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Thanks for playing! Too bad you played it just a few days too early though. I released a big 1.1.0 patch to it yesterday adding different character races, new skills and fixing the existing bugs.

Cool, nicely done! Looks like I didn't get that far after my additions on the last few days of the challenge. Even the sky gradient gets broken... :D

I am aware of the (minorish) bugs like the miss  stacking that both player and the enemy can do (though weirdly from completely different reasons) and I will for sure fix those and develop this one further too. I still have a huge list of features to add. Things like different races and more weapon variety. Also passive and active skills for utility to spice up the combat. For example healers and ranged weapons.

Obviously the difficulty curve needs some love too. Yes the difficulty stops ramping up when they reach the current max inventory grid size since they just slap their gear on randomly. And they're quite bad at it too which can be seen from the empty slots left and there quite often. Didn't even think anyone would play it enough to reach that point to be honest. Adding some intelligence to the enemy gearing process (or faking it by cheating) will for sure allow to ramp up the difficulty a bit differently and not by just increasing their inventory grid size.

Thanks for playing and the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback! Yes, I am well aware of these bugs and even few more and I do fully intend to fix them and add some more features I had to give up on during the challenge week. Stuff like different character races, passive and active skills that make the combat stuff more varied and less repetitive.

Sorry about the delay! Yeah, you're correct, it has something to do with the bulbs on his chest. You don't need to reach them, just hitting them with your grabble hook is enough. And btw, that isn't the final boss really... ;)

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A very big thanks for the detailed feedback and of course, playing!

I'm surprised and delighted to hear the some people are actually complimenting the music. I would very much regard myself as a total rookie in that department so glad I managed to scrape up something that even resembles music and isn't just straight up annoying.

Compared to audio stuff, visuals comes naturally for me. But isn't all art just basic shapes though? :D No matter how detailed and photo realistic pen drawing there is, it's just a bunch of lines. Seriously though, I do all my "art" stuff in Illustrator so basic shapes is the way to go. Especially like in this game case when I only worked on a laptop touchpad.

Quite often I even try to get as far as possible with just using the default circle/square sprites of Unity. For example, this little dude has only two extra sprites, the cloud he is standing on and the mouth (which is also just a segment of a circle and hence wouldn't even need an own image if just masking a circle with a square).

But yeah, I have been toying around of maybe trying a more hand drawn style in some jam game. Might be fun, I haven't really drawn anything except for some super sketchy doodles to pass the time sometimes in like 15 years.

Yeah, the engineers weren't really supposed to be that prone to dying. They actually were immortal unless hitting their head for quite a long time. Then I added the system of the being able to get crushed by the doors and that system leaked "a bit" to fire up in the minor overlap in the normal collisions too. But at that point I had already played the game so much that the additional difficulty spike was maybe not unnoticeable, but a welcome change. And it is most likely the reason behind launch deaths when either using too much force or there are body bits raining down. As a hindsight it would have been super easy to add a threshold of some small amount of time the overlap would need to happen before the death was triggered. I will most likely do a quick post jam version where I'll fix all these annoying issues at last.

And then to the performance bit. What sort of computer did you play on? The garbage collection kicks in at 10 dead bodies or 15 overall engineers, live or dead (expect exploded first before collection if still alive). I coded the game on a not that new macbook and it was maybe something closer to 50 engineers when the framerate started to dip (below 60 that is). And that is what I based those picked garbage collection values on. Well, now that I think about it, that was quite a lot before I added up quite a lot of more details like the animated tree leaves and so on. Dunno how much they actually affect the performance really though. But yeah, after adding the limits, I didn't encounter any poor performance even when playing inside Unity where it usually is a lot slower than the actual builds.

Again, big thanks for the feedback!

No, they do not get stronger. The key to doing launches consistently is to keep the length and angle the same. Since the "ball" here is a ragdoll, even very slight changes can have some drastic effects. 

The launch force is linearly based on the length of the line and I balanced the "normal" forces to be what ever looked like the most natural to me. Obviously this enables some ridiculously high forces when going for the max distance. The higher forces do have their uses too even if they will kill on contact with anything. Somehow limiting the launch force to disallow higher forces would be stupid, think of a golf game where the power meter was the exact thing for a hole in one.

Also, destruction is fun (to me at least)! Extra deaths aren't really punished at all, the stars are pretty much only there for bragging rights. One will most likely easily earn 2/3 stars by accident to be able to skip even a third of the levels if needed.

Thanks for playing!

Just mouse click (at start, right click also later on). The length of the "launch line" determines the jump force and the legs need to be touching the floor when jumping. It is hard though...

Thanks for giving it a go!

Yeah, as a hindsight it would have been super easy to add a system where a message pops up if you launch few times too hard on the start. The tutorial/message system was in place for exactly cases like these but this one somehow slipped my mind.

Thanks for playing and leaving feedback!

Thank you so much for playing and leaving such a detailed feedback!

Very glad to hear you enjoyed the music. I'm still very novice in that department but I'm trying. Audio is easily the weakest category for me. The graphics just come naturally, juicing up games is probably my favourite thing to do. And I do programming for a living (even though looking at the spaghetti code I ended up creating for this game, one probably wouldn't notice).

Some kind of cohesive plot to tie the levels together (and have more of them overall, or at least better designed ones) would have been cool. Alas, it was kinda out of scope since I decided to work super casually on this. Probably like max few hours a day and I even kept several days off completely. So I don't know if I even ended up working that much more on it than on "normal" weekend jam games.

Yes indeed! There are other ways to do it but that is the one I've based the three star par around.

So true! Damn, why didn't you tell me that earlier. Would have taken just a few seconds to fix it like that... :D

Ok, I'll be lazy and copy paste my answer from below...

The launch explosions happen when launching too hard to when there is some rubble (ie. fallen comrade body parts) raining down. One of the "bugs" I never got around to fixing.

Thanks for playing and the kind words!

Haha, yeah! That's how engineering works, right? :D

Thanks for playing!

Oh yes, gotta love the accidental comedy in physics based games. :D

And the launch explosions happen when launching too hard to when there is some rubble (ie. fallen comrade body parts) raining down. One of the "bugs" I never got around to fixing.

Thanks for playing!

Big thanks! Honestly, there are loads of bugs and other minor issues, guess you just didn't encounter any of them ;) Seems like one month is too long of a jamming period for me. I ended up postponing fixing annoying bugs all the time, and they just kept piling on and even in the end I didn't get around to fixing all of them. Adding new content is just way more fun than hunting some stupid bugs.

And to think that at some point I had a suspicion that it would be too easy. Garbage collection of limbs and other corpse bits kicks in at around ten corpses so it shouldn't really choke the computer completely. Thanks for the feedback!

Haha yeah, dunno, I never actually graduated as an engineer so I wouldn't know. :D But yeah, they probably were not supposed to explode that much but since physics can get weird I just went with it and let them die when there is some overlapping with the walls, too big collision forces or limb snapping which ended up resulting in quite a lot of destruction. And it probably doesn't help that I was the only person playing it during the development and got good/careful at plaing it. It's hard to make easy games :D

Thanks for giving it a go and leaving feedback!

Cool, thanks for playing! Yeah, the plants follow the rules of Game of Life so they wither away if they have too few or too many neighbours.

You should add the LD page link (and the corresponding tag) in the game details. I stumbled across this in here and having a hard time finding it from

Oh damn, sorry about that. Couldn't really test the other build besides Mac and HTML5 and was just hoping that they'd work (as Unity builds usually do). Have Unity games usually worked for you?

Thanks for playing and making a video!

Thanks for playing! Impairing the vision when slowing down the time was very intentional to deter from over using it. I think every single helping functionality should have some kind of downside or limited resource or be made completely automatic instead of having a button. Some people seem to notice and understand the "guide" or time slowing but yeah, I will definitely enhance that somehow if I make a post jam version.

Stuff. They spawn at your cursor and explode on contact with pretty much anything. Probably by accident. Something.

Thanks or giving it a go! ;)

Btw, still says compo here even though it was submitted as jam.

Thanks for playing and making a video! Too bad you never noticed the slowdown mechanic (when you hold the mouse button down), it would have made it a lot easier. I tried to add an infographic about it on the third level but quite a lot of people seem to completely ignore it as being just decoration or not understand what it's trying to tell. But yeah, such things are bound to happen when you make a game in 48 hours just by yourself without any proper play testing from anyone else.

Oh yes, that is just a simple file that includes the method for generating the checksum of all the data submitted to prevent easy data manipulation for cheating purposes.

Source code is available as per Ludum Dare compo rules:

But basically it's just calling a PHP script on my server with all the parameters and the script does the saving to the database.

Are you holding down the jump button? The jump gets higher the longer you hold it down. Or did you have any framerate issues because it seems like that can make the jumping not function as intended.

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Sweet! Good job on completing it. Thanks for playing and making a video of it. Looks like I may have forgotten to factor in the deadzone for controllers ;)

Oh true, I haven't really. It was a 48 hour jam game so no time for such things. Everything movement wise should be synced to framerate but there can indeed be a slip up there somewhere.

I wouldn't really consider myself a new developer, been programming since the early 90s.

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Oh cool, a fellow mac gamer!

But I dunno really then, I can control the jump heights just fine. And this is on OSX/Chrome/keyboard as well.

A. Not quite true. From the moment you press the jump button, there is a 10 frame window where if you hold it for the full amount, the jump height will be the maximum.

B. That's weird, there isn't any artificial delay between the press and the jump itself. Input lag maybe. What version did you play and did you use controller or keyboard?

Thanks for playing!

Cool! Go ahead...

True, but it is also very short. Not quite sure what you mean about the friction, there is a ton of it. Otherwise Millie would just spin in place without moving at all. Thanks for giving it a go!


Yup, it's a tough one but very doable. Good job on almost getting all of them!

Thanks for playing! See my reply to bugcat's post to see more info about my mishap with the grid... :)

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Thanks for playing and the feedback! Always fun to sneak in a bit of education to unsuspecting gamers ;)

I actually did have a pyramid like grid for the possible positions earlier on in the (whole 2 day) development cycle but decided to leave it out because of the mechanic introduced in the last few levels (which even didn't end up being that great). So I played the game mostly with the grid on myself and then when I disabled it, I had gotten so used to the positions that I didn't notice the necessity of it. Will definitely put it back in if I decide to do some kind of post-jam version of the game.

Thanks a lot!

I weren't intentionally inspired by World of Goo but I do see the similarities. And I am indeed a big fan of it so of course it is inspired by it to some extent but that goes for a vast array of games.

Yeah, I kinda agree on the slider levels bit. I really should learn to allow myself to cut stuff that doesn't work that great even though I had used a bunch of time making it (even in a jam game).

Not quite sure about that error. Does it happen again if you try to start the game again (it should save the progress after each level)?

If you want to download the linux standalone, the executable program should be the .x86 or x86_64 depending on if your os is 64 bit or not.