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Really fun game! Felt very polished aswell, managed to reach 523 points! Would've been nice if it dynamically got harder each time, but it was still super fun! Good job :)

I think the execution was better than I would've anticipated. In paper the concept would seem kinda boring imo, but in practice I laughed while playing and quite enjoyed it! The controls and everything felt tight.  As others have mentioned, it would be nice to have more variety, but for the time you had, this is a great job! 

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Sure! I'll give it a try! We wanted to have the only 1 input idea in our game but we should've put more time into how to make the concept viable with the levels and difficulty. Thanks for playing it :)

So this game was really fun, I played it till the end! Seemed really polished, nice levels with increasing difficulty, cool music, menus, etc. The art also looks great! The only problem I had is I don't see the connection to the theme, unless I'm missing something, the use of the theme is You only control 1 chess piece? 
Aside from the theme issue, it's a great game! Congrats :)

Fun game! Sometimes I got hit by spikes when it felt I didnt (you could maybe make the collision a bit smaller to be less punishing), but then again maybe I'm just bad :P I really liked the idea of the game having just 1 key and using it differently in each level. Good job! :)

Thanks! Do you think the slowmo when the boomerang is near enemies gives it a better or worse feeling? Also, you can hold the mouse button to "charge" the boomerang, but we maybe should've made the minimum distance be bigger

Pretty good game! Would need a bit of feedback (whenever I got hit I didnt realize until I checked my current hp) but aside from that pretty fun, punishing sure, but not impossible

Sure! Be honest with our game, no need to give good ratings because you feel bad or something, we know our game isn't the best but we're just happy we finished our first game jam

Not the best game, buggy and hard, but it was our first game jam and we are damm proud of continuing till the end :D

Glad you enjoyed it! It was our first game jam so we didn't plan our time too good, ended up kinda buggy :/  Thanks for rating it by the way! :D

Kinda managed to break it, but it was really fun! Simple but polished, follows the theme perfectly too :D

Yeah we didn't have time to add a controls screen and couldn't edit the game page yesterday, I'll add the controls in the description. But basically you control the character just with the mouse. The character moves towards your mouse and you shoot a boomerang with the left click. If you hold the left click you charge the boomerang and it will go further away