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Haha, right. Yeah I guess it is even though it requires so much luck to get a roll like that. But yeah, it's not really "fair" that you can get so mega lucky and completely blow up your scores like that.

So I tried it out and it's reproducable at least on Chrome and Firefox for me. Now looking at it more closely, it looks like it's sprite tearing. Happens couple of times in this short clip...

But it's a good point though. The term is indeed archaic and not that widely known anymore as games nowadays don't really have such mode. Hell, even all local multiplayer modes are a bit of a dying breed unfortunately. And if someone doesn't know the term, there is a risk of them clicking on it to see what it does, if it toggles something etc. Exactly what I wouldn't want and that's why the button is smaller than the play button and so on. So I think more clarity would have been good there. If the button said "hot seat multiplayer", at least most people would get the point that it's some sort of multiplayer mode.

Was it the martial arts skill?

I guess 50k is enough...

The main mechanic was interesting but it was very cumbersome to reload them. I guess it's part of the chaotic fun though. It was quite easy to claim a good spot to defend because the AI just tried to come straight at you, even if their way was blocked.

Really didn't like how the dice you were dragging instantly disappeared if you drag it to the edge of the screen. I guess it was some despawning logic to clear stuff that is thrown off screen but it should ignore when dragging em. Lost so many dice this way while quickly trying to throw them to a slot while at the same time keeping an eye on my pawn and the enemies.

The frenzy upgrade would have been way more fun or it didn't leave all your stuff empty after it ended. I guess it's supposed to be just a last effort and hopefully clearing the board. The bomb was just 100 times better at doing so and not leaving you vulnerable afterwards.

The music was bangin', but I guess it wasn't made during the jam at least. But it did fit the action pretty well. The sounds effects did their job well too and there was a "proper" amount of screen shake etc to spice things up. I think in the pixel art department the player/enemy pawns could have had the same black outline instead of the colored one, made them kinda stick out from everything else. And some things like text and board tiles had this  second lighter border which made them look like just scaling artifacts. I don't think the pixel ratio was fully 1:1 everywhere either. Just small things that would make it look so much better (in my opinion at least).

But that's about it, good job! 👍

Yup, daily modifiers only. I call them boons 😁

Yeah of course the menu thing isn't a big deal but it would only take few extra seconds to make it look decent. It's the first thing the players will see when they open your game anyway.

I'm not a native English speaker either but it's lose vs loose 😜

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Oh it was you first jam. Were you solo too? I'm guessing it wasn't your first game ever made though cause the scope was decent and everything (almost) worked. The balancing was the biggest issue and of course it can be easily fixed afterwards but it's always very difficult thing to get right when you're the only person who has played the game (and probably a lot more than most people ever will). Shouldn't feel too bad about it, I usually fall to the same pit and I have around 30 years of game dev experience and dozens of game jams under my belt. 😅

And the other "big" thing, the inverted controls, might just be a personal preference. Looking at the other comments, I guess I'm not the only one though. I guess it might be more natural for most people to make the character go towards the cursor. But yeah, kinda in the same vain as inverted y-axis on look controls, wasd vs arrows, jumping with up or separate key. Nothing really fits everyone so it's best to try to cover as much as you can.

Everything else was just very minor things that I'd just do differently. But I'm no authority on game design, just throwing in my two cents. 😜

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Yeah I really only made it for mouse (with the undocumented hotkeys WASD + space to support it too). And I think it works decently but of course there are some arrangements where multiple passes and throw are too clumped together. Touch should work pretty similarly except of course it's way less accurate and hover is an awkward hold and then your hand is covering it (and can't even release on the same spot or it will trigger the click too). But yeah, loads of options what to do if I were to target touch devices, especially on smaller screen, too.

Yeah the RNG can get quite RNG indeed. I think it serves its purpose ok enough in the current small but of course were I to extend on the game, something needs to be done. As you've explained too, loads of options on different ways to go.

Thanks for the feedback! ❤️

Thanks! Yea I did intentionally leave the mechanics "untold" so that player could have their own aha moments when they figure them out. Of course it can bite me in the ass too if the mechanics aren't simple enough. That's where proper testing would fit in in a normal scenario. 😅 And the bonking mechanic doesn't just decrease the value but fully randomizes it so it's a tool to be used defensively (though of course a bit of a gamble).

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Ok, this could go on forever, I'm intentionally dying here...

You have that classic mac issue where the bin inside the app doesn't have executable rights...

It starts off pretty grindy as the big dice are major bullet sponges and your starting arsenal is such crap. But after like few upgrades everything becomes trivial and you can go as long as you'd like.

What's up with the dice rolls. I think over half of the time the landed on five (which were the worst options too) and I don't think I ever saw a six. Threes were also very rare.

The upgrades themselves were also quite bland and grouped such that there was pretty much always a correct choice to be made. Extra projectiles is just flat out better than damage. The default knockback was already too much that half of the time the big dice died outside the screen so the bigger bullets was the only choice there too. And no idea even what jump does and not sure if any speed upgrades would be needed, not too many at least or it'll just be a hurdle to yourself.

So more interesting upgrades would really be needed. You know, homing shots, spread shot, backwards shooting etc. The possibilities are limitless.

The control scheme was quite interesting. A neat double edged sword to have the movement and shooting be bound to the same thing really. Well up until at least I learned that you can move backwards too. But that was actually more dangerous so I pretty much just kept running and shooting separately.

So the game really would need some difficulty curve. Does it stay the exact same all the time now even though player keeps getting stronger and stronger? If it does get stronger, at least it can't keep up. And once that was fixed so that the game would actually come to an end, the scoring should be the next target of improvement. It was blandly linear. Adding some multipliers are the classic ways to spice things up and reward from some unusual things etc.

The visuals were pretty good. Kinda lacking variety in enemies at least. Just a small color variation and maybe size too would have done wonders. And of course more feedback! Flashing on hit, screen shake and so on. It was very unclear to me when I was getting hit and how many times in a short succession. The wonky seeming hitboxes didn't really help either.

The music was ok but didn't really seem to fit. It'd had the ambience of more like flying alone in desolate space than hectic space dog fights. And the same goes for sound effects, they really lacked the necessary punch and variety.

Anyways, good job! 👍

Edit: Oh yeah so there also should be some sort of warning effect where an enemy is about to spawn at least. Right now they can really surprise attack you by spawning very very close while you're more looking to the other direction.

Oh dang now I get what "perm" means. 😅 I was just thinking of it in the curly hair meaning. So I guess indeed you can kinda perfect your weapon slowly but of course you'd need to understand what they mean too...

That was easy!

I don't really understand at all what all those different styles on the right meant and what the perm did. After some time I pretty much settled on a decent far shooting fastish spread shot one and didn't take any more sprays. Except when I did it accidentally and then had to keep grabbing more to get another decent one. But the game didn't really offer any challenge.

Instead of rerolling everything some more control on what particular aspect of your "weapon" you'd reroll on each spray would have been cool I think. So you could slowly perfect it to your liking.

Really digged the art direction and the designs (especially the enemies look awesome) but not really the colors. The pure bright EGA color palette colors just look boring and clashing to me. The music fits the mood and art perfectly too!

That's about all I can say. Wish there was more actual gameplay to accommodate this awesome presentation. Good job! 👍

What a brutal and unforgiving difficulty. Not really in a good way but hey, at least it was short.

The time limits just were not fair for someone playing for the first time. Those seemed more like three start platinum medal par times where there was like zero room for any errors. I'm not sure if it would even be possible to beat the last levels on first try and not abusing learning the numbers and taking advantage of the between time to already start moving.

Really felt uncomfortable with the control scheme. Could not get accustomed to it at all, it should have been the reverse in my opinion. Especially bad when on the edge of the screen and there was no more room to click outside to get back.

Also didn't seem logical how the small dude in the corner was still blocking the huge dice from falling without thrusting at all. Then you had to do the awkward fly downwards and usually get slung to the spikes because of it.

Some minor logic/timing issues with the lose/win checks as you can achieve both but the lose options come to top.

The speech bubble being on top and blocking like half of the play arena was a horrible choice. And I even think your number requirements more often than not needed rolls to that direction.

It looked pretty nice. Simple pixel art and a pleasing (yet unusual) color palette. The look was cohesive too and nothing really popped out. Everything audio wise was fine too.

Also, your dice is a scam too. Five and six are not on the opposite sides. 😅

Anyways, good job! 👍

Feels like this could go on forever, there is no challenge really...

As long as you have a clump of 4 tiles, you can reorient yourself however you want and there is no penalty for doing so and taking it slow. That way you pretty much never should lose lives unless you're just accidentally doing a wrong match. I guess the "difficulty progression" adds more and more holes to the floor so at some point you actually might stumble on a spot where you can't reorient anymore and are forced to take damage.

You did a pretty good job at showing even the non camera facing faces a little bit so that one could more easily "attack" up and right too but there were still quite a lot of spots where I just needed to rotate back to make sure. I guess it would of have made more sense to have the player progress to left or have the camera tilt so that the front face was the visible one. Now it's most of the time showing the back face which isn't that useful. Even though it is the same as the front one but my brain didn't allow me to trust on that fact most of the time. 😅

The UI would have needed some more love. The text overflowing the box and not having any padding on the UI elements makes it look sloppy. The whole help screen looks like it was hastily thrown together in the last second with all those misalignments, spelling errors etc.

So yeah, it would kinda need some additional mechanics like timer or something to make it less trivial. Bug good job anyways! 👍

Haha yeah, I guess the "hot seat" is a bit of a blast from the past. As both a term and a play mode as well.

For the tutorial, I really intentionally went very minimal this time as the main mechanics are so simple. The player is bound to notice the options they have, pass and clear come up in text form as soon as you get the ball and movement squares are highlighted too. With a little bit of experimentation those everyone should find how to do those. And most likely even before that, you've already witnessed one round of enemy giving you an example. The base "if attack value > defender -> ko" mechanic can of course be not immediately understood either but shouldn't take too long.

And yeah, losing in it is of course very possible and I don't even think that unlikely. All it really takes is one majorly awful throw for your team and then the enemy not having that bad luck. And of course if you derp around learning the mechanics, the enemy will have even more of a chance for that. 😅 At least there is pretty much zero impact on losing, especially if it happens quick and not from a long drawn out battle.

Don't think level select would really bring anything to it on the current state. But of course if I were to continue developing it further. Well depending on what route I took it of course. Right now I'm mostly thinking of the roguelite route where you can acquire new skills that change up the functionalities and dice interactions and make interesting combos etc and you see how far you can take your team. But of course that way needs a good amount of thought on how to do it so that the RNG doesn't screw you too hard.

Thanks for the feedback! ❤️

Yeah I understand the point of the map you were going for, I've played Slay the Spire etc. But there are no choices to be made and nothing you choose matters really. So it's kinda pointless as it is now. And as I had deduced, green is just a better red so no one would even in their right mind choose red over it. And offensive ones always trump the defensive ones in my opinion (and in this short version of the game). And if there was a choice between blue and yellow, it doesn't matter either as they're literally the same.

So yeah, it would need quite a bit more to make it interesting. You'd need to first of all maybe have the allowed throw count start off smaller so there actually is a choice to be made on what to throw (and obviously fix the bug that allows you to break that limit). Then something that would really spice it up would be to add passive skills that change up how the dice work and interact with each other. For example they could be something mechanically as simple as "the dice used after [insert color here] is double as effective". That would make the picking order matter and add some strategy. And then of course there are all the RPG classics like life leech, poison, other status effects and so on. The list is almost endless.

Just adding new dice does nothing to add to the game really if there is only one viable option to choose. Right now if you could only roll one option of the dice in the start, the red is the only right answer. Anything else would be just delaying it. Maybe if the dice were rolled first and you could pick from the already rolled values it would be a bit different but of course that would change up the game quite a bit and still the choices would be pretty easy.

Pretty easy! Liked it quite a lot though. But I'm a sucker for the genre.

Was it intentional that you could rush and throw more dice than you were "allowed" to? So you can just pretty much always throw everything you have and it loses all sense of tactics. There is also a big enough change that you won't get any more dice and not really have any choice of what to do because of that either.

Very minor issue of course but I completely forgot what the different dice besides attack were. Or I did remember them but not which was which. Not a huge thing but would have been better to have them shown as tooltips or something in the actual game view and you could scrap the whole "tutorial" thing.

Also, starting with two defensive dice and just one offensive one means that if you happen to meet an enemy with a similar set (or even worse, I stumbled once on one with three yellows and a blue) means neither side will ever be able to win.

I did manage to win on my first run but now that I'm trying to go for some more, I'm struggling to get through the second or third fight. Not because the enemy is winning but because neither side can lose. Enemy would pretty much have to get three red dice (and keep rolling them too) for them to actually ever win.

Healing and armor dice are just too powerful with them going over the max even. Why is there even a max since it doesn't mean anything really?

The map had literally no point at all. There was never really a choice to be made. Choice between three same enemies, what's the point? Even if you luck out and stumble on a dice choice, it's not really a choice either as blue and yellow are exactly the same. Both just heal one of your limitless health bars. And as far as I understood, green is just a better red (never got one myself). And as you start with two defensive ones already and enemies are likely to have such too, it always the better to go for more offence.

There also was this weird times when it started on player turn but without doing anything it just suddenly changed to enemy turn.

Super simple art style but with nice animations and spicy effects it was very very effective. Same goes for the sounds, bleeps and bloops work absolutely fine as long as they're not too repetitive. Which the music kinda was but not a huge issue as the game was so short.

Also, the web version ran absolutely fine for me at least...

Good job! 👍

Yea just brute forcing all the way. 😅 Checking all the possible option combinations up until throw and from those picking a random option with the highest knock out target.

Thanks! ❤️ Yeah I thought that it wouldn't feel too bad either as both sides are playing by the exact same rules. Well the enemy does get better dice in the end but the AI not playing at all perfectly kinda balances that out. And the even if you get completely wiped out without any chance of fighting back, you don't really lose anything and restarting is quick.

Yeah I don't think it was too easy really but the fact that I had to replay 2/3 of the game again made it more so.

Cool you were rigging the dice! 😅 How exactly were you doing it? Didn't feel like there was any foul play going on here (which is the optimal way of doing it of course) yet I guess that also explains why I didn't really completely bust out too many times either.

Haha I too tried to collect the coins. And yeah, didn't even learn from the first hit but instead decided that the other color coin must be good then.

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Haha yeah had no idea the jackpot thing was related to me spamming dodge. 😅 Just thought it was part of the levels...

Oh and the dodge didn't need any more "danger" elements added to it, I think my most common reason for deaths was dodging to wrong direction and ending up in a pit. 😆

Cool! Managed to completely freeze and lock the game on my first try by trying to go for an extra die after the level had ended. It let me move but then hitting "end turn" completely froze it. I guess it was trying to do enemy turn which then never ended as there wasn't any left anymore.

After that I pretty much breezed through it without even losing any dice (got hit just once or twice) but there were that much extra dice lying around that I could've been even more reckless.

The archers were sometimes a bit tricky to handle but most of the time their stupid AI was the downfall and you could just camp them around a corner slowly chipping them down. The melee enemies on the other had were an absolute joke and posed no threat at all unless you get very very unlucky.

The dice dragging was a bit cumbersome. You could only require that for the dice that actually had some choices and make it activate with just a click for when there was only one thing to pick. Would have streamlined the playing quite a bit. Also could have something like click + WASD pick direction to make those free movements less cumbersome too. Of course it's a very minor nitpick but it's the small things that distinguish great games from the brilliant ones.

Oh I just now read the description and didn't really figure out the thing about the dice order. Not that it really mattered either. Also good to see a fellow solo dev with an actual good and fairly complete game! Relatively bug free too. 😎

Liked the pixel art. Had to play on the non fullscreen size though as the pixels were getting a bit big when going full screen and it didn't look too clear anymore. Of course that's a personal preference though. You had that camera panning effect on the menu view, why wasn't it in the actual game? I think it would have made it look less static. Or maybe it would have been a bit much/nauseating to pan around when dragging the cards. 🤷‍♀️

Also could have done a bit more on the effect departments. The animations were good enough I guess but some flash, screen shake and particle effects splurting out would make the player really feel those incoming/outgoing hits.

Good job! 👍

Really fun stuff! A bit tricky and unfair(ish) at times but fun anyway!

Managed to beat the final form stuff on my first go. Which is good cause restarting and being force fed that intro sequence over and over again wasn't really fun.

Dang that 1+1+1-1-1 etc question was hard as hell. I always kept messing up where I was going when I needed to do some dodging and had to start almost from the beginning again. And that was the question I didn't even remember the answer to on next try either and had to do it over and over again. 😅 But there wasn't really any punishment for just rolling and trying out random numbers expect for the final question of course (I guess).

Loved the art style. Very Binding of Isaacish. Pretty much the only thing I can even remotely complain about is the lazy player character animation in comparison to everything else. That same scaling animation would have worked miles better if it was done pivoting to the feet so it'd look more like actual breathing instead of just pulsating everywhere. Same for the walking animation, would have made more sense to do the rotation around the feet position instead of the center. Oh and even the itch page background was amazing too! 👌 Loved the font choice too, very fitting.

The audio was also flawless. Nice tunes and good effects. The music really got me properly hyped for the action. Even the text appearing sound effect was nice which is often an overlooked element. Somehow it makes it more interesting to follow the "conversation".

The controls were a bit floaty in my opinion. Not a huge issue by any means but could have been a bit snappier with less inertia. Also didn't feel like the dash mechanic had a use at all. Maybe if it offered some invincibility frames but at its current state, it was just completely unnecessary.

The hitboxes might have been a bit iffy too. Most notorious in those spiral plane attacks which you had to either hide behind the dice or just out range em. Hiding behind a dice seemed a pretty hit or miss as sometimes a bullet will clip you anyway which didn't seem really fair.

Yeah, good job! 👍 Ended up playing it through few more times while writing this. 😅

I don't get what is going on and how to play. Compared to the screenshots, something is wrong with the player dice as no pips are showing up (maybe depth ordering issue). Enemies just swarm me and force me to completely quit out and start again...

Never mind, I randomly mashed the keyboard and found out the E to roll and then space to attack keys. Really would have been nice to have some indication of these.

After that the gameplay becomes trivial as you can just camp the doorways in absolute safety and snipe the enemies from there with sixes and was it 4 that was the beam attack.

This whole rerolling and manually attacking felt unnecessarily complicated. The rolling would have made more sense to happen per movement and attack could just me automatic when trying to walk against the enemies.

Went for some more runs and it actually seems like it's pretty much impossible to play (or at least survive) without this corridor camping cheese. The enemies just swarm you and since you can't change the attack direction when they're close to you, you're just pretty much screwed. And the random attack patterns don't make it any easier.

The look and sound scape was ok I guess. Everything fit together pretty nicely and the simple three color palette (black and white with one extra color, red is a good choice) is always effective. I wasn't a huge fan of who the dice bodies jittered out of control really. It didn't really seem the fit the aesthetic and mood of the game otherwise had.

And by the way, the Mac version requires this extra bit for it to launch properly but I guess most Mac users are already familiar with stuff like this...

Would have liked to see a better balancing of the mechanics and obviously more content but good job anyways! 👍

Hmm, I didn't notice the coyote air but didn't get owned by missing a jump because of it either so I guess it was just about the right amount. 🤷‍♀️

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Neat! 😎

Managed to beat em all, the last two levels actually started giving me some challenge. Pretty much because I was impatient and not playing carefully enough...

The roll to reload mechanic was awesome. It's always a good idea to have these kinds of multi purpose functions. It added this cool requirement to not reload all willy-nilly. Also would have been cool to be able to dodge while mid jump.

The actual dice mechanic of it on the other hand was quite pointless. Getting a random amount of bullets yet still doing the same damage with em was just confusing. And since there was no time pressure or anything, you could even just keep rerolling against a wall to get the desired number (ie. 4 seemed like the optimal one).

The bullet counter UI was also a bit too dominantly placed. I would have tucked it in to top right corner for example to not be that much in the way. And yet the bullets running out always caught me off guard really. Some kind of audio cue (click) on trying to shoot when empty would have been awesome addition.

Other than that small nitpick, everything looked great! Very nice pixel art and clean animations. Well the explosion effect maybe was quite stock and bland. Didn't really mesh with the otherwise pixelated art direction. The music was jammin' and the sound effects, though just simple bleeps and bloops, had enough variety to not get monotonous and did their job well enough.

The controls felt good too. The player speed was good and the jumping felt great which isn't always a given in jam games. The only thing maybe to complain about (and wasn't anything big) was the shooting accuracy estimation while shooting on angles and it clipping on the box you were standing next to or shooting down from.

Anyways, good job! 👍 It left me wanting for more content and I did play the whole thing through at least twice. 😅

Did a really good job in tricking me to playing with that cute thumbnail and having no additional screenshots or anything. 😂

This ended up being my best run...

Really annoyed by the need to use mouse for restarting. It's never a good choice for a game otherwise fully controlled by keyboard. And especially so if the rounds (and deaths) are as quick as they are here.

Pretty neat idea that the dice are enemies and give different "rewards" on killing em. Was a bit confused at first but then started understanding after few runs. I think the 4 is a bit too punishing. It in combination with being the only option in a longer stretch of no enemies could easily spell the end of the run. I hardly ever ran out of health, the camera movement got that quick so fast.

Jumping almost felt pointless. It was only useful if you had to get to the other side of enemies which you didn't want to or have time to kill. Jumping also limits your attack options while in the air so another reason to not jump at all. The jumping on top of enemies could have also done something. It was fun jumping on em but pointless and dangerous too as the hitboxes were a bit wonky.

There was also this annoying bug where you'd end up clipping half way to the platforms which blocked your jumping and at least the ray gun couldn't hit the enemies from there at all. It was really run killing and seemed to happen more and more the further I got (ie. faster speeds). I guess it's just the player clipping through the collider edge due to fast speed. If you check the RigidBody2D collision detection mode to continuous, it will not allow bodies to go through colliders like that.

Anyways, good job! 👍

After struggling pretty hard on the last level enemy section, finally managed to beat it. Kinda letdown to see the same death screen on victory too.

The main graphics looked nice, I guess it was some existing sprite sheet though. And the added dice visuals really popped out of other stuff (and not in a good way either) by being not pixelated and the awful unevenness of the pips. That's actually the main reason I came to play this game as I was so triggered by the thumbnail picture and wanted to know if it was done in a tong in cheek way. But guess not. But I guess it still did its work on getting me to play it even if it was for the wrong reasons. 😅

Was the game supposed to have some rain effect? Something like that kept popping on for a frame or so every now and then. 🤔

The dice mechanic also felt unnecessary and an after thought. It didn't add anything to the game really. Having player get a health up as a reward for some tough extra jumps and then just force the health to randomize right afterwards is absolutely pointless and demoralizing. You at least should have allowed the player to skip those spots by jumping over or something to not fully take control away from them.

The controls and feel of the character were a bit weird and especially the jumping was not the greatest. I mean you did have the right basic idea where you can control the height by holding down but the height of the jump was so high that the press you had to do for a max height jump just didn't feel natural.  And then there was that weird floating mechanic if you re-pressed the jump after falling which of course could be a mechanic but wasn't really needed either.

Those upwards jumping sections like the level one skip really would have needed the classic "coyote air" treatment. You know, so that you can run off the edge and still jump for a split second. Obviously it would help everywhere else too and just make jumping off edges feel better.

Requiring mouse for restarting wasn't great choice either. I mean, there was only one option so could just let them hit jump (or any key really) or even just automatically starting again. That retry screen didn't really add anything but extra annoyance of taking hands off the keyboard and using the mouse.

The second level spawn spot was annoying as if you happened to hold down right, you'd immediately lose another health due to spikes being that close. Could also quite easily be fixed by adding bit of a delay to player death and respawn. And that would also help the player see what they actually died from too.

Anyways, good job! 👍

Cool, you actually noticed the bonk mechanic (exactly the same name I called it in code too) and the correct use of it. The bonk failing the throw was there pretty much since the beginning but it was actually quite a late addition to add that re-randomization to it too making it a (pretty much the only) defensive tool.

Yeah definitely the pass/throw UI could be better. Just not quite sure how. 😅 I myself too did quite a lot of accidental bonks while trying to quickly pass to the other dice right on front. I guess one easy improvement at least could be to tweak the throw button placing so that it doesn't cover other dice so much.

There is no nudging on RNG going on at all so yeah, the bigger dice are obviously outclassing you by a lot and you'll require some good luck to take them out (and not get one round wiped by em). I think for the current state of the game it's fine but if I were to continue it, I think I'd add more of a progression and skills etc which can balance out the odds.

The AI does indeed always pick the biggest die they can take out. It's not perfect by any means, at least it doesn't take bonks into account and sometimes loses track of all the passing/moving steps. I thought those (and the big advantage of going against D4s on the early stages) were enough to balance the AI. Usually I add some random chance for the AI to do "derp" and pick some option randomly which I can then decrease to slowly increase the difficulty but didn't feel like this needed that treatment.

Thanks a lot for the detailed feedback! ❤️

Nope, not missing anything. There is only 7 levels and that is exactly because of it indeed does get repetitive. I did have loads more ideas on how to add progression like adding different gear/skills and unlocking different dice for yourself too etc but obviously it was kinda over the scope of a weekend long jam.

Dang, that sucks. Saving stuff on web versions is bit problematic. I tried to save those to browser local storage now. Usually I've used Unity's PlayerPrefs which saves to indexed db on the browser instead but that remains only for some specific url path and that changes when updating the game. So that's not great either. No idea why your local storage would have been wiped though... 🤔🤷‍♀️

So the downloadable versions are the best bet of course for having a proper save.

Yea I have given it some thought but not sure if it'd be worth it as the game is pretty niche. The browser version already should be kinda playable on mobile too even though there are some issues that'd need to be solved like all the tooltips. And iOS browsers and Unity web exports right now have some weird issue where UI keeps sometimes flickering. But that's out of my hands and will hopefully fix itself on next iOS update just like it suddenly appeared on 15 I think.

Completely understandable. Also, why would someone minus this comment? 🤔

Pretty neat! Really tricky to actually try to figure out what the numbers would be so I think it's pretty much just try and pray. The wall numbers do help but not in cases where you'd need to know a bit further. Like this level (where annoyingly if you don't do the right thing from the start, I think it becomes unsolvable without restart).

Here too is the same issue.

I think this level is also somehow bugged as the gate remains open and still stops you.

The game was very pleasant to look at. Nice harmonious pixel art and with a good color palette. If going for nitpicks, I'd keep the pixel size the same on all objects. This was most notable on those bouncy pads as their pixels were huuuuuge. Oh and the rolling animation looks damn good with that over shoot on stop etc. Is it actually still 2d?

You also probably have the start scene key help messages neither anchored correctly nor have the canvas setup with a scaler.

But yeah, good job! Was very fun, though pretty easy journey. 👍

Yeah Brotli builds do not work on itch. You can change it from the project settings. Not sure if Gzip works, I usually go with fully disabled.

Yeah decided to not add any tutorial messages or such at all. Basics after all are very simple and you can really experiment on the first matches against an easier opponent, from whom you can also get some hints on what can and must be done.

Yeah, didn't even come to my mind that the teams should maybe have different colors. All the dice were even the same color up until quite late on the jam and I did the color variations pretty much just to make D8/D10/D20 more easily distinguishable. I guess the game kinda lures you in with the notion of those being your and opponent's colors as in the first matches you're just facing D4s.

Thanks. Yeah I do love juice. 😆 Usually in two day jams I aim to finish the game mechanically on the first day and then just leave the second day pretty much to just audio and juice.

Yeah the ends of matches can get a bit campy and kinda slow. It's the biggest issue with the game I myself have but couldn't really come up with any good solutions how to improve it.