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Yup. This looks much better! I see you've also added a level (or moved one around). There seems to be an issue with the input getting stuck in some cases, causing the character to get stuck in a wall till the opposite direction key is hit.

Yes, I'd say it is primarily the walls of the level that are too dark. The player character stands out very nicely, as do the telegraphs for the attack. It also feels like there is some chromatic aberration happening to the enemies at the edge of the screen which makes them a bit difficult to spot but the attack telegraphs make that less of an issue.

I really like the art - very charming. Also, you have an options menu! For a jam game! I've got to up my game now XD

I was really intrigued by the theme inspiration you've written. I wonder how you would integrate that in with the gameplay if you had more time.

Love the gameplay - very quick and responsive. I would prefer if the contrast was higher between the level and the enemies. Currently it is causing a lot of strain on the eyes - even though my monitor is pretty well calibrated (for art).

I really like the idea. The left-most column seems to be bugged for me - I couldn't get it to time properly. I did have fun trying to get them to the top.

That's awesome! ClipStudio Paint has some really great brushes!

Thank you for the feedback :)
I wanted to put in proper pathfinding for the enemies but couldn't due to time constraints. I believe that would have the effect that you are recommending.

Will probably be adding levels later as well.

Thank you.
I think I might modify the gameplay a bit and add more levels later :)

Thank you :)
That was basically a last hour modification to the gameplay.

I love the combination of art and music you have got going here! They come together really well.
I found trying to keep track of who you've let in to be quite taxing though. Have you considered putting in some sort of counter/slider that shows the player who they've let through?

Really interesting concept. I feel that the game could do with a bit more of a challenge.
Did you consider a more "rhythmic" input scheme, such as the one in QWOP? Something along the lines of alternative between keypresses would really add to the sense of tension that the game cover image seems to convey. The current scheme could be left in as an accessibility option.

PS: Great job on the cover image! We've always resorted to putting in a screenshot of the game as a cover image instead of creating new art for it :D

Thanks for trying the game out :)

The facts being somewhat obscure was kind of deliberate. Some old games had this sort of a trivia check as an Age-Gate (Leisure Suit Larry is one) and those really annoyed me. Let's say I wanted to spread the "joy" ;P

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Thank you for trying the game out :)

Thanks a ton :)
Really wanted to hearken back to the era of anti-piracy measures that required you to thumb through the manual to prove that you had a legit copy of the game. KTANE is great as well!

PS: Love your entries to all the jams so far.

Thank you :)
Once I had decided on the time period I limited myself to a single instrument soundtrack using Bosca Ceoil to try and achieve the right sounds.

Really cute visuals and sound! The reset didn't seem to work for me unfortunately. Definitely coming back to this again.

Love the art-style!

Liked the writing - short and succinct. Love how Charon is a cat-person just like Death from Discworld XD

Interesting variation on TD games. I like the fact that you basically recruit troops and put them in position.
I think the footmen do need some feedback though. Right now it is not clear if they do anything at all.

Really cute game!
Could definitely do with some indication that you are moving though. I was in a long passage once and couldn't tell visually if I was moving. Great otherwise.
Love the sounds :D

Very interesting game. The art, music and gameplay go very well together.

Thank you so much :D

Sorry about the music being annoying - I wanted it to be tense for the most part of the game. I guess I went a bit overboard XD
Minor-Major 7th chords combined with odd-times work for metal but may be too much for a game like this XD

Thanks a lot!
Wanted to spread the fun around ;)

Thanks a ton :)

Thank you!
Those games were a hassle. Really wanted to make sure that we don't forget. :P

Thanks for the feedback :)
I've updated the farthest object question so it makes more sense.
The manual is more gramatically consistent in its usage of Persons/People but apart from that I haven't changed anything as it seems to be making sense to others.


Interesting gameplay. You might just need to modify the shooting/movement rate/spawn rate a bit and it's perfect.

Really good idea. Reminded me of the frantic gameplay of the Madballz Arena (I believe that was the name) mod in Warcraft 3.
Haven't got another person to try this out with right now but will definitely give it a shot later.

Very well made! Finished the levels very quickly but had fun doing so.
Would definitely play an even more fleshed out version with more levels.

Thanks a ton! This was the first game I did art for.
You're right, it needs a lot more work for better pacing :)

Very original!

Really like your take on the theme. Having the direction of shooting be the opposite of the level movement direction was a really good choice.

Glad you liked it. Just played your entry too. I really like the aesthetics =)

Glad you liked it =D
We had planned power-ups and even multiple weapon types but couldn't find the time to put those in. Will probably add some in the future though.