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The problem with the camera seems to be that unticking invert camera y doesn't actually change anything on controller or mouse


Lmao, sorry to hear you fiddled with some weird settings. I would like to know which setting caused your keyboard to disconnect though, that sounds like a bug that should be fixed

Thank you! I couldn't agree more, giant food makes for great platforming

I'm sorry to hear you encountered a bug on Meatball Mountain! I'm glad you enjoyed the game anyway, and that you liked the small set piece moment as I felt like it was an important part of the game. Thank you for your feedback!

"how did you manage to make this in a single week?!"

1) I had a team with an amazing pixel artist and sound designer helping take care of a lot of the work

2) Staying up very very late and waking up early multiple days in a row AKA crunch mode. Don't do this one btw, I'm very proud of the end result but destroying my sleep schedule was probably not worth it.

3) Make games for many years before attempting a game of this scope during a jam!


Anyway thank you for all of your praise, I'm very glad you enjoyed the game!

Thank you!

I was very inspired while watching the Psychodyssey documentary, so I'm glad that comes through in the final product. I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

Thank you very much for the rating! I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

Thank you for your feedback! I'd really love to expand on this game at some point in the future, and fun NPC's is definitely something I want to add. A cooldown on the vomit recharge is a good idea I hadn't considered. I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

Thank you, I'm really glad you enjoyed the game!

I'm really glad you enjoyed the game, and thank you for the rating!

This game is very cute! I know you've already heard about Goostav's topspin issues, but other than that the game is a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it!

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the game! 

I'm glad you enjoyed the game! I really have no idea why the camera is flying away for some people, the only thing I can figure is low spec hardware? Idk I'm looking into it


This was very cute, and I understand why the story had to be cut off in the middle, but I need to know how this story ends!!! You've certainly left me wanting more

Thank you! The game was a ton of work and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

This game was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed having to strategically pick cards. The game left me wanting more, and I would love to see this game continue development

This game plays great, and has the potential to become a really addicting arcade game. However, and I know you've heard this already many times, without some music and sound effects, the very compelling game loop falls a little bit flat. I would love to see this game turned into a full game at some point, as it otherwise has a lot of potential

The dialogue was really funny and gave me a good chuckle. The gameplay felt a little tedious, but didn't overstay it's welcome. Overall I enjoyed playing!

This game is a lot of fun! It is extraordinarily difficult though, and I only ever delivered 2 packages lol. The pixel art is really great and I enjoyed my time with the game a lot

Amazing shader as always! Keep up the great work, I can't wait to see what you make next!

Thank you for the info! I ended up buying it anyway, partially just to be safe, partially because I do think it counts as commercial, and partially just to support the dev.

With the Basic license can I use this for advertising, or should I purchase the Deluxe version? (Just genuinely not sure where advertising falls in the commercial/non-commercial space)

I can't believe this doesn't have at least a name your price option. Would gladly pay 5$-10$ for this!

This is single-handedly the most useful godot tool I have ever seen in my life. Ever since finding this my productivity has absolutely sky-rocketed. I've never been able to code this fast in my life. Thank you, you are a life saver.

Tbh I'm not sure how to do that, as I'm not super familiar with Raspi. Is there an optimal way to run games made for it? And if so do you have a tutorial / link you could send me?

I have actually exported to the Raspberry Pi 3b+, but it ran at 1-2fps on the desktop I had installed. I might export the next version to raspi with a clear disclaimer that its untested though? There's no reason not to!

Ah alright, that's unfortunate. This is a great mod either way though. Thanks for the reply! 

I know the last update was several years ago now, but have you considered adding the controls menu back in? If not I totally get it, my understanding is that this project was not well supported. But this is my favorite way to play spelunky, it's an amazing mod with all kinds of great QOL improvements, and it would be great to see it with that extra level of menu polish.

This is an adorable game, love the artstyle!


I have also now updated the page with a video showcasing the first 10 waves!

I'm currently working on a trailer, but I do have some gameplay footage.

Nice! The game looks great!

Thank you for your feedback, try holding Alt+Enter to fullscreen!

Try holding Alt+Enter to fullscreen!

Hey, I appreciate the offer, but I'm not interested in joining a bundle right now

If your program has the ability to use Sprite Sheets I'd recommend using them that way, as it does come with spritesheets for each gamepad type. Otherwise, cropping isn't too hard for pixel art, just open it up in your preferred art program and select the whole button.