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I like the basic idea and it was fun. Though the game would crash if I destroyed all the stations before the enemies or that is why I think it crashed when I destroyed a station.

Q E Z and C buttons are the diagonal movement. They can be tricky. Yeah the long passage ways was the number one issue people had and I agree if I had more time to play test and find people had this issue I would have done more variety. Now I know to keep a eye out for this kind of issue in future projects. Thanks for the feedback

Thank you I had a lot of fun with the sound effects. There is a way out and a win screen. The maze is three floors and on the top floor is a exit. Not easy to get to but with some practice, differential but doable. 

I had fun playing it and I had a grandfather that was a tail gunner in a B17 so I enjoyed the history as well. The sound and art are great. I do wish I could bomb the flack guns but still great the way it is.

Thank you and yeah it does take some practices.

Thank you. Yeah a lot of people didn't like the long corridors and the lack of knowing if you are moving. They do help getting some distance on the Minotaur as you can move faster down them but having gotten this feedback and having time to think about it. I would have made different color blocks for the walls so you could see the wall moving by more. Goes to show how important play testers and feed back are.

Talk about doing a mini map or a arrow option for a easy mode but being my first A* algorithm pathfinder that eat up a lot of my time. Game Jams leave a lot on the editing floor.

Thanks, Yeah that is why I added the skip button on the start movie. Debated about shorting the end screen. Woulda coulda shoulda I guess.

I like the choice of colors and the sound was so right for the time. I mean it was annoying back then. I would have liked it if the machine got more and more rude the more times you got it wrong but understand that is not inline with the simulation of the time. I played it longer then I should have.

Thanks, yeah the long passages can seem like you are not going anywhere but they are also the best way to get some ground between you and the Minotaur. So I kind of like them needing a little faith. Still I agree it could be better.  

I love the cat animation. Well done.

The exit is on the 3rd floor

It is a great little game. I had some trouble remembering what arrow keys was what dragon from time to time but still had no problem solving the puzzle and beating the boss. I enjoyed playing it and was a little sad it didn't have more levels but understand the limitations of a jam.

Simple but fun and creative.