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I love this game and I think every child should play it before they go to school so they know what to expect and have a great experience.

The implication of haunted house giving you more ghosts is pretty scary, but otherwise it's a really relaxing and cool city builder :D

One of my favourite Squid Game fangame I've seen so far, no-scoping moving targets was pretty fun.

Cool arcade game with good controls and non-stop action. The real fun starts when the bass drops and heatwave activates,

It's like Minecraft but in 2D! Love the soundtrack, would leave the game on just to listen to it even if I don't actively mine.

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Some of those dogs are sus. Very charming entry!

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🤠🤠🤠 I don't know what to say, it's a game about cats, cowboys, and music, at this point, we can just skip the voting and send authors the pizza 🤠🤠🤠

Common cowboy W

Not sure what I'm doing with the parts, but I achieved maximum horsepower and nitro'd my way across the highway listening to the banger soundtrack

A small, charming game AND a history lesson! Nice use of the Bitsy engine in the second scene, it was a surprise.

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There is a small hint in the main menu on what to do in what order ;) And being able to pet is the reward you get for dealing with red guys!

It's the Dark Souls of number guessing games.

It's a shame you couldn't complete it, but the pun itself is worth at least some points.

This game changed how I look at my life, what my role on this planet is, and how my actions affect others. It's a deeply philosophical piece that will be cited for centuries. Remember the frog... who was alive...

Great entry and as always great jam, thank you for organizing it!

The game is extremely charming, the robot makes all the quirky faces and the music is really relaxing. The mechanics are quite clever and the puzzle design is easy, yet engaging. Cool game!

I laughed when the robot guys came in and headbutted the bad cyborgs. Cool idea, too bad it is so short.

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It was really scary at first, but after that I was captivated by the story and the reveals, didn't know I would be into a game about alien poop. Great entry!

That fridge is creepy as hell 😬

Pretty clever arcade game, was really hard at first but once I got used to the timing I could do sick combos. I really like the old-school aesthetics.

HONK if you think this is super cool

It's really hard, you could call it Dark Souls of Baloon games

It's like a fusion of Splatoon and Angry Birds, really cool idea!

To add to that question, I wanted to make a WebGL build of the game but has some issues with making it work on itch (.exe is uploaded and submitted on time). If I manage to make it work tomorrow can I upload it (identical build to .exe submitted) or is this against rules?

This one grows on you the longer you play it, it's my favourite entry so far and it really manages to catch the essence of how I feel about dice-rolls and RNG in video games. 

I got spooked for real, didn't expect a horror game for this theme so huge plus for unique idea.

The control scheme is a bit confusing at first but after getting hang of it it's actually a neat little score-chasing game. Presentation is also pretty cool, including the site which is a huge plus.

I like the part where the dice says 'Eddie!'

The googly eyes on the chip sold it for me! My only issue is that the text can be a bit too small on some of the UI elements regarding the cards.

The presentation is really cool, I like the sound effects and the way the dice moves. Game is easy to understand and introduces new mechanics at good pace, solid entry!

The music is very soothing and makes it a zen-like experience, too bad it doesn't really fit the 'roll of the dice' theme that much...

There is a 'ALL CRT FX: on/off' setting.

Nope and I'm afraid the gamejam code could be too inefficient to easily port it to mobile platforms :(