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Bedtime is deadtimeView game page

Hardcore Challenge : No Text
Submitted by Xanlosh — 2 hours, 25 minutes before the deadline
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I like this game's concept, but I can't get very far into it due to the difficulty. It would be nice if the flash light actually lit up the level a bit more so you could see the enemies coming a bit sooner. As it is, unless there happened to be a lightning flash, I have no idea where the enemies are coming from so I have to hover near the lit area in the center, and from there I just can't kill enemies coming from different directions fast enough before they deal at least some sanity damage.

And as others have noted, the Ogres grabbing you looks wonkey and feels like it triggers from a bit too far away. Again, I can't actually see these ogres until they are so close to the bed that I can't kill them in time, and blundering into the dark just gets me grabbed.


the gameplay is fine and the art and music are really good, but the game rump up in difficulty too much and the control are not good. nice work

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Audio & art is good (except the big monster teleport / paralyze animation, which is a bit confusing), the concept is also good (each enemy is different) + the lightning flashes to reveal the level. However, the game is super hard ! Maybe you can try to increase the range of the flashlight, and/or make it easier (and clearer) to use the ultimate ability.


We are aware of the difficulty spike but as the game is endless we wanted it to be challenging to get past wave 5. But i agree that it is maybe a bit too difficult at the start.

Thanks for the feedback and for playing.


This game was really fun, however there was an annoying glitch I encountered where the big enemies would teleport into my when I shined the light onto them.


This was not a bug but their paralyzing ability but i agree that the visualization for this was not great. 

Thanks for your feedback and for playing :)

(1 edit) (+1)

Nice audio, fun to play ! 
However, I did not understand the meaning of the yellow bar.


The yellow bar is your Ultimate charge. This is described on the game page but i can see why it was unclear as there was no in-game help or tutorial.

Thanks for the feedback and for playing :)


I enjoyed this game, however the controls struck me as odd. I can't tell, but it sorta feels like your movement is locked to a grid, which would be fine if that grid was used as more of a mechanic, but as it is it just makes the controls feel oddly floaty. I thought it was an interesting idea that you use the flashlight to kill enemies, and I liked the art overall. I just feel like with a little more time working on the controls this game could be really good.


I am aware of this issue but we were not able to fix it. We ended up redoing the character controls a few times but were never really satisfied with them.

Thanks for playing and the constructive feedback :)


Nice game, although the flashing was too much. 


What do you mean by flashing? The lightning storm outside?

Thanks for playing, your feedback is greatly appreciated :)


When I start the game, the whole screen starts flashing a lot. I’m not quite sure why.


That seems to me like a graphical glitch and is not intended. Sorry for that.


It’s okay, the game was great nonetheless :)


Nice game :O


Your feedback is greatly appreciated.