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Loved this!

Very fun concept!

Loved the game! Solved the last puzzle more or less by chance but it was a lot of fun nonetheless.

Hilarious take on the theme

Cool concept. I personally would have preferred it to have been a bit faster paced though.

Apologies! That's a bug. You should see one more image in the first level - the one corresponding to the letter "O".
That said - the solution to the second level does not use the letter "O" - all letters are from previous level except one that you have to guess.

Thank you for giving it a shot =)
You'll have to read the first text "Speak Words" and associate the letters with the symbols. All the puzzles will follow from that.

Thank you =)
You'll have to read the first text "Speak Words" and associate the letters with the symbols. All the puzzles will follow from that.

Thank you =)

Thank you! I was trying to achieve that - but with the CGA 0 palette instead.

Quite an interesting idea - I liked how it keeps you on your toes by switching inputs every now and then. There were some minor bugs related to the character teleporting around and getting stuck in level geometry but it was fine otherwise. =)

Very neat idea!

Thank you =)

Awesome! Will look forward to updates =)

This was a really fun game! I loved the poses, really funny =)

This was really good!

Really interesting mechanic :)

Interesting idea. I would recommend adding controller support for this - it seems to be made for them.

Interesting idea but it's too unforgiving. For instance in level 2 I almost reached the end (I think) but then fell all the way down to the start because my input got disabled XD

The popups were very funny!

Liked the very cheeky portal vibes this is giving XD

Cute game. The last level really ramped up 😅

You'll have to reupload with the _Data folder as well for this to work :)

I really want to play this but it seems to be broken :(
The music sounds like so much fun.

Excellent concept

Highly relatable! Loved it 😁

Very interesting take on the prompt!

Interesting concept.

Thank you 😁
It's a bit like what rage can do to us, right? In the moment you just feel like destroying 😅

Thank you! I was initially planning to do the music myself but realised Sunday morning (my timezone, ~12 hours before submission) that there was no way I would have the time for it. 😁

Thank you 😁

Really fun game - took me around 10 minutes to get to the end. The auto-jump mechanic is really neat. I think you should expand this into a larger game with more levels.

Yup. This looks much better! I see you've also added a level (or moved one around). There seems to be an issue with the input getting stuck in some cases, causing the character to get stuck in a wall till the opposite direction key is hit.

Yes, I'd say it is primarily the walls of the level that are too dark. The player character stands out very nicely, as do the telegraphs for the attack. It also feels like there is some chromatic aberration happening to the enemies at the edge of the screen which makes them a bit difficult to spot but the attack telegraphs make that less of an issue.

I really like the art - very charming. Also, you have an options menu! For a jam game! I've got to up my game now XD

I was really intrigued by the theme inspiration you've written. I wonder how you would integrate that in with the gameplay if you had more time.

Love the gameplay - very quick and responsive. I would prefer if the contrast was higher between the level and the enemies. Currently it is causing a lot of strain on the eyes - even though my monitor is pretty well calibrated (for art).

I really like the idea. The left-most column seems to be bugged for me - I couldn't get it to time properly. I did have fun trying to get them to the top.

That's awesome! ClipStudio Paint has some really great brushes!