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Thanks! I am currently working on an extended version with more content and more of those totally different style puzzles like the one on the end.

Very nice entry. 

The music was sweet though it had a weirdly long amount of silence in the end. Sound effects were nice also but a bit scarce, could have used of those squishy and splashy sounds when jumping/walking etc.

Liked the sprite work and animations. The stair climbing animation was kinda weird (hovering in the air) but everything else was spot on. I was kinda surprised the first time I encountered a person and tried to interact with them. The blood splatter permanence between lives was a nice touch.

Just after I reached the final level and was thinking about mentioning it being too easy, I started dying and ended up actually getting a game over. Immediately went for another run and easily beat it by playing a bit more carefully and actually planned my kill orders. So quite nice difficulty curve.

Then a list of nitpicky quality of life fixes that would in my opinion make it better:

  • Arrow keys as alternative
  • Separate jump button (for the other hand), jumping with up is awkward for some people (me included).
  • Not having to jump in front of elevators for the doors to open.
  • Allowing the traversal of the small vertical gap between floor/platforms without jumping.

One other small issue (but not that easily fixed) was double jumping up the platforms. They were positioned so that the timing was very strict unless you noticed that if you reach close enough, it resets your jumps and you can actually do a quad jump.

Overall, good job!

I don't think that was the issue here. If I remember correctly, I've even already disabled that dumb gatekeeper. See the edit on my previous post, already got it working.

And now to actually playing it... ;)

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Thanks for adding a mac version but unfortunately it doesn't work.

It's my first time encountering such error. I've sometimes had to fiddle around with the permission rights of the app contents but nothing like this. Can you repackage and upload or even rebuild?

This looks like it's a Unity game so it should work just fine (and since it's 2d you're probably not using any weird shaders that would make it to not work)...

edit: Actually, got it working by running by manually launching it from console with:
./Only a Lab Slime.app/Contents/MacOS/Mac_Runner.

And I guess it wasn't Unity after all. I guess Unity and GameMaker both have similar looking end products with default settings such as "(c) 2017 CompanyName" etc...

It started up just fine but after a few seconds of playing, it completely froze. Tried several times and it happens every time too. I then tried opening it from the console to see if it threw any exceptions but nothing unexpected comes up, just the debug numbers you are dumping out.

Upon further testing, it seems to not freeze if I don't hold the keys for too long. So if I press the keys down for less than a second, it doesn't freeze and it lets me actually play. 

Thanks! And thanks on the innovation win as well. It was a huge surprise. Congrats on your second place! Couldn't play yours though because I'm on a mac. Looks cool and really impressed with the ratings. Very nice scores on all categories.

I'd like to think I'm slowly getting better with audio stuff. This time, I layered more bfxr generated effects together to make them sound more original (after using them so much, they start to sound kinda samey). Still suck with music though. Was my second game where I even tried to make something.

Replied to andysonic1 in Seriously?
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 I wasn't trying to be insulting at all. Just bummed that as a mac user I can only play handful of the games.

Of course you're not supposed to make a full fledged games and market them to the widest audience possible. But the smaller the player base, the more important every single player is. If your game had three players, wouldn't you want a fourth one to give it a go? The fourth potential one is a mac/linux user...

So I'm just trying to say:

  • If you're using an engine where it is easy to build to other platforms as well, please do so.
  • If you can't test those builds, just add them anyway and mention it in the description or filename, no one will be mad about it.

Oh nice, I hadn't noticed that Unity had added such a thing to standard assets at some point. That will make life whole lotta easier. Just used your game as a test case, Firefox (on OSX) seemed to flip A and B buttons. Still, seems like a nice addition. Thanks a lot for the tip!

I see, it was the slime dying, not me. Makes sense. I did figure out they were the commands for the slime because of the follow one but didn't know what the two others were. Guess it was left on attack since my slime was fighting the ever increasing number mobs.

Replied to jet jaguar in Seriously?

Oh yes, haven't ever had any issues running games made with java so those should be fine. Will test/play your game soon then...

As you might notice from the those screenshots, I did manage to pick up the slime from the hole but couldn't do anything meaningful with it. I could only put it back down where I got it or set it to the left of myself where it also did nothing. Am I missing something here?

Does it go on forever? Why do I only get points for the smallest slimes? So many questions...

Could quite easily be made more fun and more playable. Currently it's just pointless (pun intended) clicking. Something like adding a limit of how many slimes can be on the screen or the player will fail. Maybe add point multiplier when clicking the same colour slimes in a row.

Nice touch that you had two options for the language even though there barely even was any text in the game :D

Liked it! Super short and not much gameplay to be found but it was funny and cute.

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I have no idea what that even is but if it has something to do with your game then yes, it does work. It seems to be a web build and the major browsers are pretty much identical on all platforms.

edit: Also, you can mark the file as "playable on web" on itch.io and it will allow users to play it right there in the game page instead of needing to download the html file first.

Very confusing. I have no real idea what I was supposed to do or what even was going on at most times. I guess the slimes and rats were enemies. There was no indication at all that they were hurting me but the game suddenly just ended so I guess they did. I just kept wandering around randomly picking up stuff I did not know what it was or what it did and finally met my end by some slime I didn't know was hurting me.

The (keyboard) controls were awkward. Switching the commands (which I didn't really use at all because I had no idea what they did) with mouse wheel was not great at all. Probably would have been better with pad but didn't even try because you specifically mentioned xbox controller. And now I tried again and PS4 controller (on mac) worked just fine. Even the button mappings seemed the same. Did you use some Unity input add-on like InControl or that other one which I can't recall the name of?

The sprites looked good and the music was sweet (could have looped better).

(Edited 1 time)

Pretty nice concept. The controls were a bit weird and took some time to get used to. The jumping was quite pointless since you could only jump when going up a level. It could be made automatic instead.

Here are some bugs I encountered while trying to solve the puzzle with the moldy slime which in the end I could not figure out how to do. I feel like I need at least one of the slimes on the left side to get to end or special slime but couldn't figure out how to get any of them out. I always just managed to get myself stuck in there and had to restart the whole level.

Then there were issues with the UI. As already pointed out the start/pause controls display thing was just confusing. Probably would not have even figured out the pickup mechanic if I didn't read the game description. The pause button positioning was also weird and the whole button was pointless, not like the slimes are gonna run away if you don't pause the game and go afk for a bit...

edit: Oh yeah, one more thing. It's not much of a secret ending if you tell it's there and how to do it :D

Created a new topic Seriously?
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Well over half of the games here only include a windows version. Do you not want your games to be played by as many people as possible?

Based on my previous games, over 90% of players go for the web version. Probably a convenience thing not having to hassle with any downloads etc and I do understand that building for web is not always an option due to performance issues etc. And the rest that actually download a version are pretty much split 75% windows, 15% mac and 10% linux.

So all in all, you're missing out on getting potential players by only doing a windows version. Well, guess I only need to play and rate four games this jam...

Thank you. And thanks for playing!

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Thanks for playing!

You were on the right track, not a six letter word but two of three. It actually even (pretty subtly) informs when you have a correct letter in the right place. I thought it'd be enough for most people to be able to figure it out...

(Edited 2 times)

Thanks! I know now that the elevator part is too hard for being that early on. I even made it easier twice after noticing my first testers having issues with it. Looks like it still wasn't enough.

And I'm not quite sure about the "tutorial" part in that area being enough either. Did you figure out the proper usage of the rope, the fact that you can actually reel the rope in?

There is a really simple ruleset for the jumps. The creature jumps towards the cursor and the further away it is, the bigger the jump. And then if the creature isn't standing, the strength of the jump is way less.

I'm guessing the bigger issue here is me being way too subtle on guiding the player. I was going for just bare necessities and trying to leave quite a lot for the player to figure out by themselves. For sure, that style isn't for everyone. Especially so in the more casual, instant gratification driven browser based games market.

Thanks for the feedback! Could you go into a bit more detail on what you mean?