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Charlies PassageView game page

A game about the Charlie Brown and Franz Stigler incident
Submitted by andidebob (@andidebob) — 9 hours, 9 minutes before the deadline
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Charlies Passage's page

Theme inspiration
I viewed Passage as in 'Safe Passage through enemy territory'.

Sensory info
The screen flashes on occasion and the music can be a bit loud at first.

Content info
The game is based on true events during World War 2, so there is fighting.

Extra Credit Challenges

Extra Hand

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Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

We tried it with two players and came quite far (we think ;)). Alone, I die at once when more than one AA gun comes at me :D
I like the art style and the story is really interesting! Thanks for sharing it.
Good work! Stay funky,


I had fun playing it and I had a grandfather that was a tail gunner in a B17 so I enjoyed the history as well. The sound and art are great. I do wish I could bomb the flack guns but still great the way it is.


I enjoyed it although I did not make it very far. The style was nice. The AA guns were annoying given that you could not kill them. I know you were telling a specific story and it may not work with that but it might be nice if each plane could take out different enemies. Maybe Charles' plane is a bomber that can take out the AA guns while Franz' fighter could take out the flying enemies. A thought. I just think it would be cool if both planes had a purpose besides not dying.


I really like that idea actually. I might add it in a post jam update! I am happy that you enjoyed the game!


Super cool aesthetics! Really nice that it's based on a true story too, and a very interesting one as well. I loved the challenge of trying to play a design that one would think would be for two players as a single player too, it reminded me a bit of TWEWY, a game I really liked. Nice job!


It's a fun difficult game.Definitely deserves the Extra Hand challenge.

The style and the music are also quite enjoyable.I think I'll invite a friend or two so I can beat it :D


Glad to hear you liked it. Let me know how 2 player mode goes :D


Nice game, I like the fact you gotta controls two planes, sadly I'm not good at that kind of games and couldn't finish it, but I'll try again later for sure.


Very Interesting! I really like the color palette and the sound and the game play is quite enjoyable. I like that you have to play two at the same time.