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You need to install windows build support in the unity hub and then just choose windows in the build menu.

We are aware of the difficulty spike but as the game is endless we wanted it to be challenging to get past wave 5. But i agree that it is maybe a bit too difficult at the start.

Thanks for the feedback and for playing.

That seems to me like a graphical glitch and is not intended. Sorry for that.

What do you mean by flashing? The lightning storm outside?

Thanks for playing, your feedback is greatly appreciated :)

I am aware of this issue but we were not able to fix it. We ended up redoing the character controls a few times but were never really satisfied with them.

Thanks for playing and the constructive feedback :)

The yellow bar is your Ultimate charge. This is described on the game page but i can see why it was unclear as there was no in-game help or tutorial.

Thanks for the feedback and for playing :)

This was not a bug but their paralyzing ability but i agree that the visualization for this was not great. 

Thanks for your feedback and for playing :)

Novel idea. I can imagine this being quite fun once there is more content.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Another way is to use keys like q and e which are the same on most keyboard but it is not a big deal and did not affect my ratings of your game :)

The game is not executable on mac.

I like the game concept and idea but i hate that jump animation :P

Novel idea and interesting art style.

I like the discord chat idea. Its a shame you couldn't finish it. Good luck for the next jam.

I like the looks and the idea with the pictures but there is nothing to do after collecting all the orbs.

I mean mainly the positioning of the keys used especially on a european keyboard. Z for example is quite hard to reach on a non qwerty layout.

Fun game.

Interesting idea from a gameplay perspective but i don't see the connection between this and dreams and nightmares. 

I like the game and the way you introduce new mechanics but i got stuck because of the clunky controls. 

I like the game but please allow the player to skip the tutorial or make it faster.

Could use some work mainly on the side of the user experience. Other than that i like the idea.

I don't understand what to do in the game. 

Interesting concept and creepy enemies. Good luck for the next Jam.

Fun game and i like the post processing which really gives the game some atmosphere. Good luck for the next Jam.

The controls need polishing but i can see what you were trying to do. Good luck for the next Jam.

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I agree with yasn below that the controls are quite hard and the camera rotation is quite dizzying. Improving that would make the game more playable.

I don't really get this game tbh.

Deep story and lovely art style. My favourite of the jam so far.

Interesting idea but just offering only a mac version will definitely limit the players.

Interesting concept , fun gameplay even though it was a bit frustrating.

I like the art style and game but the controls get in the way of the gameplay sometimes.

Innovative idea

Works well and is fun.

Gameplay is great and innovating.

Mac Version works well. I was able to finish the game without any issues.