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game where you chase after your dream and escape the nightmare!
Submitted by Sweet_Salt — 1 hour, 45 minutes before the deadline
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Good concept to "face your fears" ! Really liked this, really fitted the jam !
However, I understood with screenshots and other comments that you introduced mechanics in a fun way, like "face your fears", or "it's better to forget sometimes" (to introduce the fact you can't collect all coins in some levels, thing that i really liked), but in my playthrough I wasn't able to read them all (see my screenshot below). If you are using Unity, maybe it's because you are placing your rules in a Canvas, but clearly you need to change the parameters of this Canvas for it to be able to display all items perfectly like it's showed in your editor, for any type on screen. I'm on a 15'' screen by the way.

Anyway, really liked the concept, and enjoyed the game, even though the wall jump can surely be improved !
Good work !


thank you! we are happy to hear that!

about the screen bugs, i have no idea how this happened and how to fix that, but i will check and try to solve that problems for future game jams ( i think it was because i set the resolution to be always 16:9 or something like that).

anyway thank for your feed back! also your game is one of my favorite games in this jams :D

(1 edit) (+1)

Yeah, I couldn't complete the hardcore levels. Frankly the two before that were murderously difficult, although I did get those in the end. As best as I can figure out, you need to use walljumps to be able to move forward while facing backwards to slow down the nightmare wall, but I couldn't find any way to do it fast enough on the hardcore level (and it was very hard on the second-to-last regular level). Am I missing a mechanic? Because the nightmare wall really bumrushes you on those last levels.

I don't think the controls are clunky for the most part, although it is very easy to get into the wall-slide mode when just trying jump over a block. That level that has you jump between two blocks at the end is very annoying because of it.

The music distorting when the nightmare gets near is cool, the rain of fire too but it's hard to see because the screen also goes black.


thank you for your comment!!

the wall jump thing is correct, but there is no hidden mechanic, you just need to take the coins in the right order, and preform a wall jump when ever you can, the hardcore are hard mainly because they have a small trick that you need to figure(for example the in first hardcore you need to combine both paths). 

Host (1 edit) (+2)


  • Mechanics were introduced and built upon nicely
  • Game had a consistent pace and introduced mechanics at a good rate
  • Great graphical effects for when going near the nightmare, it's also great how the music slows down
  • Character sprite and animation was fantastic


  • Collisions and movement was very clunky and felt unsatisfying to control - perhaps consider increasing the movement speed and adding better collision detection, even particles for when wall jumping?
  • Artwork looked very incoherent, with a low res background and ground but a high res character sprite
  • Colours for the menu also looked incoherent and contrasted poorly, perhaps make button text purely white and change the orange backdrop of the text to another colour, given that it is used rarely within the colour pallette
  • I disliked the pause in between each level, it broke the flow a little bit

Well done! You should be proud of yourself, this is a pretty good game!


wow thank you very much! we appreciate that!

about the controls... that was mainly because of the wall jump, can you give me suggestion of how to make the wall jump better? :)


Yeah sure! Perhaps the player should slowly slide downwards against a wall instead of falling with the normal gravity? There should also be a seperate animation for it alongside a particle effect as they slide and jump. I'd suggest looking into how the later previous mario games do it. Super Meat Boy is another good example.


OK ill check that, ty!


I like the game and the way you introduce new mechanics but i got stuck because of the clunky controls.