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A beat 'em up where you don't beat 'em, you hug 'em!
Submitted by CerosWare (@cerosware) — 24 minutes, 5 seconds before the deadline
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Cute idea and execution! Played with an Xbox controller without a hitch :3

After messing up a lot, the choking animation felt a bit too long and I didn't figure out you need to mash the hug button repeatedly (was just holding it at first). Also I wasn't able to tell the exact moment of their attacks, would be cool to have a short signalling animation of the enemies for example raising their arms for a bit before they start grabbing at me, so that I'd have at least half a second time dodge the attack.


Thanks a lot for playing! We totally get what you mean about those timing issues; had to cut some corners here and there, and even then we were barely able to submit it in time. We actually are developing a beat 'em up; wish we were able to use its system for game jams.


Beautiful game. I loved the `cutscene` in the beginning.

The assets are super polished and they will for certain make people play the game. However, some `S-Rank` bugs make the first minutes of gameplay a little bit clunky, which might make people put down the game.

I think the game has a really nice touch to the classic beat em up genre and its nice to see that violence is not always the solution :)

Congrats on the game. The asset polishing shows a lot.


Cute visual design, the evil wizard is super funny.  The hugging idea is nice, but the cycle of taunt-dodge-hug does make the gameplay feel a bit slow and formulaic, and I'm sure it was due to the tight deadline but the grey circle that's getting smaller and smaller as the enemies' health bar felt a bit awkward. It's trickier than you'd think though - couldn't manage to deal with two enemies at the same time :)


Hello, thanks for playing! I think the dodge-hug mechanic, if not great, was a little interesting, even if it was just for the sake of shaking things in such a repetitive genre like the 2D beat 'em up. But I totally see what you meant. Glad you liked the game's overall theme, we like to make our games unqiue, even if they are for game jam.


I uh... can't get any of my controllers to register... I cannot play this game and this saddens me.


Sorry to read that. Which controllers did you use? What OS? Maybe I can pinpoint the problem. However, I'm not quite sure if we can update our games during the rating period.


Looks cute but please can we have a web build? :)


Hmmmm... I've actually never built a web game before. I'll see what I can do, but I should get some rest first. I worked like 30 hours straight on this.