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Hello! First of all thank you for your great review. The initial idea was that the challenge of achieving a balanced run would provide enough fun to overcome any negatives that come with it. Judging from the reviews we got though, it seems that we should have probably made the time decrease to only occur cause of gravitation pull from large objects, as well as maybe the actual passage of time. Anyway, I am glad you had fun with our game!

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Thank you for your analytic review! We are glad to hear such nice words for both the majority of game mechanics, art and music/SFX! The speed mechanic definitely needs some work. We are considering making it not affect the passage of time, with the inherent difficulty of having to dodge objects when going at very high speeds taking its place. For that purpose, we will also probably increase the amount of obstacles.

Hey! I really really tried to play your game today, but I didnt manage to. I opened the .bat and got the message that the button was transferred, but I could see no Play button in-game. That happened both when I initially had First Dimension closed, and when I had it already opened. Hope you can resolve this cause this game def looks interesting!

The application of Extra CGA challenge in this game contributes to making its aesthetic a memorable one, with the assistance of Extra Voice of course :P. Some more tools would be nice, but with the limited dev time that probably couldn't have been possible.

Amazing work in this game, especially in the directing aspect. The opening screen was incredible to watch. Its general aesthetic is great. I would only want more freedom in camera rotation!

A very polished and visually beautiful game! Faster restart after dying would be cool. Nonetheless, one of the best games of this jam for sure!

Cool game! I would like it if there was less time between the game over screen and being able to start playing again.

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As another space geek, I really enjoyed your game! Has common elements with mine tbh. More variety with objects you can come across would be cool. I can also see this stlye of dodging-objects-jump-into-hyperspace mechanic being implemented in a bigger scale space game!

Really good implementetion of passages in this game! Only complain is that it gets kinda boring after a while.

Very nice aesthetic! Combat system feels a bit bulky, but im sure you can improve it. Good job!

A very relatable game regarding lost friendships. It needs some more content in my opinion, but cool concept anyway!

Interesting game for sure! Combat system certainly can be improved, but you can work it out I believe. Good job!

I have played the game, really liked! If I had to change two things on it, first would be the speed system. Having five predetermined options for speed instead of a speed scale you can adjust to wherever you want felt really annoying sometimes. The second thing would be making the map bigger, cause I really frequently crashed into the peripheral colliders. Good job nonetheless!