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Yes that should be it. The other guy can't even touch the ball at all.

You can still jump off those breaking letters once.

Yes but only later on. There also is a way to get back to those missed collectibles which are actually the key to beat the game. Thanks for giving it a go!

Nice, congrats! Not an easy task by any means and requires a good bit of luck indeed. 

Yup, that's why it's important to try to identify as much of the pills as possible early on. Especially the damage halving one is great to encounter as early as possible since it actually does nothing if your damage is still at one cause pills can't get any stats below that.

Not really, you just got kinda unlucky at encountering him on the second to last floor. Of course everything gets bit more stats on the last floor but no new types. But the demon boss has a speciality skill that he didn't really get to use because of the glitching and there is a normal enemy variant of them as well.

Cool! Always fun to watch people play my game. 😍 Super glad to see you picked up pretty much all the mechanics and tactics very well. Maybe the only thing you were lacking on was harnessing the power of those explosions (and dodging them by having a spot to jump to safely). With that the unidentified pills become way less scary and therefore much more of a tool to be abused to your advantage.

Seems like there is something wrong with the AI target switching after they have killed their first target. Colonel Moose gladly killed two of your crew before going into its peaceful slumber. That run got kinda screwed by "bad" items and accidental rushing deeper too fast. The game isn't still too well balanced and you really need to gather all the resources you can and also need good luck to get through (six floors in total). 

The diagonal movement (which caused your accidental skip) is not possible around the corners so there needs to be a block on both sides to be able to make the diagonal move. And manoeuvring multiple characters is indeed quite janky since they don't know about each other on their pathfinding but will not be able to move past each other either. Same is true for the enemies too though so they can get themselves stuck on each other.

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Thanks for playing and the feedback! ❤️ The spawn rates aren’t completely random. There is a weighted pool of possible things for both the big and the small question mark for each of the six levels. Both can be good or bad (or or sometimes somewhat neutral) but I think giving up any more information about them would like moot the point of having them be ”hidden” at all. One of the big ones is always the staircase and the rest are chests or bosses (and later on or rarely allies). The small ones have less variety on possible spawns based on levels (well except for different mobs) and also offer less impactful rewards in the form of pills.

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It should yes! It will not if there are still items on the floor or something unused in the inventory as those can still save it. Thanks for playing!

Lol it’s a jam game, what marketing? 

Thanks! ❤️

Umm, yes?

Yup, you are very much right! I'm afraid that block rotating would make it too complex, quite a few people already said they just played it by placing blocks pretty much not considering the letters at all. Of course it was a jam game and some people don't really have the patience to play the games properly and just mess around with em for couple of minutes so that isn't something to really cater the game around though. But having a kind of block "hold" has been suggested and is pretty much exactly what you described too. I think that might be a very nice addition here. I guess I'll have to try these things out.

Thanks for playing and the feedback! ❤️

No, for now at least.

Last Ludum Dare I did a Snake and also metroidvania 😆

Thanks! Well, there isn’t an easy way really. If you played on web version then incognito tab will not be able to load the previous save but also will not be able to recover once you close the tab. If you have the know-how however, the data is saved with Unity’s PlayerPrefs so you can clear them from where ever they are stored in the platform of choice:

If I make a post jam verison, of course! I already have dictionary for it too from making other word games.

Yeah adding thought it might make it too complicated (and some people are already playing it without even looking at the letters). I might try how it works after the jam rating period is over.

Thanks for playing and the feedback! ❤️

Haha yeah, the jam was around maybe like halfway for me and I was pretty much done feature wise and I already had that 'nice' sound when making words and somehow it reminded me of Mortal Kombat and that toasty thing. So the mascot was born! I'm not a native English speaker so the word definitions were a feature I really added because of my own annoyance while playing early on and thinking "what, that can't be a word".

Thanks for playing and the feedback! ❤️

Yeah I know it kinda sucks how the RNG can screw your game up quite royally. But some of these things that you mentioned are indeed on my backlog now for a possible post jam version: removing ready words from blocks, block saving ala new school tetris, block rotation.

Dang! Web version I’m guessing? What browser?

Oh it’s so frequent to you. 🤔 Even weirder since it doesn’t seem like it’s happening to others.

That’s very weird. Probably some timing issue, glad that it seems to be very rare at least.

Haha, I don’t think the AI minds your trolling. Thanks for playing! ❤️

Yup, that’s the thing, I’m pushing towards 30 years of experience making games. Even though there has been some years between there with practically no games.

Haha thanks! ❤️ Not my first rodeo. But yeah, wish I did have the 3rd day, sadly had to work. Dunno what I would have done differently or added if I did though. 🤔 Maybe different languages and probably would have dared to try block rotations. Well, at least more polish!

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Umm, no. I know of the game but never played or even seen it. I guess the Lex name is kinda obvious choice though cause in both cases it is a play on lexicon. This style of noises on "speech" is kinda my goto nowadays. I think the inspiration mainly comes from Animal Crossing even though their system is way more in depth than my "just record a bunch of syllables and play them randomly on start of a word". And as a funny trivia, these syllables are what from Finnish words for few cat and dog family species. The sound quality is quite horrible too. They were recorded with a laptop mic and the room is way too echoey too since I moved quite recently and don't have curtains etc on my office.

Noted! Although the Tetris I grew up with didn't have that. But it might be a good addition here (too). I'll keep it in mind for the possible post jam version. Thanks for playing! ❤️

Of course you can play like that and will most likely net some average points if lucky enough too. But I think everyone past a thousand points at least is playing "properly". I very much doubt it'd be possible (or at least likely) to get that much by just luck alone.

Had to work today so actually only got two days on it 😎

Soo, obviously went "hardcore" mode since I'm a real gamer! 😎

Doesn't look like it really behaved like you explained though. I could still make three copies at least in the majority of the levels. And even needing to start from the beginning each clone, it was just a time sink and not a difficulty increase.

This seems like the goto take on the theme. And I don't really like it. It just wastes time. Your change of not resetting the player position was a step to the right direction in my opinion though. It also allowed some cool more lengthy jumps since it seemed to give some more momentum to the player.

So pretty much nothing worked on levels from two to I think four or five. Sounds were missing and the respawn key didn't work either. Made it for some super annoying hard locks forcing me to do a full reset quite a few times. It was just too easy to block your way.

Was this pseudo double jumping intended? It saved me so many times and could be used as some nice tactics too.

The controls layout was super awkward to me. No reason really to not add arrow keys as alternative. The jumping felt too floaty too and the movements too quick. It was hard to make accurate movements which were required quite often and failing to do so more often than not resulted in you having to completely restart the level. Not fun!

The difficulty curve was pretty good. Some levels really had some huge skips which made them feel not too well placed on the curve.

Not the biggest fan of blind falls that instantly kill you. And you had these plenty! Few cases were fortunately first be able to be seen from a previous point which was nice.

Looks wise the game was ok. The colors were quite eye pleasing and the overall composition was nice. Of course just simple shapes with post processing isn't anything to write home about though. Could have really spiced it up with some more particle effects, screen shake and so on. And adding a simple squash & stretch animation to the player square would have been a huge. Also, if you wanna do a trail like that, don't let the particle system emit all the time but change to distance based emission. Right now it looks awkward after the player is in the same spot and then moves and the spot is filled with particles.

It was also possible to completely spawn trap yourself. Obviously here too needing a hard reset. 😡

Anyways, good job! 👍

Side note, what the hell is going on on the comments here... 🤨🤷‍♀️

Thanks! ❤️

Yeah my take on the theme was the balancing act between not forming words for the multiplier and actually scoring. I really wanted to make a score based game (and keeping it actually skill based) so I didn't want to go too hard on the failing aspect.

Yup, rotation is the obvious thing that has been pointed out. I was afraid it would add too much complexity and also didn't even try because of the time. Will most likely try it out how it feels post-jam. Thanks for playing! ❤️

I didn't, only worked for 48! Thanks ❤️


Very polished game overall with some huge influence from Minit and other games like that. Basically this was a metroidvania cleverly boiled down to its core. The length was pretty spot on. Lengthy enough not to be too short but didn't overstay its welcome either. And it looks like you're going for a full release too. Good luck on that, do you already have some ideas how to not just keep doing the same thing over and over again for longer?

Really spicy game feel, I dig it! Overall the art looked spectacular but some of the visuals just didn't click on my brain and made it look confusing. Mainly meaning all those black bits that were just solid walls. The majority of the upgrades were crystal clear on what to do with em. Well done on that! The different world sections were also nicely distinguishable from each other. Expect for the lab! I hated it really. Always went to the wrong fork there and lost too much time and had to wait for the respawn.

The music was outstanding too! The sound effects were fine I guess but there was this weird clanging sound which was annoying. I think it was the laser bot thingy making that noise when it was on top of walls. Super off putting... 🤨

The middle bit should have recharged your life thing. It was really un-fun to wait around there for oneself to die just because you were faffing around and knew you didn't have enough time to do what was needed. Also it wasn't very fun that quite often when you got a new piece of the puzzle, your best bet was to just wait for death to respawn you back to main hub.

Anyways, stellar job! You clearly know what you're doing. 👍

Thanks! ❤️

Good suggestions. Definitely will add number two if I do some kind of post jam version and will also figure out some solution to number one.

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Thanks! ❤️

That isn't a bug really, but something I will most likely address and get rid of if (or when 🤷‍♀️) I do a post jam version anyway. 

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The game is missing! 🧐

edit: Never mind, missed the "game is loading" bit.

Alright, now the the actual feedback then!

Super short and bit on the easy side to my liking. Very much liked how you introduced the controls in game which isn't always a given in jam games. You missed the part about shooting though and having a button for picking up the gun that you do only once the whole game is quite pointless. Could have just as easily automatically picked it up when walking past it. The tutorial could have also a bit better steered the player towards accidentally killing themselves to understand the idea for the game. The area was so huge that it was nearly impossible to die by accident. I might have actually never have figured it out hadn't I known the jam theme. I was just trying to bank shot both the buttons (and did too) but obviously that doesn't hit em fast enough.

Oh damn, now I actually went back to play again and there are these help messages on the screen. How on earth did I not see them... 😅

Nice sprite art but the lack of sound was really noticeable. The level design was very boring too. Just square room after square room with pretty much nothing in it. Even having a bit more organic and differently shaped rooms as a flavour would have been a nice spice.

The controls weren't perfect either. The biggest thing was the lack of jump buffering. There was a huge delay between landing a jump and being allowed to jump again. This is especially noticeable on the level where you had to jump up the single block platforms.

The difficulty curve really wasn't there either. It was just a single puzzle repeated way too many times in a row with like no real difference. The only real difficulty came from the death animation and physics not letting this body stay on the button too easily.

This was my second game I played on the jam and already the second "die to make a platform" game too. And I'm guessing they won't be the only two either. The way to kill oneself was kinda awkward here too.

Anyways, good job! 👍

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Pretty fun!

The controls were quite damn solid. Jumping felt very good which isn't always the case in jam games. The speed was a bit too much for me though, died so many times just due to not being accurate enough. And it's even more punishing when just a little mistake will cost you the whole run. Also due to the movement speed I found it quite difficult to precisely place the blocks as platforms in correct heights. I think like at least a third of my fails were because I just placed something so heigh that it couldn't be jumped on.

I also really dislike jumping with the up key and know for sure I'm not the only one. Having jump also be bound to space and then dying moved to something else convenient would have been the safe way to go in my opinion.

The spring was super annoying to control. Having to time its jumps wasn't too fun. I think it would be just fine to allow it to jump even if it was during the internal bounce animation. That would only get rid of that annoying holding jump and syncing up thing I had to do before every jump. But that spring own bouncing breaking the stone block was a 👌 touch.

Speaking of which, thematically wouldn't it make more sense that the (heavy) stone block would be the one that breaks the others not the other way around?

The difficulty curve was pretty ok. The overall increase in difficulty was very slight and was also completely nullified by some lenient extra blocks that weren't there in the beginning.

Was this just due to not seeing the easiest solution yourself or was it just giving the player some extra lifelines? Cause those lifelines would have been way more appreciated in the beginning. Dying could pretty much automatically full reset the level since it almost always meant that you didn't have enough resources to beat the level.

One other thing I didn't really enjoy that much was the constant need of repetition. Made even worse by the stone block disappearing and you having to repeat even more to get past a level. Of course this issue lessened down towards the latter half of the game though.

The visuals were nothing to really write home about but they got the job done well enough. And the screen shake alone bumps that score up by a star. The color selections were a bit all over the place which made the game look unharmonious. Well at least they weren't full on pure RGB colors.

Anyways, good job! First game I played so far and we're starting off pretty strong. 👍

Haha, only had 48 hours since I had to work today. But thanks for playing and the feedback! ❤️

The location is pulled off by your ip address. Yeah dragging the pieces the in like full "tetris mode" gets you probably to something like 700-800 points but I never got past a thousand with playing like that. And getting past 2k (as it seems like someone already did) is most likely impossible that way.

Thanks! ❤️

Yeah the two letter words shouldn’t count. There is some discrepancies between by dictionary file and the API I use to get the definitions. So no clue on what the MMM in the dictionary is referring to but for some reason the definition when querying with it returns millimeters.

Names missing is just a dictionary thing. I’d gladly add the names to the dictionary if I can find a decent list. Shouldn’t be too hard.

Yup, tetromino rotating would be cool I think. Sure it would also increase the complexity when placing the blocks and finding words but would also help the end game not be so luck based. I was of course thinking about it since it’s the classic tetris way but was kinda afraid of the added complexity. Quite a few people have already mentioned the lack of it so I’m quite sure it’s something I’ll at least toy around with after the jam rating period is done. Maybe could be its own ”game mode” with separate leaderboards or something. Would be easy enough to ensure that blocks do not contain any ready words too.

Thanks again for playing and the feedback!