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Hey :) Yeah I am aware of that. I took this Idea and Implemented it into Imminent Impact as a puzzle.

Hey fotomelodios :) Appreciate your feedback! I will take in consideration for future updates!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks Sabrina! Thank you for your kind words. Glad you enjoy it.

thanks glad to hear you liked it. 

No it not full of jump scares it is a combination of Puzzles, exploration, story and some Jumpscares. The focus is not on the jump scare but, in the atmosphere, story.

Glad to hear ! :)


Awesome concept :)  quite enjoyable as well. well done!

Thanks for trying it out! Yeah I understand that. I didn't think it would matter so much as the game is not super long. I over estimated the length of the game a little bit. Lesson learn for next time. I am looking into maybe make a small update to Fix this issue :)

Thank you glad you liked it!

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thank you and appreciate your feedback and criticism:) glad you managed to finish the game in the end.

Thanks for playing :) I am glad you enjoyed it and thank you for your kind words. I would love to make a longer game if I had the right budget and team. :)

woah that is a long comment :) Thank you for playing and glad you enjoyed it. Also thanks for your feedback and really appreciate it.

A Short Horror Adventure that I have been working on for 1 and half year it is out !

About the game

It has been few months since you lost your wife and your world crumble under your feet. You had enough of everything and decided to take your car and drive to an unknown destination. 

You were driving for few hours, It was dark and stormy. Suddenly out of nowhere you see a woman standing in the middle of the road. You immediately stop the car and look at her shocked. Few minutes passed and you realize that the woman who was standing in the middle of the road and in front of the car is actually her. Your lost wife who you lost not long ago. Without questioning anything you try to approach her but she moves away leading you into this abandoned mansion. Without hesitation you go after her. 

That is where the game begins. Alone in this abandoned mansion it's up to you to explore ,uncover the mysteries and find where did that woman who looks like your wife went.

Hope you enjoy it! Thanks!

Thanks for playing! :) and interesting!

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it.

Thank you :) Glad you enjoyed it.

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All items are automatically used when you click on the right place. For example if you click the Door it uses the right Key to unlock. or when you click the Stone holder it puts the right stone in it automatically. You don't have to use the Inventory. I will work on some Quality of Life improvements over the weekend. 

Thanks! glad you enjoyed it.

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Hey there! Thank you for you kind words. Thank you for playing and I am glad you had a lot of fun.

I appreciate the feedback and I will try to address some of it in a patch to make the experience better. About the 2. Items suppose to light up bright in the dark so you can know they are interactable but in your video I noticed the stones do not light up very much. I will check it out and see if there is problem with them and try to address it. I will also check about the cutscenes audio balancing.

Thank you again for your feedback really appreciate it.


thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed it. Yeah you missed a key in the bedroom .^^‘

thanks for playing :) glad you enjoyed the game.

thanks for playing and I am glad you had fun.

that is unfortunate but I am glad! And you very welcome.

thank you glad you liked it.

Thanks for playing and I am sorry to hear you got lost. I appreciate your feedback.

Thank you DragonExplosion for your kind word. Thanks for your feedback. A hint for where to go next is the starting area and you need the three stones.

Interesting little game. the game play is nice although the combat I would like some more feedback when  I select the attack It doesn't say what to do next.(select target for example).

Graphics are great  with a lot of details in the background. I like the transitions between scenes. 

The combat sometimes feels difficuilt and without the super I wouldnt be able to win. That not a problem though.

Music is amazing and fits perfetly.

I would like to see some introduction and some more cutscenes to add more on the story telling and narration. 

Other than that  great start  :)

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it. Yes you are correct. I am working on a remake. I do plan to add more than just collect keys and open doors :) and the expanded on the story as well. I will have more news soon!

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I see. I will investigate and try to improve it. Try 1.0 and see if you encounter the issue there too.

thanks^^ glad you enjoyed it and thank you for your feedback. Will work in them after the jam. 

thanks for playing. Yes the jumping and the platforms is a little bit buggy. I will try to fix it. Which version did you try?  Glad you enjoyed it though

thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed it. I wouldn't say bug free ^^ but nothing that breaks the game. I am glad that you found it fun to play. Thanks again^^

Thank you ! glad you enjoyed it. yeah ^^ I worked on it on my own and I enjoyed it. I tried to make the levels easy to understand and each level to introduce more obstacles. There is one issue with the platforms right now because of the character controller.  It is possible if you keep jumping it would work. I might try to fix it later. thanks again.

Interesting concept. I like how you incorporate the theme. 

interesting I really liked the art ^^

Interesting I would add some feedback when you hit one of the targets.