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It's the same right mouse button but you hold it instead of just clicking. I tried to indicate it in the help pic with the clock but I guess it doesn't quite work.

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Aww, thanks for trying anyways!

1) Small movements are the key to success. And because of that, it's a lot easier with a controller.
2) You shouldn't mind the rotation of the bird at all. Up key will always go up etc...
3) By not moving (pressing keys) for a fraction of a secnd, the bird will try to reorient its rotation back to the upright position.

Yup, you're quite right, the ending in this one isn't anything that special either. There is a hard mode afterwards but that probably isn't your cup of tea as a non puzzle lover.

The number in the end terminal is indeed the total number of the "secret" terminals but not all of them are needed for the solution. One could probably solve it with only 2 or 3. I'm gonna tweak the ending puzzle a bit to try to make sure that people don't miss out on the hint image.

Thanks again for your insights!

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Thanks for playing. Just read the review, was a cool read! You raised some good points. Glad to see I managed to make a puzzle game that a puzzle hater such as yourself did even somewhat like.

Quite interesting that you found it to be a labyrinth. It is actually very linear, all the branching paths come to an end or loop back to the main path quickly. The original jam version only had the first terminal room and it served no purpose at all really, it was added in for the illusion of non-linearity (knowing quite a lot of people would miss that jump anyway). So I guess my plan to make it seem less linear really worked out if you found it to be a labyrinth and even somehow managed to get lost in it.

You don't actually need all the terminals for the ending. How many did you find? Did you completely miss the hint picture with pieces missing? It is probably a flaw in the puzzle design there that it is only shown after a 4 second delay after triggering the machine or with some specific commands. So if the player writes some command before that time is up, they might end up missing it completely.

And when it comes to your last question, the answer is simple. Someone who's mother decided to name them that. Or it actually was the lady who lived as a neighbour but that's a whole another story...

Thanks for playing and good job on making it all the way trough!

Haha, you're quite right. Indeed I did not find any caches at all (besides my own ones). Pretty much just stashed my caches as high as I could get and then explored for quite a bit.

It's super easy to add more keys. Just duplicate the row and slap on some different keys there. As long as they have same names, GetButton/GetAxis etc will match them all.

Could always just add both as options. Space wasn't used for anything anyway. Good to know that you left them as configurable though. Many people just straight up ignore Unity's pretty decent input manager and just hard code the keys.

I don't think I have anything new to add that hasn't already been said. The controls were a bit weird, somehow stiff and floaty at the same time. I never find it comfortable (and I know for sure I'm not the only one) using up as jump. Well, at least I could use arrows for control and W for pseudo dedicated jump button. Didn't quite feel like skateboarding at all. More like just walking and jumping.

Anyways, mad props for pulling off a multiplayer of this scale and a short jam like this!

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Nice, cute and clean visuals. Music worked pretty well too. Obviously would have needed some sound effects and more polish on the visual side as well.

As already stated by others, getting a full on game over and having to just go grab all the stuff again was kinda tedious. Like if I jump to the water in the beginning it's fine but if I fall there with the balloon it's game over. Didn't quite make sense.

Could have used some more hints on what could be built in game. Only things I found out how to build were the balloon and the turtle taxi. The hints you had there like the string can only join two objects together were along the right line but not really that helpful. Of course I was trying to join two things together with the string but if I didn't have the exact right ones the game was like "nope, those aren't objects, try using objects next time newb". First I made a balloon (without the feather) and you kinda gave away that I'll need to add the feather next time.

After few failed landings with the balloon (WASD controls were for some reason inverted when flying, arrows weren't), I experimented more with crafting and managed to build the turtle cab. And with that, I sailed on... for what felt like an eternity. After I was just about to give up, I saw the island. And then it just went past it. After that, insert another eternity and almost giving up again and I see another island, sweet. Except didn't find any way to get there and the turtle was just stuck on place there. Was I supposed to do something there to get to the island, nothing seemed to do anything.

Knowing that the islands were there, I built another balloon and went on my way towards them. Then I tried to land on the island and the squirrel crashed and died. This was the time I decided to call it quits...

Anyways, good job. As you and others have already discussed, it might have been a tad too ambitious so you couldn't really focus on the most important bits, the gameplay and final polish. Oh well, jams are all about the learning experience anyway so next time you'll know!

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Controls were very awkward (to me at least). Having a running button was pointless since it was pretty much always mandatory to be running. Dunno if walking is required later on and if it is, having it be toggleable would be better. And because there was no friction at all, stopping was pretty much a no-go as well (also because of the tilting/falling platforms). And because of that you were required to hold forward down all the time as well. Would have liked the turning speed to be a bit faster.

Why just plot down all the keys to the left side of the keyboard? Sure, WASD controls are a standard for FPS games and others using the mouse but no point in making the left hand do all the work when the right (that being even the dominant hand for vast majority of people) one is doing FA. After almost cramping my hand holding down all these buttons I remembered that it was an Unity project so I backed out and tried the config dialog. But nope, you just hard coded the single keys in. Might wanna use that (or some other input manager) in the future, makes it easier to add alternative keys or even allow players to configure them.

The movement speed and the animation speeds didn't match at all, made it look weird. Adding a small dropshadow under the character would be nice, making it a bit easier to keep up with the perspective and positioning.

One easy visual addition that comes to mind is adding a bit of a ring around the block that is falling to the water. You know, kinda like waves. It would help make sense of what is actually going on instead of just looking like a glitch. I first thought that the whole thing was just z-fighting ;)

Props for adding keyboard shortcuts for retry and skipping the start animation. Seen so many jam games that are 100% keyboard controlled except for requiring the player to click on a button to retry or such.

Neat slideshow. Would have been cool to allow players to actually play a bit of pong before going down the rabbit hole.  

Controls were weird. The "proceed" key doesn't make sense at all considering that the players will be in pong mode when they start. Pressing right on the keyboard is like the last thing one would try in a pong game. Also allowing the player to "go back" made it feel even more like just a slideshow. You should have disabled the next/back functionality when prompting the user, currently you can pretty much completely break the game.

The bubble animations looked quite nice. One "annoying" thing on it was that hand/bubble overlay issue when fading their alpha. Can't instantly come up with how to fix it easily though (without doing a custom shader). I usually just shy away from adding alpha fades to such composite elements. Also, quite a lot of the texts didn't fit the bubbles properly.

Cool, cool. Interested to see what you can cook up in some future jams!

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Very nice job!

Was a tiny bit disappointed by the cheaty pawns in the beginning but all in all very enjoyable experience. I don't want to admit how long I was stuck in that first knight bit but got through it in the end and the rest was a breeze compared to it. Maybe making the ground have white and black squares would have helped my poor brain out in that part.

Visuals very pretty much spot on. Of course, always could need more effects but they got the job done. Did you run out of time and not get a chance to add that nice breathing animation for the knight and the bishop or just completely forget it? It was a nice little touch. It's often overlooked how much having even such a simple stretch and squash can do. The text scroll speed was too slow in my opinion...

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The biggest issue for me was the gun not being FULL AUTO. Maybe even having a need to reload every 30 shots could make it more interesting.

It would desperately need some more visual and sound effects as feedback. I know you said you only like programming, I'm pretty much on the same boat, but there is so much you can do with even very simple assets when you throw math and programming into the mix.

It was hard to get a feel of the direction and velocity because of the lack of texturing on the background and the walls.

And btw, in the end allowing the player to freely go outside the game world and not having even small jokes there was straight up mean :(

Might wanna tick the box in itch for the download saying that it is a windows version. Too bad I can't play it, I love shmups :(

Funny simple game. Gotta love to wonky unity physics.

Would have needed keyboard shortcuts for restart/try again or even making it fully mouse controllable. And as has already been said, the UI would need some finishing touches.

The camera could have also used some love. Both 1 and 3 were too far from the action (usually for me at least) so 2 was my favourite. Would have liked to see a more dynamic one that would be there in the action. Also, the frog started needlessly far away in my opinion. You had to do a 50% launch to even reach the road.

Super minor thing, but the small twitch the launch power bar did in the beginning annoyed the crap out of me for some reason :D

Thanks for playing! It ended up being a bit more challenging than originally intended but hey, that always happens on jam games because you only play the game yourself and easily become blind to the difficulty and other such balancing things.

Thanks for playing and making a video! Good job on actually finishing without figuring out the directional table throws. Looking at how majority of players don't seem to notice that at all, I should have actually teached that mechanic. But good to know that it is beatable even without!

That is actually the exit from that secret terminal area. The entrance is probably hidden a bit too well even though it is visible in the map.

Thanks! Yup, I'm always in Ludum Dare compo mode so no using pre-made assets ;)

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Thanks for playing and making a video! Glad you enjoyed it. So good to see there are still players left with some determination and plain old stubborness to not give up on the first hardship.

What version was that? Looks like there were quite a few graphical issues like the grass texture on main menu was missing and so was the whole ground in the beginning...

You seemed to have the same problem as quite a lot of players not noticing that you can throw the tables straight up or down. Early on in the video I was sure that you would figure it out (at least by accident) after noticing that you can look up/down but nope :( And it even looks like you forgot the looking thing also in the end.

You were like two screens away from the end, that was the last actual "puzzle" ;)

Thanks for playing and your essay of a feedback!

It's kinda funny how on each single jam, people like to point out how my game has nothing to do with the theme. Whatever the theme is and whatever I do. I thought for sure this time would be different but hey, here we are again. You're saying that it's only "Bobby Tables" part that is from the comic but but isn't that pretty much the whole comic? Rather than the end, there is a "hidden" bit in the beginning that ties the story together a bit better, introducing Bobby's mom and the school. Bobby also likes to drop tables...

I think you were doing the double brown square part wrong and making it harder for yourself than needed. You don't need any tables in that part unless you fall down. So I don't quite see it as three steps of difficulty, just like one and a half. A few trickier jumps and the introduction of the cats. Sure, quite a lot of people will not see the cat as the enemy at first but the checkpoint is just half a screen away (and dying is even faster way to get back up again to jump on the brown squares). And in the same vein, pretty much all the cats are positioned so that they will cheaply kill you if you aren't being careful, but the previous checkpoint is always just a second away.

Agreed on the camera. As I've said on the other comments already, there are spots on the level that change the zoom level but not enough. And it seems like you didn't notice you can actually pan the camera up/down, that helps a bit with the camera. And that mechanic serves as a subtle hint that you can actually do directional throws with the tables (or maybe not an actual hint but will make players do it by accident). I guess you didn't figure that out either. Sure, thinking about it now, the directional throws should have been introduced somehow earlier on.

Oh yeah I did have the intention at add grab/drag at first but it was left at the cutting room floor because of lack of time and not seeing it as an necessity.

The episode two bit was me just trying to be silly...

Indeed, wonky physics are the best physics! You're right about the camera, I had few spots on the level where it zooms out a bit but it would need more of those and some fine tunings. The camera overall could use some more work but it kinda gets the job done.

Thanks for playing and your feedback!

I see, the good old table centipede strat ;) It was even more reliable tactic earlier on in the development when there was no cooldown on table throwing.

Thanks! Ah yes, would make sense to have a simpler puzzle early on which would force one to learn the directional throws since it is kinda mandatory in the later ones. I intentionally made the beginning part quite easy so majority of players would not rage quit before they see my "cool" water temple joke. Dunno how you exploited the broken physics to beat it. There might be several ways to beat that part but the intended (or at least easiest) way is drop 3 tables under your feet, then do a 4th one (which despawns the bottom one) and quickly jump from that table to the top while it is still in air.

Thank you so much for the kind words and having the patience to play to whole thing through! So glad that you enjoyed my lame water temple joke, it is my favourite bit in this game. I realised quite fast that the mechanic itself isn't that fun/deep so I really focused on the visual aspect of the game instead of just cramming samey content in it.

Thanks! Yeah, I had a feeling that that part could be too tricky. Well, it's very short game anyway so might as well have some hard parts.

Thanks! Good to see that you got the zip issue figured out ;)

Yes, it is allowed and even encouraged!

Since it doesn't seem to be against the rules, I just uploaded a new version with all the textures pregenerated. It now handles much faster and shouldn't cause any crashes because of memory issues when generating those on the fly.

Oh damn. Any error on the crash or does it just freeze? The restarting will take few seconds each time because it reloads the whole scene (which then generates the individual ground block textures again). I didn't have time or motivation to focus on the texture generation or their caching so it is probably the culprit behind the crash.

Looks like the issue is on your end since I asked on discord and it downloaded and extracted fine for them. What are you using to unzip and do other zip files work just fine?

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Oh weird. I'm on mac so can't say for sure what is going on there. But these are the contents of the downloaded zip for me:

Oh damn, sorry! Just rebuilt and reuploaded the windows verstion. Could you try again?

Thanks for playing and the kind words ;)

Thanks for playing! I think I'm pretty much done with this one for now at least. Can't really think of any ways to add more to it without getting repetitive and boring. I'll pass on your comment about the music to the guy who made it ;)

Replied to kml11 in SUP comments

Thanks! Glad you liked it. Even though it has quite a nice amount of levels to play, it is still very unfinished and unpolished. Can't even remember why I dropped this project. Maybe I got some nice new idea and started working on that instead and just kinda forgot this one. Maybe I'll return to this at some point, I still like the idea/mechanics behind it...

Oh wow, that's weird. It's a straight up unity build with no external package use so there shouldn't be anything dangerous in it. Of course, you could always just play the html5 version of it.