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Remember that weird dream ?...
Submitted by XRNZ — 34 minutes, 12 seconds before the deadline
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This game is certainly a treat for the eyes (I got motionsickness at the start from the wavy effect, but it wore off after a minute, then I was fine), with a great dreamlike look and feel to everything. Those longjumps also feel dreamlike. 

I feel the gameplay is held back by what seems like a significant RNG aspect to whether or not the platforms spawn in a reachable location and whether or not they are shrines (those orbs slow the descend of the platforms, correct?). And while the platforms slowly floating into position is again very dreamlike, it's hard to tell when they've finished moving and when you can actually make the jump.

Also, unless I completely suck, I think it's not possible to ascend out and it's just a matter of seeing how long you last. In which case some sort of high-score counter might have been nice. (If you want to be strict about the hardmode challenge, it could just have platform-icons instead of a time in numbers.)

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thanks for the feedback ! The platform generation & movement is indeed very basic, currently they appear randomly on a circle around 0,0,0 with some basic conditions so that they dont collide too much. Then each platform move down at a constant pace. As of now you cannot ascent out, it's just surviving, and yes a visual counter would be nice !


Impressive, I have no idea how you did that in the time... well done ! I really felt inside the game but after some minutes I got a little bit dizzy. Well done

Wow, impressive work! Well done!


This is just amazing! 

I have strong PC, so i had all full FPS, but it was still hard to play. I mean that in a good way, it feels like real dream! Everything is smooth, sensetivity is low.. there is a conflict, also, platforms are falling into lava. Shaders also fits food to the atmosphere! But ony one  problem to me was - i dont really understand where to jump. Many times i was not able to get to the platform even when it looked like i can. :c

Thanks for game! Wonderful job!


thanks ! sensitivity is probably too low yes, and about knowing where to jump, it takes time to get used to it... the jump & air control is quite complex and camera fov varies a lot, hard to estimate distances & height ^^

Love the atmosphere! Great game!


thank you !


Short, but damn. I have to applaud the person/people behind these graphics, truly surprising for a gamejam this short.

This is definitely a contender to take the top spot of this jam!

Developer (2 edits)

Thanks ! I did not do everything from scratch, as said on the game page I used some packs from Unity Asset Store, so take that into account ! It helps to have good raw ingredients when you cook something... but I still had to dedicate most of my time to the visuals of the game (scene composition, color, post processing...), so the gameplay is quite basic in comparison ^.^


Fun game and i like the post processing which really gives the game some atmosphere. Good luck for the next Jam.

Developer (2 edits)

Thanks a lot ! :)

Niceeee graphics :D


Thanks ! glad you liked it