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Interesting. In our testing we didn't find random clicking to be effective, especially on levels 4 and 5. I appreciate your feedback, though!

It was a team effort :) thank you very much for your kind words.

Really great take on the theme! We made a similar tower defense game, however we choose the entire wave beforehand, and enemies are spawned sequentially. Your game has the difference of requiring you to time clicking so it turns into a rhythm game almost which is cool. I literally busted out the metronome to help me beat the harder levels lol.

Baguette! Really fun meta game :) I love the voice acting, it's clear you all had a blast making it and I certainly had a blast playing.  For a while it seemed like my strategy of placing blocks directly on enemies to break their line of sight worked, but then I had to actually strategize once that stopped working haha. Nice submission

I totally get it. Balancing is a nightmare, it's super easy to tweak a single thing and make it effortless or impossible lol

Hahaha, I've been using Google Slides for my research presentations for about 8 years now so it's just a tool I'm fluent in. It has its limitations of course, but it can do some pretty cool things ;)

Thank you so much for the kind words <3 I'm glad it was engaging in the end and that you could see yourself playing it as a full release :)

Nice submission! We also did a reverse TD and I've been playing all of the ones I see; this is the first one that decided to do multi-lane spawning which was really cool! Overall it did seem like it was impossible to win since the turrets are so quick, but it was nice giving it a proper try :)

Nice submission! We also did a similar reversed tower defense, although I like your implementation of indirect spawning via building unique structures. 

Really unique take on the tower offense! I especially enjoyed the art and sound, it meshes together super well. The hat transfer to the other goons is great and in general it it was a blast to play :)

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Spoiler alert, wave 435 of 5 is insane.


Good submission! It would be nice if there was ammo indication. Also, if there were hotkeys to switch to specific turrets rather than cycling left and right things would flow much better.

Also, for what it's worth, there are many normal TDs (particularly within Warcraft 3, e.g. Gem TD, Element TD, Wintermaul, Wintermaul One etc) where you have control of the targeting from the turrets, so from my perspective this feels like a standard TD haha

It's funny that you emphasize left click, but in reality it's right click that works for me (on Firefox and Chrome). Interesting take on the role reversed TD; very challenging.

Awesome take on the theme! We also made a reversed tower defense, but yours is the first I've seen that uses the mechanic of building the defense and then having to fight against it -- super cool!

A nice submission! I also made a reversed tower defense game, but with very different mechanics. I liked controlling the one enemy! One thing I'll note is that it was much easier for me to beat the game by never shooting and just dodging rather than shooting, not sure if that's intended.

An effective tower defense reversal. We also made one, but it's nice to see the differences. The procedural generation works really well on this game!

A straightforward game, but implemented well. Vibes are good and the game plays smoothly! It's also nice to see a game that doesn't require an extensive tutorial to start.

Thank you for the lovely comment and your feedback! Level 4 was previously solvable by spamming the fastest packets, and I had some time to kill a couple of hours before submission and decided that wasn't gonna' cut it. I ended up fixing that solution, but the result is much more complicated. I'm glad you were able to complete the game though :)

I appreciate the feedback! We have played some other reverse-tds this jam that use that mechanic. It's neat because we would've never thought of that style of TD and we're happy to see diversity of interpretation despite common inspiration :)

Thank you for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed the game :)

A good submission, nice work!

Very creative submission, very satisfying once I won a run. Well done!

I feel personally attacked.

Fun game! Interestingly enough I did better on my very first run (by chance) when I was still figuring out the controls than in any of my subsequent attempts haha.

Level 4 is pretty unforgiving, but there is a clean pattern that defeats it. This game ended up being hard to balance, it's either grueling or spammy haha

Great aesthetic on this game! I think it's maybe a tad on the dark side, but makes sense for a wormy boy in the dirt.

Also you definitely can get partial credit on the audio since you did make it yourself ;)

Glad it was engaging, thanks for the feedback :)

Good submission! It was pretty relaxing to just spawn skeletons/zombies and spamming mana increase. I would just look for where the hero was going and spam as quickly as possible while I could. I had no use for the other non-skele/zombie minions since I wanted the units to run straight into the guy as frequently as possible haha.

Absolutely slappin music and the art and effects are great! Really interesting to see an aggressive farming game, a huge slap to the face of the "cozy farming sim" abundance haha. Great submission!

The fisherman has indeed become the fished

This was a lot of fun! I was really engaged in it once I figured out I should spawn a money brick early and then just time placing down a simple brick so it didn't die. Ended up being super rich and winning. Great submission :)

Great submission. Puzzles were genuinely tough. I was a big fan of Light Bot growing up, so it's nice to see a role reversal of a classic :)

We also made a tower offense game! We actually originally had it called the same thing and changed it somewhat last minute haha.

This was a great submission, a unique take even compared to what we did. I found that just getting 1 helmet first level + spamming boots worked a treat.  Music was an absolute jammer, I especially liked the shop music. Well done :)

Very intricate game, I really enjoyed this. I wish I had better control over the fan and that I could remove individual elements rather than having to restart the level, but overall this was well executed and a lot of fun.

This is an interesting submission and it fits the theme well. I had to go to the tutorial to figure out how to rotate -- I would've never tried mouse wheel haha.

This is a gem, probably going to be the funniest game I played in the jam. I want some of those memes. Great submission

I guess now the question of what came first is finally answered. Solid submission, those walking eggs will haunt my dreams.

Wow, what an excellent and polished submission. Idea fits the theme very well and it's executed to perfection. Great aesthetic, fun puzzles

Honestly this is probably as close to a perfect submission as possible and it's the first game I've played. Takes me back; well done.