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Hey everyone! 👋 I'm Jaroslav and I've just released my solo-developed adventure game.

FixFox 🦊🚀 is an open-world adventure about finding and fixing stuff as a space mechanic on a distant planet

Arriving on a curious planet, Vix and her toolbox Tin explore deep space, fixing quirky machines with unconventional tools and eating cozy meals with kind robot locals. 

Play as Vix, an unlucky space mechanic, who crashlands on a mysterious planet where tools are forbidden. Vix and Tin go on an epic adventure, repairing an interstellar beacon, constructing giant mechs, and unraveling a cosmic mystery that transcends existence.

 🚀  Explore a uniquely handcrafted world in 8-bit pixel art.

 😁  Make friends with a memorable cast of characters.

 🍵  Solve puzzles and side quests at your own pace.

 🎸  Hum along to catchy chiptunes as you play.



Looking for a cozy community to join? Check out our FixFox Discord 😊

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Hi Everyone! 

I’ve got an exciting announcement to make. My game FixFox is launching March 31st and you can find out more below! 

FixFox is a wholesome sci-fi adventure game. Play as Vix, an unlucky space mechanic, who crashlands on a mysterious planet where tools are forbidden. Accompanied by her trusty toolbox Tin, Vix travels across the planet Karamel discovering hidden stashes left by pirates, repairing friendly household appliances, and sampling tasty local delicacies.

🛵 Hop on your scooter and explore an open world filled with procedurally-generated puzzles, charming personalities, and cozy environments.

🛠 Repair machines with uplifting personalities using unconventional tools like coins, bandages, glowy bananas… anything really.

🍜 At the end of a long day of fixing, sit down and enjoy a delicious meal with the robot locals! Don’t forget, making a friend over a meal may just reveal a vital clue to solving your next quest.

🦊 Vix will need to use compassion and wit to repair all that is broken on planet Karamel!

Hi, absolutely! Just let me know your e-mail, so that I can drop you the key.

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Hey there!

I have been a professional programmer for 12 years, making games in Unity for 8 years. 
I've shipped games to mobile, desktop and consoles (PS4, XB1, PS Vita).

I can make a game prototype for you in a matter of days, add features to an existing project, or help you optimize and ship your game.
Violent games are not my cup of tea, I prefer games with focus on narrative.

My latest collaboration was gameplay programming on Saturnalia, Santa Ragione's upcoming 3D adventure (
Previously I've been a lead programmer on Dex, a 2D sidescrolling RPG (

My CV and portfolio:

I live in Prague, I'm available remotely and open to part-time collaboration as needed.
My rates are $20-35/hour, depending on your budget and type of project.

Please contact me at  or Discord: jarnik#9710

Thank you for considering the tool! Unfortunately this project is not in development anymore and the last editor version supports english font only.

Here are some great dialogue tools you might want to consider instead:

Great, setting the pile of wood on fire was my suspicion :) I just wasn't able to come up with a suitable command. Sorry to bother again, could you hint me a part of the command there? Thanks again!

Neat idea, nicely executed, good job! Hope you enjoyed the jam! :)

That's a very neat idea and the art is cute! Good job! :)

Hope you had fun making it and wishing you all the best in future development!

Very soothing, atmospheric and imaginative experience, I'm glad to have found it! Would love to play more, well done!

With a voice over, it could be maybe taken even further, to a purely textless interface. Possibly even the walking-enabled parts could be visualized by brightening the whole screen a bit, to be able to drop any UI elements completely.

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This is a brilliant twist on a typical text adventure game! Love it!

I got stuck inside the tree though after climbing the rope, could I get a little hint please? :)

The idea sounded fun and the execution was even better! :D

Took me a while to notice the color station and the dispatch bell got stuck at one point (which could not stop me from piling the delicious fakes in a huge pile).

And the soundtrack is just pure bliss! <3

Great job!

Cute idea and execution! Played with an Xbox controller without a hitch :3

After messing up a lot, the choking animation felt a bit too long and I didn't figure out you need to mash the hug button repeatedly (was just holding it at first). Also I wasn't able to tell the exact moment of their attacks, would be cool to have a short signalling animation of the enemies for example raising their arms for a bit before they start grabbing at me, so that I'd have at least half a second time dodge the attack.

Took me some time to realize the green cross is my target (tried to avoid it at first). Would be easier for my to have first levels play at lower speed, or have the target at correct position at the same beat (it felt to me its not constant and periodic clicks are not enough).

I loved the idea of being able to move in multiple directions with just a single well-timed click! The visuals are cute! :)

This was a surprisingly deep and dark experience, conveying the idea pretty well. I felt trapped, vulnerable, helpless, not being able to call for help. Especially in later stages, it felt pretty weird to run the battlefield full of people, yet the only sound being  heard was the barrage.

Great job!

Loved it! Nice gameplay and cute soundtrack :)  Could be an interesting VR experience :D

What an awesome thrillride! :D On my first go, I wasn't able to grab almost anything, still enjoying the crazy ride. As I learned to time my shots better, I felt more in control of things. Still sometimes I didn't release the hook in time, even though I could swear I saw a green crosshair before clicking. 

Maybe it's there and I just missed it,  but I would love to be able to switch tracks by pulling levers with my hook. 

Awesome entry, great job! :)

Loved it! Makes very smart use of all the non-textual communication means that Discord offers.

I was ready to get puzzled by nonsensical emoji sequences and click through the heaps of various icon, but then it dawn on me that it's actually a very cool twist on the classical adventure game with a fixed set of commands and objects (was amazed to discover Discord's the text-to-emoji interface). Would love to play more! 

Thanks for playing, glad you like it!

We've probably omitted the quit button, thinking ahead of a console release, where quit buttons are not customary ;)

In case you need the clues for playing - you need to pick a solid survival strategy (a combination of outdoor gain, indoor protect, etc.) and then aim for it. Every skill you teach her, or an item you get, will influence your position on the bars. You need to be ready to switch the strategy progressively, depending on items you're able to fetch. Clicking on the daughter shows an estimate of probability of her survival in a current situation. A hint is also given on less viable strategies.

In case you meant the clues would be useful in general - definitely agreed.  In a jam version, we've focused on building and balancing the system. A post-jam version would probably be less obscure and would reveal more of the system's inner workings.

Thanks for playing! :)

We wanted the skill effect guessing to be a part of the challenge - "Hmm, is this an outdoorsy thing? And is it more protective rather than for your gain?", so not showing it explicitly was a design choice. But as you said, maybe some clarification could help.

A thing that could maybe also use some clarification, is that instead of balancing the a/p, p/g meters, it's more effective to pick a viable survival strategy (outdoor gain, indoor protect, etc.) and then aim for it, while being ready to switch it progressively, depending on the items you fetch. 

A less apparent feature that encourages multiple playthroughs is that every time your restart the game, the world conditions change a little, so that some strategies become more viable than others (shown as a suggestion sentence when clicking on daughter).

Thanks for playing! 

Our take was that in a typical survival game, your survival is usually a highest priority goal and once you die, you have failed. Here, since your demise is inevitable, your motivations and actions are different, which we felt changes the core gameplay. 
Instead of focusing solely on resource gathering, you need to pick a solid survival strategy (outdoor gain, indoor protect, etc.) and then aim for it, while being ready to switch it progressively, depending on items you fetch.

Thanks, glad you find the concept interesting! We managed to finish most of planned systems in time , so we're pretty happy with the result. 

If you mean polishing, that could definitely be done infinitely, if we had more than 48 hours. Instead, we focused on balancing the various strategies you can take to survive, to make sure all paths are viable.

Thanks for playing and sorry about the game being so short :D

It was more of a minimalistic test of a gameplay idea and I was limited by the time and tools I had at hand at the time.

Keep up the good work!

Hi HaydenRaven! Thanks for playing and thank you for such a sweet and attentive review!

For more of Ruchie's art, you can check out her Instagram:
She's unbelievably creative, versatile, mastering every art form. As a programmer, I couldn't have wished for a better partner :)

I'm also glad you enjoyed the sound design - it's always my favorite part of every game jam, running around with a voice recorder and challenging other jammers "make a sound of Kraken!", "how about a flushing toilet?", etc. So the sound was really a group effort.

The Global Game Jam was in January (I just re-uploaded to Itch recently) and I dare to say our entry was one of the better games on our jamsite.

I only used it with Unity, but it is written in C#, so it could work with Godot, too.

Yes, I am using it in Unity.

Sadly, my current game is moving from using branching dialogues, so I will not have a need to develop Verbal any further at this point.

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Tom is the owner of a rock club. Using his awesome crowd control skills he learned in his previous corporate job, he makes the gig enjoyment even more effective!

Someone wants to be thrown into air?

Get beneath and lift them up! Another dude wants to surf the crowd? Start a wave!

Made during Global Game Jam 2017, in collab with @pwMoti.

Working on new and hopefully more portable version :)

Thanks for reporting and sorry! The project is put on hold now, though :/

If I ever revive it, I'll check if you're still around for a possible retest.