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Are You Old Enough To Play This Game - A ParodyView game page

Submitted by Xankill3r — 1 day, 11 hours before the deadline
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Are You Old Enough To Play This Game - A Parody's page

Theme inspiration
Old school games required you to go through a Rite of PASSAGE in order to play by asking you questions from their manual.
Some games with mature themes would ask you random trivia.
Also, can you PASS the AGE test? (Word play FTW)

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I like the choice of colors and the sound was so right for the time. I mean it was annoying back then. I would have liked it if the machine got more and more rude the more times you got it wrong but understand that is not inline with the simulation of the time. I played it longer then I should have.


Thank you :)
Once I had decided on the time period I limited myself to a single instrument soundtrack using Bosca Ceoil to try and achieve the right sounds.


Hahaha nice! :D
I remember those games  -  'To verify you're really 18, answer a few simple questions'...
Well done! Stay funky,


Thanks a lot!
Wanted to spread the fun around ;)


I liked this one as a fun trivia game which only caused me mild distress trying to find all the answers. Funny take on the theme aswell.

That music is so annoying though.


Thank you so much :D

Sorry about the music being annoying - I wanted it to be tense for the most part of the game. I guess I went a bit overboard XD
Minor-Major 7th chords combined with odd-times work for metal but may be too much for a game like this XD


It's a nice concept, but I'm skeptical that some of these answers can be searched for without the choice of search engine and specific user data getting in the way. The "farthest human-made object" question in particular had the issue that when I tried seeing what any of the answers were references to, I had to wade through unit conversions and BMI articles.

Some minor nitpicks:

- It doesn't make sense for a quiz that's so intensely detailed and scientific to treat lbs and kgs as if they measured the same thing. lb is weight (or rather magnitude of force) but kg is mass. For example, see next point:

- As far as I can tell looking it up, the farthest human-made object at the time was the Voyager 1, which at the time would've been experiencing micro-gravity.

- The man didn't, according to the manual, call his father anything. The manual only says who he claimed his father was, not what name he would usually use. If you're going to abuse language in a game that restarts the player when they don't use the interpretation your game expects, you could at least be more careful about wording. Similarly,

- The "see" command as listed in the manual doesn't match the quiz. You can "see" only specifically what it says, not what the supposedly correct answer says. In fact, none of the quiz answers actually matches the manual, nor does the manual itself necessarily match the chart. ("Persons" has a different meaning than "People")


Thanks for the feedback :)
I've updated the farthest object question so it makes more sense.
The manual is more gramatically consistent in its usage of Persons/People but apart from that I haven't changed anything as it seems to be making sense to others.