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Out Run the Minotaur and find your through the passages of the labyrinth.
Submitted by Trop's Workshop (@tropsworkshop) — 10 hours, 14 minutes before the deadline
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Theme inspiration
I thought of all the different passages like water passages book passages but couldn't think of a good game around any of them. Then talking with my brother we started talking about the passages of a maze and the Greek Minotaur. Thought up some really cool ideas but really cut a lot out to keep it doable in the short time and other life things going on.

Sensory info
No flashing lights or jump scares I think.. though the sound effects maybe loud.

Content info
I played it with my nieces and nephews for testing and they did sound effects. I think it is kid friendly.... Though it is about scarifies being eaten/killed by the Minotaur.

Extra Credit Challenges

Extra Delicious
Extra CGA
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Cool game! I would like it if there was less time between the game over screen and being able to start playing again.


Thanks, Yeah that is why I added the skip button on the start movie. Debated about shorting the end screen. Woulda coulda shoulda I guess.


I loved the soundscape, I with there was some indicator of where you had to go, but otherwise this was a fun little game.


Talk about doing a mini map or a arrow option for a easy mode but being my first A* algorithm pathfinder that eat up a lot of my time. Game Jams leave a lot on the editing floor.


Nice job!  The Minotaur's pathfinding and speed were just right, and the sounds were a nice touch.  The one thing I would suggest would be using shorter corridors, as the long ones can make it difficult to tell whether you are moving and are not particularly exciting.


Thank you. Yeah a lot of people didn't like the long corridors and the lack of knowing if you are moving. They do help getting some distance on the Minotaur as you can move faster down them but having gotten this feedback and having time to think about it. I would have made different color blocks for the walls so you could see the wall moving by more. Goes to show how important play testers and feed back are.


Really cute game!
Could definitely do with some indication that you are moving though. I was in a long passage once and couldn't tell visually if I was moving. Great otherwise.
Love the sounds :D


Thanks, yeah the long passages can seem like you are not going anywhere but they are also the best way to get some ground between you and the Minotaur. So I kind of like them needing a little faith. Still I agree it could be better.  


Ah, that old nostalgic feeling of playing a low res game with few colors and controls that make one wonder why they'd be designed that way.

I got to the third floor. How many are there?


The exit is on the 3rd floor