting hang of it. Nice job :)

Didn't initially plan on releasing the source code, but here it is:

Note that it's my first game on godot so the code is not really clean haha

I liked the concept, collecting -> assembling -> defense flows pretty well.

I think execution of defense part has some flaws though. It seems impossible to fully block those attacks, so 3/3/3 fire/ice/missile is nessesary. I tried 4 missile and 1 ice at first try, and dying at defense part from ice attack didn't feel really fair.

But that aside, it had its own charms like graphics and final twist in the story. Nice job :)

That story, voice acting, and graphics really goes well together. Good job on fulling this atmosphere with only 4 colors.

Puzzle design was great too, it starts off simple and game mechanics are introduced effectively. Level 5 was my favorite, it tries to lure players into wrong solution and clearly shows why that approach doesn't work. Level 10 was a bit of difficulty spike tho, still managed to solve it nonetheless. Adding easier puzzles beforehand would help I guess.

I wouldn't be surprised if this wins the jam. Great job :)

Solid puzzle game with creative mechanics. I liked that screen transition effect, it makes the game feel polished.

I was about to comment that it would be nice to see everything in one screen... until I realized that I could zoom in/out by mouse wheel. That's a really cool feature, though it could be communicated better in-game.

I wish I could see how many moves are left before overheat in numbers, it can make the game more predictable to play I think. Nice game!

Nice concept with nice level design. I like how you introduced how to utilize the game mechanic in each level.

If this had more levels it could be one of my favorites in this jam, nice job!

I like the fixing mechanic, it offers a nice twist on the tower defense genre. The bot mechanic is a nice choice to complement the main concept.

I had difficulty controlling bots though, after they get in one place they can't be separated. Still I think this concept has a lot of potential.

That's a lot of content for a game jam game. Good job on making the whole metroidvania map in given time, I had a lot of fun exploring it. Controls were good too.

It had some camera issues and shield phase of the boss felt boring and unnessary, but still a good experience overall.

Made $110 profit. It gets chaotic real quick, and I like it. Polished graphics too.

I think hitbox for arms and legs could be bigger, but still I had a fun time with this.

I like this concept, mixing picross and shop management was creative. Those customer's dialogues were cute too.

I agree that controls in the puzzle was awkward, and I guess it's because enter key and arrow keys are close to each other, so you perform two frequently-used actions with only one hand. It would be better if interacting with cell was done with Space.

Plot twist: there is no t-spin puzzle in this game. Guess I should add another wildcard

Anyway thanks for playing!

Had fun with mixing out the colors, that's a nice interpretation of the theme. It seems there are so many colors you can make, so this gimmick has a lot of potential.

I had trouble understanding what's going on at first, so I would suggest making tutorial that has some objective, introducing each machine step by step.

Got to wave 22. I like that assembling more parts isn't necessarily good, and you have to balance between mobility and attack power. 

I've noticed that next wave doesn't start until all enemies are killed, so I could get time to assemble parts without any danger. Not sure if it's intended, but I think it makes the game more strategic.

Thanks for playing! Actually you can move the dice by using WASD, not only by mouse clicks. But using only diepound seems like a cool challenge idea, I guess

That's strange, did you try the downloadable version?

+Sorry for misunderstanding, I thought the diagonal movement issue was related with diepound but it was related with normal movement

Sorry, I don't have any joystick controller for now, but I plan to have one in the future. Glad to hear that you all enjoyed the game :)

It would look empty without background, though I can tone down the brightness of it. Also thank you for your suggestions!

Thank you for such a long and detailed feedback!

I didn't notice the diagonal movement bug until now, it shouldn't mean it lands faster cuz it uses coroutine with set amount of time for diepound mechanic. I noticed that it jumps slightly further than indicated range, and it doesn't only happen on diagonals. I should patch that, thanks for reporting the issue. Also I didn't know about normalize() until now, would learn about that later

The tunnel vision issue is maybe caused by all enemies having same bullet sprite, I wasn't sure about that problem but guess it's necessary to fix.

Lastly thank you for your compliments, it's nice to hear that :)

Creative concept well executed. I really enjoyed this so much after understanding rules, especially I liked the concept of making 'impossible' dice shapes using sigma/XOR/OR operators. Result button was a nice touch as I didn't have to wait 1 hour for testing stuff, unlike real programming lol

Had to stop at making 'hello' shape cuz I didn't got enough time and it was too much for my brain, would continue this if this game had level select function. Some interactive tutorial would make this enjoyable for more players as it was a bit hard to understand at first.

Excellent game, I can't believe you made so much levels in a given timeframe!

Didn't expect a lot from screenshot but this was actually pretty good. I really liked making my own beats and experimenting with different dice, music was catchy too.

I wish I could see some information about bpm of the music before picking up a tape, as bpm affects attack power. Enemies spawning at the position of character should be fixed as it made the experience somewhat unfair, still enjoyable tho

Nice game :)

Creative take on the theme! Really got to use some brain power on this one. Those boss dialogues were funny too. 

Tutorial could be better tho, I just pressed right to complete the tutorial and confused at first boss. Maybe allowing players to try make the sum themselves would be better.

Nice game :)

I really liked the graphics on this one! Animations and particles are well done.

Also catching multiple enemies at once with piercing arrow was satisfying least for first few waves. The game gets quickly repetitive, as there is only one enemy type for now and dodging them is quite easy.  Adding more enemy types for gameplay variety would help.  Also waiting at the blue area feels unnecessary since I often can't stay on there while enemies exist. Progressing instantly to next wave when all enemies are caught would make the game more engaging I think.

Got some potential, would be a great game if gameplay is improved. Nice job :)

I liked the calming atmosphere, also showing numbers at the tile was a nice touch, not many games with similar concept does this.

But still the dice number was kinda unpredictable for me, as it shows only one step further, so I ended up just rolling the dice randomly until it reaches right number. Maybe showing planar figure of the dice would help.

Anyways, nice game :)

I noticed it too late that hitbox is larger than intended, glad you enjoyed it nonetheless :)

What a chilling experience, I really liked the atmosphere here. Also the concept was creative, I never thought to connect each pips to create geometric shapes. Well executed too, especially free rerolls was a nice touch since it makes the game fairer.

My only minor complaint is that it could have an in-game tutorial as I was confused at first, not a big issue since the game gives some adequate audio feedback.

My high score was 48, excellent game!

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I was little confused at first, but after figuring out the rule it became fun. I also liked the cute artstyle and music.

Though exploration was fun, it would be better if the game has some kind of obstacles, since the game poses no risk for now. Also it would be nice if the game gave more meaning to dice numbers, maybe changing obstacles of the room based on the number?

(edit: I noticed the decoration changes based on the number after writing this, that's a nice touch)

Nice job :)

I liked the concept of changing probability via bullets, got some nice atmosphere too.

Maybe it focuses on more luck rather than strategy, if one roll goes wrong on certain situation it's dead end. 

Also this is kinda nitpicky, but I wish I could click on cylinders to load bullets other than drag-and-drop, it would make the game more convenient to play. 

Nice game :)