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Terrifically delighted to see this in here <3

Don't apologize for this! I should have foreseen this and prepared different quality/resolution options, alas, my inexperience with UE4 kept my attention at other things. Thanks for remembering me about this!

I got confused all the time because the acceleration arrow is identical to the direction one, which only makes nagivating the game more complicated. And getting in the middle of the wormhole or the station didn't seem to make any progress.

I belive this project needs more work added on top of what there's already.

Thanks for the feedback! I think I'll look into further improving this small demo before taking on a lengthier project.

Unfortunately, Unreal Engine doesn't make it easy for producing a Linux distro from a windows machine (in which I developed it). The few resources that there are around that are still in progress and there is not much documentation to help with understanding them. If possible I'll install UE4 in my linux machine and try to produce an appropiate distro.

A very interesting game visually and technically! It feels like an early 3d game, but it plays really well! Good interpretation of the theme!

Well polished game! I feel like it was a bit of a time constraint why the girl's model is the simplest of them all, but still, the scenario is gorgeous as well as the music. The mechanics, however, tend to become a little tedious, I belive the key to improve that would be adding more variety to the enemies, but that is if you decide to continue expanding this project.

Still, very good and solid work!

Simple but effective! Testing it as a single player meant John had to go, but still, the art assets used are very good quality and the music and sound effects are hilarious. I think there is still room for improvement though, perhaps adding more reactive threats to the homeless players and further tuning the movement, it felt a bit wonky.

But in general, good work for the jam!

It took me a while to get the hang of the controls, and even then, I couldn't fully control the vehicle to my will. Perhaps that needs a bit of extra polish and control.

There's something else that could be improved: adding a way to quit within the game, like the ESC key.

Other than that, it's a solid game and a good entry for the jam!

Everything must be said: I was on the gorund laughing my ass off at the great introduction! The laughing continued with this PHENOMENAL game as I continued, enjoying myself in the process and appreciating that this has taken a lot of coordinated effort and skill. Overall, this is probably one of the best entries I've seen in this jam. GREAT WORK!!!!

It's complicated to get the hang of going in diagonal movement. Still, good job for the jam!

Solid mechanics and aesthetics! I can see this as an arcade after fully fleshing it out a little more! Great work!

For a moment I was wondering if they had all forgotten, if they were ignoring me, but then someone responded.

For as little as this game is, it's been a neat surprise. Good job!

It took a short while understanding the mechanics, but after that it was definitely entertaining! Perhaps allowing the player to foresee what pieces are about to come would be better to make it more satisfying, but that's the designers decision. Just one thing, there is no way to close the game from within it (be it a button or pressing ESC key), it would be adviceable to add it.

Good job!

Very aesthetically pleasing and with very nice artistic assets! However, I couldn't get past the third monster, be it for lack of blocking, knowing how much health I had left or other management things.

Attacking feels a bit delayed and sometimes there are attacks that happen with no apparent reason (though I suspect that the inputs are stored and used after the animation stops playing), which makes it feel a bit awkward. Also, another little thing, not having the monsters make sounds but the main character doing so feels a bit jarring.

However, don't be discouraged! I point these things out so that you can focus on polishing and getting this into a better state! Good job!

I really liked this entry! It's clearly a very polished team effort that has produced a little thing upon which one can further expand and even try to make it a fully fleshed game! Good work!

Thanks for the input!

The skulls were made by sculpting. I suspect that they have still too much detail on them. I will work on making simpler skulls that are easier to handle and don't consume so many resources.

Thanks for the input! I will be working on diminishing the sensitivity of the controllers.

As for the WASD keys, it is not specified, but there are options to change the camera control from mouse to keyboard. Page updated detailing that to add further clearance.

Thank you for the input! I have to do some further fine tuning on the controls, with luck this should all be fixed with patch 1.1!

Thank you for the input! (I'm already using Input.GetAxis(etc) with a considerable reduction, the original produced values were even more ridiculous than this, I need to experiment a bit further with it and fine tune the controls)

I plan to give this little project a little break before trying to refine it more and perhaps adding more enemies. Still, your input is very appreciated!

Short, but damn. I have to applaud the person/people behind these graphics, truly surprising for a gamejam this short.

This is definitely a contender to take the top spot of this jam!

Depending on how you view it, this is either a feature or needs more polishing. I'm taking the feature route, connecting to the dreams theme, dreams are hazy and you don't have full control, thus the controls aren't quite perfect.

But still, thanks for the input!

Great aesthetics! The only thing that bothers me is that the player character moves a bit too slow for my liking.

Other than that, great work considering the short span to develop the game!

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There's a way to get the 'death' portrait to stop chasing you, by trapping it under the Guernica. There's not enough space to pass through it's left side.

Other than that, very chill and nice little game!

Edit: Also, I didn't manage to get back to the menu or close the app once ingame? A bug or a feature? :P

Beautiful art, though I didn't fully get the gameplay loop, or the controls.  A small help guide in the game's page would be helpful!

This has the potential to be a fun and accessible game. However, I would recommend on refining the rules a bit more and adding elements of secrecy. Plus, adding a situation that can completely change the game status would be a recommended adition in order to make it all less predictible.

Thank you, it's good to hear that the suspense I wanted to creat has been noticed.

Love and punches do surely make a fun combination! If only there was a competitive mode between the brothers!

A little game with challenging puzzles and a fun mechanics! I'm surprised by the amount of stages you managed to design in the whole jam, so congratulations on that!

Little error?: Coin stacks require you to press Shift several times, if done too quickly Windows will take over and call upon Sticky Keys, which interrupts the game.

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Characters can and will stop talking to you if a certain threshold is crossed. You never know when that happens, so you must be careful.
HOWEVER, the no new people part is definitely an error. Thanks for reporting it! And there's no social services button included, it's implied that you take that action when  you choose it in text.

Still, thanks for playing the game!

Edit: The conversations appear after a random time, perhaps you just didn't wait enough!

Ah yes, those lines... To be honest, I wrote them at a point in which I was facing writing burn out. It is my intention to eventually fix them and further expand. As well as adding other characters.
However, while informing myself a bit on how call helplines work, I found out that workers sometimes have to cut the conversations when they are sure the person is in a safe situation, for there are others in wait.
Still, thanks for playing!

At first I got a little confused when first interacting with the game, but as the story develops I found myself amused with the antics of the characters and (SPOILER ALERT) the fourth wall breaking.

A little nice experience with the extra accessibility of being playable from a browser!

Bug dettected! Thank your for that, I shall try to find why it does that!