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Doods: Radical PassageView game page

Embark on a journey through the life of a Dood.
Submitted by Vandervas Generator (@TheVandervas) — 4 minutes, 47 seconds before the deadline
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Theme inspiration
A passage is a challenging journey, that must be traveled to get to a better place.

Sensory info
Might be a bit rough in the sound balancing in some locations.

Content info

Extra Credit Challenges

Extra CGA
Extra Voice

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Everything must be said: I was on the gorund laughing my ass off at the great introduction! The laughing continued with this PHENOMENAL game as I continued, enjoying myself in the process and appreciating that this has taken a lot of coordinated effort and skill. Overall, this is probably one of the best entries I've seen in this jam. GREAT WORK!!!!


Amazing work in this game, especially in the directing aspect. The opening screen was incredible to watch. Its general aesthetic is great. I would only want more freedom in camera rotation!


I was totally blown away by this game.  It has quite a bit of polish for a game jam game!  I really like the art style and the sounds, and the wacky story was very entertaining.  The only complaints I would have is that the camera angles were hard to work with sometimes and that the physics on the puzzles got a bit annoying when combined with the inprecise controls.  Overall though, awesome job!


Cheers, we had a lot of fun with the Extra Credit challenges, which really pushed us to make something crazy! The controls could definitely be made a bit friendlier - we didn't leave ourselves much time to make the physics less janky.


That was admittedly quite radical :D Love the style, man!
I outsmarted the puzzle frog by thowing my doods into acid, woohoo!
Also, I wish I could just stroll around in this city you made.
Well done! Stay funky,


Thanks! Maybe we'll make an open-world sequel in Neo New York. Also, no one outsmarts the puzzle frog for long...