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Oh dang, sorry about that! Awesome score though. 

Yea, bunnies are scary! Haven’t you seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail?

They do. 

Almost all are Unity yes. I think Casual Crusade might be the only exception. Why don’t ”recent” Unity games work for you? Web and standalone builds both?

Haha, that'd be nuts! 😂

How did it crash?

You can reach me best by email on or my twitter is on my profile too. Don't have any ideas on what could be included in the zine so sure do hit me up with that recommendation too. 👍

Did it freeze or lock up? Ie. was the game still running with the animations still playing but you just couldn't do anything? There is some case where player is holding a card (I think) and it somehow disappears ending up in a stuck state. I haven't been able to reproduce it though. If you remember any more details how you ended up like that, they'd be welcome.

Thanks for the feedback! ❤️

B: Yeah those definitely need some work as their drawback is (or can be if unlucky) very dangerous. I've been thinking of either only allowing them to spawn on edges of the map or making them not destroy the tile after use.

C: The heretics do not spawn randomly but on the space where you open the heretic chest after you've moved away from them. Unless of course you've come across some weird unknown glitch where they break this rule.

To not allow you to make one absolutely broken super scoring card.

Like the middle card here. You kinda need to be looking for it to see.

It should say what it does. It marks the value of the card on the back side. 

There is a very dumb verification method there too to keep curious players from trying to spoof the submissions. But nothing too fool proof.

Yeah it's very annoying that Unity's input boxes don't open the onscreen keyboard on mobile. I guess I should always at least put some "anonymous" placeholder there so it doesn't fully block from progressing.

The backend for the leaderboards is just a simple PHP script that dumps the scores to a database. And then there is another script that gets wanted amount of scores from it and returns then as JSON.

Yeah, the big value cards are a bit of a problem. Obviously they are worth a lot more points if you can make them work though but still probably not enough. I kept adding skills and special cards to help with them and make them more enticing.

Yeah, of course, sounds neat! Won't be able to come visit as I'm basically on the opposite side of the globe but photos from the event will be welcome.

Oh yeah, fully agree that you shouldn't need to read anything before jumping to the game. The same descriptions are in game too (except the full breakdown how the strikes are given) drip fed by the dragon speech bubbles but as it is kinda easy to skip, I decided to add them to the description too.

Cool thanks! Are they really that similar? I mean yeah, they're both high-score  based card games where you acquire new abilities. But aren't those the only similarities really?

True and it’s not supposed to be that fair either. But you do have some control over building your deck though. The starting deck can almost always perfectly solve all four games. But of course that changes as soon as you start adding cards to it. 

So you need to pick one root card and other cards surrounding it that add up to (or subtract) to the same value. So like these...

Yea it's not supposed to. Well, I'm pretty sure you can drag the multiplier card to it and it will apply but will not do what you want it to do.

What about it?

It should be equal to the difference between the scales. Not sure if there are some weird scenarios where it functions like not intended.

The game gets rather boring after the first level, especially on the last one where it's like 90% flat without any enemies. Perceived through though.

(here was supposed to be a screenshot of the "you win" screen but looks like I accidentally only screencapped to the clipboard instead of file and lost it while writing this)

The upgrade system was kind of meh. The first one was mandatory if you wanted anything else but  I didn't even purchase anything other than the health regeneration to reach the end. That already was way too powerful by itself. It would have been nice to have a bigger variety of things to buy and with more frequency to keep up the interest. Now it was very grindy.

And there was no reason to go past the first 10 or so coins while grinding, as past that, it slowed down so much that it would be faster to die and grab the first 10 again. Rinse and repeat until you can buy the upgrades you want and/or need to get through the first level. The next levels do not offer any challenge whatsoever, other than maybe falling asleep.

The first level, though the best and most interesting of the three, was a bit annoyingly designed. The top route has some very annoying jumps (especially that first downslope gap) where getting past with the inconsistent jump height/distance did not feel great. The lower route was a bit more guaranteed to progress, but the enemy spam made it so like 50% of the coins could not be gathered. And the randomish mega bounce so you hit your head on the top platforms was a bit unfair. And then finally had that choke point that I'm pretty sure is impossible to get through without the armor upgrade at least. I made it through by first going a bit on the top layer until I failed some jump and lucked through the hole without getting stuck or completely getting bodied. Proceeded to run on the bottom until I somehow made a lucky mega jump back to the top and continued there until the routes merged back to one. From that point on, the game posed no threat at all.

I'm all for the goofy aesthetic and overall feel of the game, but it still could use some polish around the edges. Like the completely broken ground tiling was just off-putting. I really prefer the actually repeating one you have in that main picture. I like that character model more too. The running speed and animation felt not properly synced. Could have controlled the animation speed a bit more based on the running speed so it'd look more natural, just like you stop it when jumping.

I liked the background with the parallax effect. Could have toned the vertical parallaxing a bit though; it felt a bit much. And obviously, it didn't really fit that well with the rest of the visuals. Pixel size wasn't consistent either, and it was too blurry.

I was very annoyed about the control scheme. Having to click retry with mouse while game itself was keyboard only was bad. And arrow keys as an alternative to WASD would always be welcome, especially if the game doesn't use mouse at all. But I did discover that you can jump with mouse too which made it that much better.

Could have used some love in the sound department too. Loved the cheesy classic tunes, they fit the game feel perfectly. Would have liked to hear a bit more sound effect though. I think there was only jump and coin sounds overall. Adding sound effects for footsteps (something quite slight), getting hurt and monsters themselves could have made some noice too to fill up the void.

But yeah, all in all good job with the game! 👍

Thanks! Yup, just me. 😎

It depends on the game. I added all the rules of different games to the description above (along with how the strikes are given).

- Ancension: strike per unopened row
- Balancing: strike per diff (level number max)
- Scales: strike per diff in opponent ticks vs your ticks
- Descale: strike per unflipped card

Yea they can be a bit (too) cryptic as they're not really opened up can vary from game to game. I added those description to this page description along with different rules of the games.

Added the different game rules to the game description as I can't update the game now for a month or so.

Added brief rules recaps to the game page description to help with this as I can't update the game to have them in a month or so.

Added brief rules recaps to the game page description to help with this as I can't update the game to have them in a month or so.

Oh yeah true. I should have probably given a hint telling that going past x100 is bad when at risk.

Volume controls are now there.

So you pick a "root card" and some cards around it that sum or subtract to the root value.

For example

Cool, I'll add volume controls along with other changes today. Yea MtG cards were an straight inspiration for the some of the mechanics so might as well give them a nod to make it obvious 😉

(1 edit)

Thanks! I've still got time today to work on this so I'll add tutorial reset option too. Don't think you can soft lock though, there probably was some match you weren't noticing. Think I will also show the continue button if enough time passes without doing anything to not force players to find all existing possibilities (leaves them some space to fail on their own 😅).

(2 edits)

The score is not supposed to carry over. Good thing there is still a day left for the jam so I can do a quick fix.

The card multiplier max is 100, if it goes over it doesn't give you a strike but the card will turn into a strike giving one.

No limit on the generic multiplier.

Cool cool, fun video! Did the game crash when if went all black? 😬

Nope, nothing is exclusive but just more likely to appear.

All the different skills "belong" to one base profession and they are way more likely to appear when playing. Quite a lot of the professions are combinations of two base ones for example (if I remember correctly) palading is cleric + fighter.

What sort of adjustments? I could add them to the list for the next version if they're within my artistic capabilities... 😎