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decorative font is used as main font for the project.. in combination with strong red it hurts to eyes so much. If i were a potentional player, i would never download something from page that look like this one.

Please do something to it.

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Okay, thank you for the feedback! I'll be sure to fix it. Perhaps a darker red would do better?

I've fixed it, what do you think of it now? :) 


Yeah! That looks much better. 

I personally would also fix dark red on black BG, bc on the monitors with low brightness it would be readable.

But the other paart is good!


Now,  after i was able to read the desctiption, i played your game and i liked it!

U are working very well with the atmosphere. Sounds and music are changing when there is action, voices are scarry, dark, blood effects! Amazing! 

You have to work more with the design, you used decorative fonts in game (pls never do it :D), pixelarts are all different quality.. but it just need experience, it will come. From the perspective of gamedesign you are amazing!

Thanks so much! I appreciate it.