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Heyho, FewKinks!
Thank you! :) I'm giving my best until my brain melts hahaha
Stay funky,



Just press the brain reset button behind your left ear, should fix it :P

Exactly not not!

Psst, Meep Moop! Red, green, red, yellow, red ;)
Have a funky sexy new year!

Heyho, Finnikk!
Thanks! Haha yeah, I tried to make it a bit easier that time.
I would sooo love to make a pinball game, man... Don't know how, though. I imagine it's somewhat out of my league sadly.
Enjoy your holidays  and stay funky!

Heyho, Gamerex Plorer!
Check out this handy guide :)

Hope it helps! Stay funky,

But did you not fail the test, though?

Don't worry about it :)

Heyho, deotheris!
Thanks for reaching out :) Mobile versions would be a great idea, however I don't really have the setup for developing and testing them.
I'm hearing that the web versions work on some (not all) mobile browsers, though, so that might be a possibility, but alas I can't guarantee it for every mobile device.
Sorry, man! Take care and stay funky still,

PS: I just copy-pasted this answer from your other question, just fyi depending on which one you see first :)


Heyho, Allan!
Thanks, man! Glad you enjoy Smutty Scrolls and congrats on solving every puzzle!
1 - Yeah, that scoring system drives me crazy :D It should be fixed in the next update, though (Valfu's Steamy Workshop, releasing today!)
2 - I truly wish I would've thought about animation when I started making Smutty Scrolls... At this point in development, however, it's just too late since the endings are not really set up properly for animation :(
But yeah, I love animating charactes as well, and I'll not make that mistake again for my future games.

You stay funky too! :) Cheers!

Heyho, AnIntriguedGamer!

As long as you do not not stay funky, everything's alright! :)

Well done! :) glad you enjoy the game, man!

And yeah, being an adult game player in Germany sucks… I have plans to release the full game on itch, but this might take a while still.
If you want to enjoy the full game in the meantime, there's always the Patreon version, though -

Thank you for playing and stay funky!

Heyho, ShadeEye!

Maybe this guide can help:

Thank you for playing and stay funky,

Heyho, Agnes Nutter!
No don't check it out! Please don't check out my Patreon! :P
Thanks for playing and uh ... don't stay funky,
Dez :D

Heyho, blekbek!
Here's a handy guide for ya:

Hope this helps!
Stay funky,

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Heyho, Usernamealreadytakenagain!
Congrats on finding the secret meta message of the game XD
Stay funky,

Heyho, Tok1nada!
Hahaha you failed at the game but won at being funky :)
Stay funky,

Heyho, ealfox!
No worries, check out this guide :)

Hope this helps!
Stay funky,

Heyho, necrophilia936!
You're already on the right track - the lion goes kinda behind the middle sun stick (the top one is the giraffe, the bottom one the flamethrower elephant bro).
Hope this helps! Stay funky,

Second! XD

Heyho, KingSilverwolf!
Thanks for playing! Haha yeah, that hurts - nowadays, I would've designed it differently.
Stay funky,

what OriginFlower said ;)

Second! :D

Heyho, guys!
The ShadowPizza already has a great tip for the candle puzzle, as for the poop:
Some animals kinda resemble some other animals poop...
Also, the top left is kinda a (admittedly hard to read) diagram of what the different animals like and don't like.
Hope that helps! Enjoy and stay funky,

Heyho, IAmirale!
Glad you enjoyed it :)
And thanks for reporting the bug, I'll look into it!
Stay funky,

Heyho, No Face!
Haha I love GDevelop :) I'm good, thanks - made a wee vacation right after the jam and now I'm back and ready for more!
How are you doing, everything alright?

Heyho MadVicorus!
There is no Patreon Only Version though :D This here is just a game jam game.
Stay funky,

Heyho, Nate_dakillar!
Hahaha the dumbest shall be the smartest ;)
Stay funky,

Heyho, KevZep!
Thanks, glad you enjoy it :)
Try to defuse the bomb by putting out its fire, and then look for a place you could put it in the third chapter.
Have fun and stay funky,

Heyho, freiboy21!
Thanks :) Will do!
Have a sexy week and stay funky,

Heyho! You might find the swordy thing you need in the shop ;)

Heyho, Agergo100!
Thank you for reporting, I'll look into it!
Stay funky,

Hey, although your request seems a bit strange, I have contacted you via discord. See ya soon.